Our narrator's descent into madness is clear. the room so as not to give in to her neurotic worries. . Aware of how close she had come to complete mental breakdown, the author wrote ”The Yellow Wallpaper” with additions and exaggerations to illustrate her own criticism for the medical field. As the first few weeks of the summer pass, the narrator becomes good at hiding The story revolves around a young woman, Charlotte, who is suffering from postnatal depression. Having created The Forerunner in November 1909, Gilman made it clear she wished the press to be more insightful and not rely upon exaggerated stories and flashy headlines. But she sleeps less and less and is She soon begins to see a figure in the design and eventually comes to believe that a woman is creeping on all fours behind the pattern. The swirling pattern has strangled the heads of the many women who have tried to break through the wallpaper. [15], Cutter, Martha J. possessive and secretive, hiding her interest in the paper and making sure no one just create an account. "Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the Yellow Newspaper" Legacy 24, no. Her entries consist of descriptions of the house, imaginings of things going on nearby, and revelations of her true feelings for her husband's ideas, which feel oppressive. Treichler illustrates that through this discussion of language and writing, in the story Charlotte Perkins Gilman is defying the ". "How we were taught to read" as Lanser puts it, is why a reader cannot fully comprehend the text. however, has been aroused. It begins to resemble a woman “stooping down and creeping” behind the main She hears shrieks within the wallpaper as she tears it off. Klotz, Michael. At night, the woman in the wallpaper shakes the bars in the pattern violently as she tries to break through them, but she cannot break free. Continue your study of The Yellow Wallpaper with these useful links. Visit BN.com to buy new and used textbooks, and check out our award-winning NOOK tablets and eReaders. interesting work would help her condition and reveals that she has begun her secret Her message is that madness is the inevitable end if one isn't given the freedom to grow, think, and act as an individual, regardless of accepted gender roles. for all, peeling much of it off during the night. The narrator and her physician husband, John, have rented a mansion for the summer so that she can recuperate from a “slight hysterical tendency.” Although the narrator does not believe that she is actually ill, John is convinced that she is suffering from “neurasthenia” and prescribes the “rest cure” treatment. Our narrator reveals that she does not agree with John. Placing all her neurosis into discovering the mysteries behind the consuming patterns; Charlotte begins to lose her mind. keep showing up. Summary … The "Nervous" Diseases and Hysteria: Medical Predecessors to Neurasthenia, Read the Study Guide for The Yellow Wallpaper…, "Personally, I Disagree With Their Ideas", View our essays for The Yellow Wallpaper…, View the lesson plan for The Yellow Wallpaper…, Read the E-Text for The Yellow Wallpaper…, View Wikipedia Entries for The Yellow Wallpaper…. A chance for individuality would support that narrator's growth as a person, but that doesn't fit with the expectation of women as family-focused. When he sees the extent of the situation, he faints with horror. Lanser argues that the same argument of devastation and misery can be said about the work of Edgar Allan Poe, but his work is still printed and studied by academics. She informs him that she has peeled off most of the wallpaper so that now no one can put her back inside the walls. Fortunately, their nanny, Mary, takes care of their baby, and John's sister, Jennie, is a perfect housekeeper. You can test out of the Imagine if you told your loved one that you were depressed and they recommended staying in a room with no activities. (Gilman was ultimately proven right in her disdain for the "rest cure" when she sought a second opinion from Mary Putnam Jacobi, one of the first female doctors and a strong opponent of this theory, who prescribed a regimen of physical and mental activity that proved a much more successful treatment. . Moreover, she is becoming paranoid that John and Jennie are also interested in the wallpaper and is determined that only she will uncover its secrets. Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz, in her book Wild Unrest: Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the Making of "The Yellow Wall-Paper", concludes that "the story was a cri de coeur against [Gilman's first husband, artist Charles Walter] Stetson and the traditional marriage he had demanded."

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