In a career that spans 50 years, De Palma has proven to be an architect of intensely personal and analytical films, awash in stylistic flourishes, and dazzling technical strut. BODY DOUBLE (1984) While De Palma has some mainstream films in his filmography, he is certainly not afraid to take some big chances. Boasting an eclectic mix of movies that range from slashers to gangster epics all the way to big-budget action movies, many of De Palma’s works are considered amongst the most iconic in all of cinema. Nancy Allen exudes charm and warmth as a hooker who witnessed the murder, and whose life might also be in danger. It's clear that De Palma is drawn to crime stories and he took on real-life gangster Al Capone in the epic film, The Untouchables. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. You can change them later here: In his journeys through New York, he falls in with a radical theater group mounting a production called “Be Black, Baby.”. A curios undertaking made rather quickly while De Palma was teaching film at his alma mater Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, Home Movies was conceived as a hands-on training lesson for his students that, due to the creatives involved, is a relaxed yet ludicrous viewing experience. Watch the fierce debate over Best Picture predictions by Oscar experts Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby), Anne Thompson (Indiewire), Pete Hammond (Deadline), and Tim Gray and Clayton Davis (Variety). PASSION (2012) On the plus side, it’s a beauty to look at, with Vilmos Zsigmond’s Oscar-nominated cinematography perfectly capturing the smoke and shadows of classic film noir. The action sequences are spectacular, from a high-wire computer theft to a high-speed chase between a train and a helicopter. A challenging project for De Palma that also, sadly, became synonymous with the term “box office poison” back in 2000 when it came out, the film also saw a lot of unsavory artistic compromises foisted upon him from the studio, including a problematic script he could do very little about. Kevin Costner plays Elliott Ness, a determined lawman who assembles a team of cops to go after Capon during the Prohibition era. Download at the Apple or Google Play Stores to compete for best accuracy scores against our Experts, Editors and Users while predicting the Oscars, ”, ‘Dancing with the Stars,” “Big Brother” and all Hollywood races! MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE (1996) Brian De Palma, Director: Dressed to Kill. Certainly an inconsistent undertaking, Mission to Mars, while self-conscious and frequently flimsy, still holds some inspired sequence and some dynamic tracking shots. If you're wanting to get into Brian De Palma films, then this list is a great starting point for at least starting with the most decent Brian De Palma works. Finally, each of their personal storylines come crashing into each other dangerously. Scarface 1983, 170 min. After years as an indie director of politically-charged, counter cultural comedies, De Palma finally came into his own with this psycho-sexual thriller. PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE (1974) NEXT: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Making Of Carrie (1976). Blow Out was a big hit with critics as they seemed to be especially taken by the film's many references to cinema. Privacy Policy ( Theme by, Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, All 29 Brian De Palma Movies Ranked From Worst To Best, Taste of Cinema – Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, 7 Reasons Why “Crash” Is Better Than Its Reputation. One of his most ambitious films is Phantom of the Paradise. The Fury is a 1978 supernatural thriller film directed by Brian De Palma. 20. RELATED: 10 Best Murder Mystery Movies, Ranked. Margot Kidder stars as Danielle and Dominique, Siamese twins separated at birth. RELATED: Top 10 Highest Grossing Horror Movies Of All Time. 9. which is located further down this very list), and was the first major film role for Robert De Niro. The 50+ Best War Movies Ever Made, Ranked. What are Brian de Palma’s best films? A one-stop shop for all things video games. The Wedding Party is most notable for being the cinematic debut of Robert De Niro, who shines in a supporting role as Cecil, best friend of Charlie (Charles Pfluger), a soon-to-be-groom with cold feet. “Dressed to Kill” caused a stir when it was released in 1980, sparking outrage for its violence against women and portrayal of a transexual killer. Phantom of the Paradise is a 1974 American horror musical film written and directed by Brian... 'Phantom of the Paradise' Was A Campy, Rock Opera Box-Office Fiasco That Became A Cult Classic. Perhaps De Palma's most famous work is this wild crime story. De Palma got his start as an underground filmmaker with several micro-budget productions, many of them starring a young Robert De Niro. Perhaps the best part about this film is that Detective Manny Karp (Dennis Franz) is captivated by it during a scene in De Palma’s 1981 tour de force, Blow Out. Perhaps the prime example of a remake eclipsing its predecessor, Scarface is amongst the most widely recognized movies ever put to screen – with even those having not seen it aware of its most famous quotes and scenes.

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