I haven’t read them so I can’t say how the game compares. I am running it only a mix of high/ultra settings at 1080, the same res I run all my games on, games which look much better. Behind the shoulder camera perspective! But every death is a learning experience. Cough MGS2 cough. I'm going to try to finish it. Gameplay is constantly interrupted by cutscenes. So, you are right my friend. By general video game standards, it was a decent, well-structured quest but I didn’t think it was very emotionally engaging and I certainly don’t think it set some kind of new benchmark for in-game storytelling. the combat, the exploration and especially the mastery. 3)Map: combat is worst because in the second and first game the economy and items were properly balance, but in the witcher 3 gold is way to easy to acquire so much so that in the DLC they had to have gold sinkers to attempt to balance it. Near zero draw for me when it comes to the main story; the material would suggest it could be gripping, but I am not gripped. The traditional MSAA is the only AA option I like to use. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Secondly, the sequences involving Ciri really amount to nothing more than glorified cutscenes, where the playable parts are actually quite annoying because they are pointlessly easy and – what’s worse – the cause of more lengthy loading screens. Fighting is simply a very poor version of the kind of combat you see in action games like the Batman Arkham series, Dark Souls or Kingdoms of Amalur. These 3 gears are all good, and it all depends on your combat skill. Anyway – thanks for keeping this page around as a “self-help” group for confused gamers who think they are the only person in the world not liking W3! I think that is the underlying reason why I always felt a certain resentment towards the Witcher series. I really do. I’m level 23 now and it’s just never really fun. If the story don't catch you is not a good game for you sadly.. Also, there are many people in Skyrim who have taken an arrow to the knee. Agreed (especially with the wind and trees made of rubber). The game doesn't look bad, but doesn't really impress either. No, bad endings in The Witcher 3 are great in their own right as they're epic in how much tragedy is conveyed. The dialogue system is great and allows players to showcase different sides of Geralt’s personality, but he is still Geralt, the taciturn, sarcastic, womanizing witcher. Well, objectively, it has enough good qualities to give it a passing grade. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. I was really *hoping* that Witcher 3 would be more in the same vein. That was a funny quest. The FOV made me nauseous and I wasn't willing to wrestle with the terrible controls & combat. And Bloodborne only PS4. Incredibly silly reason: during the tutorial mission where Geralt is chasing Ciri he tells her to breath through the mouth. It’s a very clunky structure for a story by any standards, but especially for a game. The quests seem well written – but I don’t give a damn about what happens to anyone. There are very good ideas and good intentions in this game ! also when it comes to shows like "james bond." New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the unpopularopinion community. The Witcher 3 is not that good of a game. Don't want the whole world to end while you're busy looking at grass. Here are some quotes I pulled from Metacritic: “Witcher 3 is a masterpiece” CD Projekt seems to be proud of taking away your ability to make the game your own. It isn’t really an RPG and there aren’t any big choices that you can make that would have a huge impact to the main story, BUT it’s the best game I’ve ever played. Is creepy. There’s a good chance Geralt will also be saying a bunch of dialogue you never chose to have him say, but don’t forget, this is a “true RPG”! Maybe there are better looking games, I don't know. Way overrated. Well I'm not f'ing lying dude, those screens look better than anything I see in game. I would have respected your opinion if you had finished the entire game first.. I have it set on high. The dream turns bad, Geralt wakes up, and then we find out that he’s actually looking for Yennefer, not Ciri (ah yes, that opening cinematic!) Because I have everything on ultra right now and it doesn't look that good for me in game. Wild Hunt: These guys supposed to be ghost like spectral figures (like Nazguls, LOTR), but somehow all have ice magic and became skeleton like wwe wrestlers! On the whole, the storytelling in The Witcher 3 (so far) ranges from adequate to good with frequent dips into the boring and the silly. Thanks for adding your thoughts felipe, but this little swipe was not called for. There still good but there are Lots of other quests that are better. I was just wondering if you picked up DS3 and if so, do you enjoy it? I guess it can. A good signs build is pretty much untouchable, as you have so much crowd control. Rarely, if ever, I felt like I was being handed a fetch quest; everything built up the world and it’s inhabitants. And DS1 needs resolution mod for pc because of poor port. But quantity doesn't equal quality and by making this game so huge it is filled with uninteresting filler stuff that dilutes the story and removes any sense of urgency that the previous games had. I thought I read that they said they toned down the sharpening because it made foliage look bad, yet now they re-enable this? I played Dragon’s Dogma back when it came out and I liked it. WTH?! You have to learn how to fight, how to defeat enemies and how to use the weapons you are given. ‘they’ being big studios making western-ish RPGs. Then think of The Witcher 2 when engaging in fist-fights. Geralt even begging for her WTF??? hehe ;), My biggest complaint is the NPCs seem kind of pointless. The fact that all he does is sexualize women who are... what, decades younger than he is? The selection of shops, the competition among merchants, and the (virtually compulsory) item-selling creates a complex economy in which you will spend hours. But how it isn't beautiful artistry despite that? There's clearly a lot of effort, talent and love put into this game and I'm glad CD Projekt Red has my money. I’ve spent about 82 hours on the game and I really just don’t have the mood to continue playing it. 10/10! Dude, I played like 5 hours of Dark souls and no every other game is ridiculously easy. It's a shame because if they had kept to the tight, purely story driven style of execution that the previous games had, this would have been an absolute killer and probably my favorite of the 3 games. One of the most overrated game I ever played for sure! Side Missions: Most of them it just a fucking fecth quests with mumbling Geralt and time wasting unnecessary cutscenes/long dialogues…. I bought it after finishing Zelda Breath of the Wild, and the last God of War. Me, I adore the dark fairy tale stuff, I don’t care very much for the politics and I actively despise the “social realism”. GTA V's download size was 59.1 Gb and doesn't really look better plus its world looks smaller than TW3's. None of the characters looks interesting… Man really miss Wrex and Garrus . Then again, maybe not. . As it is, the environments, the clothing, the creatures, even the colour palette, are all so finely tuned to my personal tastes it’s almost weird. I've never spent more than 200 hours in a single player game. I enjoyed Pillars of Eternity, I enjoyed all of the Fallouts, I figured this would be at least as good as those, given the reviews, but I’m at level 4 right now and stumbling around Valen not seeing the point of pushing to level 5+. It feels soulless. So very is no way to make fast playthrough ‘cuz – “OMFG your level is too low, get there and make some sidequest”. And if you are looking for a good story, appereantly the Souls-series (including Bloodborne) have some deep lore…. Also the different builds are actually competetive. I am not really being given that "I gotta explore these lands" type of feel like I did with Skyrim (not comparing the two as games, just an open world game should make me want to explore it). Ahh. The setting is great, but the whole thing is brought down by how it is handled. Its a very different type of RPG, do check videos and reviews before getting it. The fact that all he does is sexualize women who are... what, decades younger than he is?

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