If you walk straight east from Nabooru, you will eventually make it to the Ocean Palace. Zelda II The Adventure of Link Map Select Palace Maps Home | Palace Maps | Town Maps | Other Maps. The Ocean Palace, also known as the Water Palace or the Palace on the Sea, is the fifth dungeon in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. 5 KB : PNG: 5. Palace 3 Get Raft here. Bago-BagoBotBubbleGumaIron KnuckleMagoMauMoaMyuRaRopeStalfos. As soon as Gooma is down, take Key #6 which falls from the ceiling and use it to unlock the locked door beyond. https://www.zeldadungeon.net/wiki/index.php?title=Palace_on_the_Sea&oldid=235224. The menacing boss also wears a spiked helmet, which prevents Link from utilizing Downward Thrust. Gooma attacks by swinging a giant ball and chain, which hurls Link across the chamber should he fail to dodge. If you follow the trail that leads east out of Nabooru, you will find that you can indeed walk on the water. When you’re walking towards the Ocean Palace, keep trying to go up and you’ll find a hidden path that leads to a Heart Container. The Palace on the Sea, also known as the Ocean Palace and Water Palace, is the fifth dungeon in The Adventure of Link. This guide covers the original NES version of the game released in North America, so be aware there may be regional differences. 51 KB: PNG: 29. This is a comprehensive 100% guide, including detailed dungeon and boss strategies along with the collection of all Heart Containers, Magic Containers, and Spells. Use the Fairy Spell to go up and then go left and grab a key. Scroll to see map. Like many of the items Link finds on his quest, the Flute is used in a handful of important situations: scaring away the River Devil who blocks the way south into the final region of the game, and to reveal the Three-Eye Rock Palace. The dungeon is located on a tiny island, due east of Nabooru. Welcome to the Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Walkthrough. With resources at a premium, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. Palace 2 Get Magic Glove here. Then go right and continue till you reach a wall. In the original Japanese release, Jermafenser is encountered once again. The boss of the Palace on the Sea, Gooma, only appears in the US release of the game. It is reachable only after obtaining the Boots from the Maze Island Palace. The Palace on the Sea, also known as the Ocean Palace and Water Palace, is the fifth dungeon in The Adventure of Link.Outside of the Great Palace, the Palace on the Sea is the largest and most complex, requiring Link to keep track of a number of floor changes and a secret passage that must be found to locate the essential Flute.. Zelda 2 is now available to play for
Ocean Palace Once you're back in Nabooru Town after getting the Boots, walk east from Nabooru and walk straight onto the ocean.
Parapa Palace. A man in Nabooru speaks of being able to walk on water with the boots. ~ Ocean Walk ~ In the large ocean area on the narrow path of sand southeast of Nabooru, the Boots will let you walk on the water. The road to the Ocean Palace ===== Head back on the road that leads to Nabooru and walk on the water east of the path. There are some information pages for all the characters, enemies, items, and everything else there is to know about the game. The Palace on the Sea possesses the largest variety of enemy types in Link's quest. This Zelda II: The Adventure of Link walkthrough and guide will take you through each location with detailed instructions. Walk to a certain spot at the dead-end to find a Point Bag. Up ahead is the stone statue where you insert your fifth crystal, but as before, it's up to you whether you want to deposit the crystal now (which will give you a free level up on Attack if you've been following this guide) or wait until later so you can keep Palace on the Sea open. Introduction. This page was last edited on July 28, 2020, at 23:38. A man in Nabooru speaks of being able to walk on water with the boots. Walking on water Once you are safely back at Nabooru Town, you can begin your search for the next palace. Enter the Ocean Palace. Welcome to Zelda II - The Adventure of Link!Widely considered among the most challenging entry in the Zelda series, as well as the only title that prominently features side-scrolling action, this game is very different from the rest. Palace 1 - Get Candle here. Midoro Palace. Zelda II The Adventure of Link - Palace on the Sea (Level 5) [31] Home | Zelda II Palace Map Select | Prev Map | Next Map. Island Palace.

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