WorldView Legion will provide coverage from sunup to sundown and reduce the windows between collects, allowing for more persistent monitoring of critical AOIs. But if it wasn’t challenging, they wouldn’t need me. One satellite might pass with a certain periodicity. Nations need to focus their maritime security efforts for challenges such as illegal fishing, pollution, piracy, smuggling, and human and drug trafficking. WorldView Legion offers more frequent monitoring for enhanced support of emergency response, maritime surveillance, infrastructure and other remote monitoring needs. With in-orbit construction, you’re not limited to a five-meter fairing or what you can unfurl in a very complex fashion. “Our instrument collects images and effectively stitches together a panoramic picture of the ground,” said Wallis Laughrey, vice president of Space Systems at Raytheon Intelligence & Space. We’re able to use the heritage from the Legion satellites, our ability to monetize outside the region of interest, our ability to quickly provide these assets on orbit and then pull it into the ecosystem of what we do: flying satellites, operating them, maintenance of them, data handling, propagation of data and what you can tell from the data. Maxar’s successful history in space technology has guided the creation of our next generation of satellites. These new satellites (the “WorldView-Legion satellites”) will be organized into two Blocks, increasing the number of satellites licensed under Call Sign S2129 to fifteen. It’s a real privilege to work with this group of teams. Maxar introduces its next-generation WorldView Legion Earth Intelligence capability. What impact is the loss having on your business? I’m excited about that. One of the key missions we’re working with NASA right now is Restore-L for satellite servicing in low Earth orbit. But space is very inhospitable to humans. But if I have lots of satellites, I can guarantee the sort of refresh you want. We don’t have those plans right now. Combining the most advanced geospatial analytics and expertise available with a continuous feed of current imagery, will equip customers with unrivaled insights and answers for a competitive edge. Request your evaluation account now. As a satellite passes an area of interest, it essentially swings back and forth, scanning an area 10 kilometers-wide. | A confirmation email has been sent to your inbox. But the pipeline is very good especially for the smaller class buses and for government work. We have amazing products and capabilities, including some things no one else on the planet can replicate right now. The satellites in this constellation shall be able to revisit some locations on Earth up to 40 times in a day. The WorldView Legion constellation, scheduled to launch on two SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets, is a high priority for both companies. WorldView Legion will shape the next evolution of the type of national security support Maxar provides to its defense and intelligence partners. It didn’t impact the U.S. government. We need to fix our capital structure as part of this. We lost the mission. WorldView Legion will enable Maxar to deliver unprecedented performance and value with: With the addition of WorldView Legion, Maxar capacity will redefine what’s possible by enabling significantly more accurate, comprehensive, and timely pattern-of-life and human geography analysis. And that’s where we can be very helpful to anybody that comes into that program as well. That will help underwrite and create resiliency for the GEO communications part of the business. WorldView Legion will provide coverage from sunup to sundown and reduce the windows between collects, allowing for more persistent monitoring of critical AOIs. 1) WorldView Legion offers more frequent monitoring for enhanced support of emergency response, maritime surveillance, infrastructure and other remote monitoring needs. We are designing the organization to operate at high velocity and to react to market conditions and customer needs much more nimbly and quickly. I’m sure others will copy it at some point. WorldView Legion will enable unprecedented visibility into our changing planet, to solve the biggest challenges facing our world today. The firm’s Worldview Legion constellation is a key part of the plan as is the recent reorganization. The next era in Earth Intelligence begins at launch. SpaceX reaches 100 successful launches with Starlink mission, Axiom Space finalizing first commercial ISS mission, Space Force official: Launch scrubs are no reason to despair. WorldView Legion is a fleet of high-performance satellites that dramatically expands our ability to revisit the most rapidly changing areas on Earth to better inform critical, time-sensitive decisions. It’s not stepping down 15 or 20 percent or whatever, which you would normally think would happen with the loss of an asset like that. How do we help them? Satellite imagery in general allows for monitoring across the globe, no matter how remote the area of interest or how far from the operations base the AOI is located. If you’re highly interested in this particular grid on the earth, we can certainly help you with that. From defense and intelligence to living maps for navigation, WorldView