Zenit has a a ton of prototypes available for sale in their experimental section. OPEN IN STORE WITH MODIFIED RULES, STILL DOING CURBSIDE PICKUP AND SHIPPING. Yes, we need to pay the rent, but we're in this to spread the stoke of skating as far and wide as we can. The multiple wheelbase options allow you to set up your trucks where you want. Subscribe below! Zenit has been a solo man business for a few years. We're a bunch of San Diego skaters in a warehouse, assembling your longboards by hand, making sure you get the best ride under your feet. We believe that Zenit is a family and we treat each other like so. The redesign was made possible with the help of a close friend of Zenit, Diego Abella-Paniagua, and my financing.Diego is a Senior engineer that worked not only on countless engineering projects but also on the CNC side of things. Creating something different and better than the previous iteration is beyond satisfying. Glitch Trucks run tall barrels but can also run regs, feature a one-inch diameter bushing seat, 3mm of rake, and can be assembled with 50-45-30 degree baseplates. Add to Cart. Mathew is riding the Rocket V2: Or some fast, sketchy runs down cobbled roads while weaving between cars in buildings on a Zenit Morning Wood. The first uses an RD-171 engine, and an RD-120 engine powers the second stage. This downhill longboard deck is constructed with 5 plies of Canadian Maple sandwiched in two layers of Triaxial Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber. When recruiting we aren’t necessarily looking for raw followers count and such, but more for real people with real aspirations. Introducing the new Zenit Mini Rocket 33" longboard deck! Glitch trucks are all about versatility, confidence, and durability. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). It first flew on 13 April 1985, carrying a Tselina-2 mass simulator. Zenit Longboards is based out on Montreal in Quebec, Canada. . And this is how the Experimental Section was born. Setup it with small trucks and DH wheels for a max of grip or with freeride wheels for a lot of fun. So far we haven’t found the breaking point of our urethane decks. It gave me the same feeling of riding my snowboard at full speed and having the “on the edge of losing control” sensation.After a few weeks with my first longboard, the urge finally got to me. MuirSkate.com But for the last three years, it has become a team business.Iann is our main production guy. Our first hanger will be available in 165 and 180mm but we are currently working on slalom hangers that will feature asymmetric hanger designs, meaning the back truck won’t have the same offset as the front one.We aim to release our pre-order for mid-June or the start of July depending. has a Shopper Approved rating of The Kingpins and Axles are high-grade titanium, our baseplates are made out of 6061 aluminum and the hangers are machined out of a stronger 7075 aluminum. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. All-in-all the Zen-Ply is the same type of material that the top of snowboards is made of. This downhill longboard deck is constructed with 5 plies of Canadian Maple sandwiched in two layers of Triaxial Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber. Its sophisticated construction makes it predictable and super responsive in any given situation, whether you’ll be throwing big slides or ripping hairpins in the mountains. We are a grassroots-based shop holding and sponsoring local events/races has allowed us to meet all the people we looked up to in the longboarding community. Founded back in 2005, MuirSkate started out as a 400 sqft shop at UCSD's John Muir College. This is an outstanding board! Same for street skateboards, we have made a new mold this winter and we are currently prototyping shapes and construction with our team.Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more Zenit awesomeness. Meaning boys and girls could all enjoy the same board. However the test flight was unsuccessful. 4.9/5 More is to come. The Zenit Mini Rocket 33 Longboard deck is pressed in the same mold as the Rocket V3 but is only 8.7" wide, allowing you to fit narrower longboard trucks. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you ride! Also, Zenit has been prototyping urethane boards for a while now. I completely removed the graphic under the board and then took a look at the components inside. The two main differences being that we now sand each and every ply that goes inside every board. The Mini Rocket is a narrow version of our Rocket V3. Watch Zenit send it through city streets and local runs. Deck Only. based on 16122 ratings and reviews. All of their boards are manufactured 100% in-house from inception and design to production and shipping. The concave was designed to lock your tuck in and cradle your feet for freeride. The precision trucks have been a passion project that Adam started by himself in the autumn of. I believe this kind of mindset is what pushes people to try new things, like longboarding! Designed for speed freaks, the Rocket V3 is our most race-ready deck in the lineup. So it was kind of a surprise to see the boards do that well in Asia. We wanted people to have access to the wonderful prototypes instead of keeping them for ourselves. This enables us to hire a bigger crew and to have more happening at the same time, thus increasing considerably the pace at which we manufacture boards. Right before Christmas, we moved into a new workshop, it is more than twice as big than our previous workshop. This means that the lamination is stronger and also that the boards are slightly lighter. Several years of snowboarding led me to ride my first longboard in 2010. It consists of two stages. The second difference is that we now finish our 2019 boards with our brand new Zen-Ply. Even if you want a small setup for technical standup slides or long wheelbase for high speeds, this board will cater to your needs. The Rocket will always be the answer. We just released 4 new boards for 2019. If our budget enables us to try something new, we will usually get things rolling the weeks after.For 2019 and the years to come, we have created our simplest and most solid/versatile construction to date. It’s literally what we do the most. We talk with Philippe of Zenit Boards about what’s in store for 2019, how they got their start, their upcoming Glitch trucks and the latest urethane prototypes. I then tried to figure out how I could improve on the initial design. He presses, sands and finishes most of the boards.Emmanuel is the CNC operator and since recently, he has been taking part in the sanding process.Adam is our Team Manager, Product Designer, Art Director, and takes care of the sales and customer service.Recently, Théophile, our summer 2019 intern has been in charge of our Instagram and all media concerning Zenit.And myself, Philippe, who is probably what we can call the CEO. And we pronounce it "me-ew-er". What I quickly realized was that I could easily build it. You won’t be disappointed with a Zenit. The boards are fairly priced and usually totally unique and top performers. Since the start, Zenit has always been about improving designs and going further than what is known.For me, having a longboard company was a way to live my passion and thrive from it. To be fair we did design our products to please the Asian clientele. You can also adjust the wheelbase for more or less stability at high speeds. The Zenit-2 was the first member of the rocket family. . Click on "Make it a complete setup" below. Switchback Longboards is a Canadian Online retailer for Longboards, Skateboards, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Safety Gear and Accessories. It’s an improvement on what we have been pressing our boards with since last year. It’s very easy to go from the heel side to the toe side of the deck without having to adjust your feet too much. With new discoveries like the Zen-Ply, our recipe for urethane boards just got even better. Europe is a good mix of the two, the dancing scenes are quite big and the downhill scenes are probably as big, if not more.The Judo has been really popular last year in Asia, I think it has to do with the fact that not only the color and graphics are unisex, the shape and specs also fit big and small riders alike. Mathew Buck collaborated with VCDH to make this edit. The flares feel more mellowed out, but will still stay snug on your feet for tucking and predrifting. What makes our team so great in my opinion is that people can relate to our riders instead of simply admiring them. They’ve been manufacturing longboard and giving back to the skate community since roughly 2012. I manage product development, employee training, and all other business stuff. They’ve been manufacturing longboard and giving back to the skate community since roughly 2012. North America has been loving our Marbles from what I can tell. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Asians are more about dancing and Americans are still big on freeride and downhill. A Longboard from Original Skateboards rides differently because Original longboards are designed with a different longboarding goal in mind. The Zenit Mini Rocket 33 Longboard deck is pressed in the same mold as the Rocket V3 but is only 8.7" wide, allowing you to fit narrower longboard trucks.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.