You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sure the key I got is important, but I was expecting something a little more impressive as a reward. Had I been smart, I would have re-mapped fast forward from the Tab button to something easier to weight down with inanimate objects, so I didn't need to hold it down myself). It appears there's just the magic container and an experience bag there, so it's not a full palace, so I didn't skip one. You are a life saver, that's exactly where it was. Check. Found Palace 3, but looks like there's a pit at the beginning that's too big to Jump across, which means needing Fairy, so it appears I need to look elsewhere for the hammer. As I recall, it's in a secret screen just below a rock due south of whatever the second town is (the one you have to cut through the caves to get through. And how about the Raiders filing to move to Vegas, how's that going to affect your allegiance to them? Never did finish Golden Axe Warrior lol. This is the biggest Zelda II hack, yet! Think that netted me another heart container (up to 5 bars of health now). Found Old Kasuto or it's equivalent here. Trax helped out a lot with programming and created a new spell! The bad news is this area is all swamps and graveyards, both of which have invisible moas, so there's been lots of dying and not much progressing. Played it? The previous v3-24-20 patch was just creating the version for emulators (same as "Super Mario All-Stars NES (emu_v3-24-20).ips"). ice_penguin puts a lot of time and effort into his hacks. I guess I was on the right track since I noticed they changed as I fought on. No true gamer is satisfied with merely beating a game 100%. It was possible before, but was extremely difficult. - Depeche Mode, "Policy of Truth".

Zelda 2 Shadow of Night NES GAMES Zelda 2 - Shadow of Night A completely new Zelda II adventure! A Warp/Return spell would be great here because I've been all the way to Nabooru and Darunia, but every time I game over, it's back to the start. I have it on a cart along with Sef's other hacks. I updated my hack Shadow of Night. Zelda II - Shadow of Night 2.5 - Link 1 Zelda II - Shadow of Night 2.5 - Link 2 I hope you enjoy! Definitely on the hard side (I'm also playing the easy version of this :) ), but quality work. Palace 5, I Fairyed up an elevator after falling and it took me to a new palace where I got the container. Not necessarily the fastest (though I was getting 1000 exp every couple of minutes), but easiest (although holding down to crouch, plus the attack button, plus fast forward isn't the most comfortable. It's now easier. Currently in Palace 5 poking around a little more (though options of where to go at this point are rather limited), then maybe I'll head back to Old Kasuto and see if I can plow my way to something useful there. Long ago, a curse was cast upon the land of Hyrule. What’s New? Now you can beat it much more easily, if you choose. That is possible, most likely, but would require a lot of work. Dungeons! Unfortunately, I need a second key, which I don't happen to have. Update 2.4! Click here to see a list of changes in the version history: This is gonna sound weird, but is there any way to combine both versions of Shadow of the Night? Fixed the Dash spell and changed some other various things. That was a good one. Was this game supposed to be something else and re-branded as Zelda? And doubly unfortunate, there's blocks on the other side of the door that I need to break, so I can't just Fairy through (which I tried, obviously). Long ago, a curse was cast upon the land of Hyrule. The only goal in the palaces are 1) to get items that you need to reach the Great Palace, or 2) to get keys that you need to go deeper into other palaces that will give you those items. Like the moon sprite.... Hey, I'm currently playing SoN 2.5 and really enjoying it. Dripping bots + turbo button + fast forward button = easiest grinding. So think my next objective is to check out the second Temple, then we'll maybe see about going back to Death Mountain to see about breaking rocks there, then see what those open up and go from there. Interested in it? I actually changed quite a bit in this update. @MikeTechno; Oh sorry, I suppose I could've just bumped my old thread. I bought the full boxed cartridge and the manual never mentions what they are. So I love zelda hacks, but when I played Shadow of Night (hard) it was too frustrating and I gave up. Not sure why I didn't think of that! I've gone through it a couple times. So somewhere in the overworld likely, I need to find another key. Since then, I've done some with it. Sorry I don't remember the name). Somewhere over here supposedly is the hammer, which will also save me time, I hope, in navigating the overworld. Enjoy! This darkness gave rise to the minions of Ganon, allowing them to overrun Forests, Towns, and Meadows.

ghettoraider, man, haven't seen you around in forever. Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (U) [! Check, again. Grinded out a couple of Attack levels while I was there, so my levels are now 7-4-5. He composed it perfectly and it really enhances the Zelda feel! Guide Link across the vast Kingdom of Hyrule, and defeat the ominous shadow! First off, did get fairy so that allowed me to get to the next area/part of the map. Blair is definitely right on both counts. Helped some in the Death Mountain area/series of caves in the mountains, though downthrust would've been even more useful.

0 users currently in ROM Hacking Related Releases | 1 guest, Posted on 12-01-13 06:42 PM (rev. Guide Link across the vast Kingdom of Hyrule, and defeat the ominous shadow! I have been following the v.1.0 walkthrough cause the dungeons are way too confusing. Can also see about the second Temple, which I entered, then saw I needed the Fairy spell to get anywhere (except with the glove now, I think I can get in, too). Actually, because you mentioned it the other day, I pulled out my copy and discovered I hadn't actually played it. :). It had lots of pictures in it. I know I found two or three gaps in Death Mountain that were about one square too far for me to jump, even with Jump. Thanks. Surrounded by forest with a small river to the NE. Been lots of places but don't have much to show for it. "Never again is what you swore the time before." :P Enjoy the new Overworld Music thanks to optomon. All Rights Reserved. I appreciate that. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. I guess the notable accomplishments were getting the Fire spell (took awhile to find the cat.

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