The Yukon is a very cool place. Read more, Counseling & Support Groups, Health & Wellness, Fitness, Recreation & Leisure, Sports, This & That, This is a New Horizons/Lotteries Yukon/Marsh Lake Community Society sponsored program which is being offered free of charge to participants. You could take the railway to an awaiting paddle wheeler at Carcross. Our first stop was to visit some of the Yukon’s non-human residents at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve just outside of Whitehorse. The second was the Northern Cree Singers who sang more traditional First Nations melodies accompanied by drums. Marsh Lake, Yukon CLICK HERE TO SEND US YOUR EVENTS. See the historic sites ofDawson City, the settlement at the heart of the 19th-century Klondike Gold Rush. Tags: article, featured, kluane national park, video travel podcast, whitehorse, yukon territory. Read more, Free! Learn more. And then some. The highlight of the trip was definitely the flightseeing tour of the ice fields in Kluane National Park with Icefield Discovery. A surprisingly large number of Yukon Territory holidays and festivals that take place in the middle of frigid February, giving Yukon Territory residents a reason to come out of hibernation. Arts and culture view child links. Visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve with your guide, where dall sheep, mountain goats, elk, musk-ox, moose and lynx roam free in their natural habitat. There are clan pools, story poles, memorial poles, debt poles (I put up a pole in your yard saying you owe me a debt), humility poles, mortuary poles (with someone’s ashes in the pole), and potlatch poles. The area also has some great smelling restaurants and some tasty ice cream shops. Border restrictions apply, please visit for more details. Learn more. Some fortunes were made not in the goldfields but by providing services for the gold miners. Summer starts in June and runs ‘til August. Most of the tourists are doing a day trip from their cruise ship up the inland passage of Alaska. Not a word of English was spoken or sung. RSS EVENTS. As those days come to an end, festivals like this celebrate and resurrect some of the history, art, and crafts of the native peoples. Read more, Wed & Fri 11:30-1 pm, Tues 6-7 pm, Sat 5:30 -7 pm. Take a road trip along the Alaska Highway toKluane National Park, a rugged, grizzly-inhabited wilderness encompassing mountains, glaciers, and lakes. Read more, Get Notified of New Events While winters offer snowy adventures and the chance to see the Northern Lights, summers here are made for outdoor activities and enjoying the midnight sun. Whitehorse, Yukon, Focused on self defense Jiu Jitsu with some basic kickboxing techniques. Most miners hauled their goods up the Chilkoot Pass between Skagway Alaska and Whitehorse. ICS. In their 40 year history, the Canada Games has been hosted by each of the ten provinces at least once, and in 2007 the Yukon was the first Territory to host the Games north of the sixtieth parallel. Mount Lorne Alaska was on the route that most miners took to the Yukon and then the place that they left it for. The plane came to a stop on the largest non-polar icefield in the world. Spot muskox, mountain goats, arctic foxes, elk, bison, moose, and perhaps even elusive lynx during a wildlife-watching trip to theYukon Wildlife Preservefrom Whitehorse. It gives interested individuals a community in which they can grow musically, and above all have fun. With cozy accommodation, transport and some hearty meals included, you get to do as the Yukoners do. Register at Our trip was timed for the week of July 4 because of a local First Nations festival. Quickly access bookings. I expected the town where I could buy a “my grandparents went to the Yukon and all I got was this lousy T-shirt”  souvenir. This preserve has only animals that can be found in the Yukon including bison, caribou, mountain goats,  tin horned goats, deer, arctic foxes, moose, elk, eagles and musk oxen. } else { Afterward, head to the nearby Takhini Hot Springs and enjoy a dip in the outdoor hot springs pool. The moose skin boat was the one that was new to me. The Northern Cree Singers would’ve been more interesting to my ears if there had been as much variety in their melodies as there was in their lyrics. function HideShowTOC() { Summer days in Whitehorse seem endless. Games, fitness, techniques, and more fun! Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Ross River I highly recommend a tour as you will learn much more about the animals. You could see the lateral moraines on the glaciers that marked where two glaciers combined. The same Canadian Mountie superintendent who put on who put limits on the rafting down the Yukon River, Major General Sir Samuel Benfield Steele, probably saved countless lives by requiring miners who entered the Yukon Territory during the gold rush to bring a years worth of supplies, roughly a ton of goods. Read more, Fitness, Tourism Listings - Print, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, The Club promotes the teaching and enjoyment of music through the ukulele. With cozy accommodation, transport and some hearty meals included, you get … Read more, Fitness, Health & Wellness, Martial Arts, Sports, Call 399-3407 or email for more info. I was surprised by the number of people I met who had moved to Yukon and from places like Germany, Tobago, or England. Donating to Yukon Archives But this group sometimes use less traditional lyrics like why they unfriended you on Facebook. They hauled their supplies and build their boats in winter. Celebrate the arrival of the Yukon’s brightest season under the dazzling midnight sun. Carcross Thank you for including the Yukon Wildlife Preserve in your visit and blog! Save your favorites. … var toc = document.getElementById("toc"); Pelly Crossing, Yukon One of the only places on Earth, where wearing your sunglasses at night won’t remind people of an 80’s one-hit wonder. Ultimate every Tuesday .All skill levels welcome! Summer events with maximum midnight sun exposure include the Yukon River Trail Marathon, the Yukon River Quest and a slow-pitch tournament that Alaskan teams always show up for.

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