Legion satellite imagery will support critical missions and business continuity for Maxar customers across the globe. We want to be good stewards of shareholder’s capital and $60 million is a lot of money. “Normally, it’s a manual, time-consuming process. This video above demonstrates how connecting Maxar's Vessel Detection Service with our electro-optical constellation in a tipping and cueing workflow can enhance maritime domain awareness through dark target detection and identification. Read more BSAT-4b launches into space This Maxar … Ships are built to go to sea and I’m built for an environment that is not completely safe and inside the harbor. Our next-generation Earth imaging constellation will change everything. And also, I can help you get the data to the people that need to make decisions. It was designed to align more closely with customer needs and budgets. This is the first block of a multi-satellite constellation. Space Infrastructure, September 02, 2020 We’re able to keep it flat because we’ve built a resilient business. It also took out a lot of cost. We’re saving $60 million this year. The software, hardware and design tools used to accelerate production of the instrument were built from the ground up, with the goal of meeting Maxar’s delivery schedule. So, we will just keep innovating. Modernization, Training & Mission Support. To meet a one-payload-per-month schedule, RI&S made a significant investment in advanced techniques, including digital, 3D-model-based instructions for assembly, and a software-based, automated telescope alignment system. We’ve built the platforms and the tools and the analytics to help you make sense of the data fast. Are you having trouble paying Raytheon for those instruments? We’re very bullish on the prospects of Legion-X. Because Raytheon is building six at a time for WorldView Legion, the firm was able to establish a production line and take advantage of technologies including “3D model-based instruction for assembly, software-based automated telescope alignment systems and additive manufacturing,” Laughrey said. We’re under contract with SpaceX for two launches. We’re a global company with customers around the globe, serving global needs. If you can service assets on orbit that becomes a way to do more work in space, extend asset lives and make it more economical for things to happen. Our objective is to be nimble enough to flex up and flex down in the different programs. Our Earth observation, Earth intelligence business is very resilient. In Africa, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation used WorldView images to combat polio by identifying potentially unvaccinated populations in remote areas. Contrary to rumors Maxar was struggling to pay for Worldview Legion, the company is … I’ve got an amazing team. The number of satellites in orbit will make it possible to revisit a particular area in a short amount of time, producing real-time information that can be important to everything from national security to disaster response and environmental monitoring. We’ve been having meetings with others here today to see if we can pull those back to the left. And WorldView-3 provided Indonesia’s Navy critical proof of human trafficking, which led to the seizure of tainted cargo and the freeing of more than 2,000 slaves. They could play off each other on a smaller footprint and be much more robust inside that framework. I went on a customer listening tour. Each WorldView Legion satellite is expected to collect about half as much imagery as WorldView-4. But the real value is in the right balance of currency (how recent was the image taken), resolution (the level of detail the image holds), and coverage (the amount of area the satellite collects). You can actually build it in space. “We committed early on to investing in space automation capabilities to build payloads faster,” said Laughrey. See what criteria we evaluated when designing WorldView Legion. And that’s probably not the step you’re most interested in. WorldView Legion will complement our partners’ existing coverage and fill in the important gaps for more persistent surveillance. What I would say is if you’ve read the RFI, it looks tailor-made for a Legion-X type program. I’m very comfortable with where we’re headed. October 14, 2020 “It’s a pretty dramatic improvement in both capability and capacity for much less money,” Scott said. Anything else you want to say? WorldView Legion represents the future of innovative Space Infrastructure for reliable Earth Intelligence. We have one of the richest heritages for on-orbit and planetary robotics programs. It is critical that operators and allies have the latest geospatial information including maps and visualization tools, to plan, rehearse and execute missions. Now, we need to make that economic model work across the entire chain. Space Infrastructure, development of nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities in North Korea and Iran. Informed by two decades of serving demanding missions for governments and commercial businesses, WorldView Legion is built for customer needs. It’s very capital efficient for us. The first set of WorldView Legion satellites will launch in 2021.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.