They also all revolve around birthdays and are set in the same small town of Willow Falls, with the presence of the mysterious Angelina D’Angelo.

That's what makes this  an interesting book. Giveaway is subject to the policies found. Series Willow Falls Subject Birthdays, Friendship, Time Loops, Magic Genre Fantasy, Realistic Fiction Published 2009 Publisher Scholastic Press Media type Print ISBN 978-0-545-05239-9 Followed by Finally Enjoy the wonderful scenes as Rachel and Emily devise ways to create activities that can help revive their town from certain trouble. Leo has the whole day planned and it starts with them going for breakfast where Leo orders much food he would never normally get to eat.

She tells them that the town had sought the help of someone special who told the two men that they had to patch up their differences by the Harvest Day or else there would be consequences. Thanks for the chance to win!faithdcreech at gmail dot com. I feel that this can happen in real life too. The Willow Falls series introduces readers to a small southern town on the brink of failure, populated by an opinionated, quirky, lovable, cast of characters and will appeal to fans of Debbie Macomber, Ane Mulligan, Jan Karon and

Frustrated and confused she goes to school but this time, while she's sitting in class, she sees Leo wink at her, which makes her realize the two of them are stuck in this time loop together. That leaves readers yearning to stay connected with characters who have become friends in a town that captures their imagination. I was hooked from page one until the very end!!

She does everything exactly the same as before, afraid to change any details. I couldn’t put it down! My family loves reading so hearing about another great book I appreciate. This book will be making you want to root for the people in this town as they pull together to make things happen. Some are just never satisfied unless they have something to complain about.

I can relate to a small town feel. — Ane Mulligan, bestselling author of Chapel Springs series and In High Cotton, Pat Nichols’ debut will appeal to fans who love cozy mysteries wrapped in small-town quirkiness and accented by big-city lights.

At school, Amanda and Leo finally get the chance to talk. The power of forgiveness, sacrifice, and redemption as Emily, Rachel, Sadie, and Willow Falls’ quirky, opinionated residents are forced to face the past and accept the truth.

When a second Atlanta television station announces plans to film a segment for its Around Georgia series, residents invest their time and limited resources to spruce up Main Street’s appearance.

Then, however, they suddenly made up for unknown reasons. She reveals that she was the one who put the spell on their great-grandfathers and was worried that it would transfer over to them.

When I seen the cover of this book I knew I had to pick it up.

Angelina makes them hurry back to class where everything goes as normal, except this time Amanda tries out for the marching band instead of the gymnastics team, something she secretly had wanted to do the whole time. She insists that this shouldn't have happened though because on their 5th birthday she gave them apple saplings protecting them from the curse. Great review! This is a great story and one that I would reread again even if it's just to check up on my neighbors and see how they are doing lol!! It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. faithdcreech at gmail dot com. He apologizes to her for the things he said and tells her he only said them because he wanted to look cool in front of his friends. When Amanda wakes up the next morning it seems as if the whole day is playing out exactly like the day before. Chosen as a 2009 Library Guild Selection, this novel has been the recipient of various nominations and awards across the country.[1]. When Amanda gets home from school she is relieved to find the sapling growing in the bushes under her window and she returns it back to its place in her bedroom. The now-tenuous/now-tenacious quality of the book’s middle-grade friendships will ring true to its audience, and Amanda’s voice is likable and humorous.”[2] Publishers Weekly also states, “Like a Groundhog Day for middle grade readers, Mass' winning story features a girl seemingly trapped in her 11th birthday. Thanks as well for the giveaway. Her party ends up being cancelled and she spends the night with her family. Aware the project has a high probability of failure she recruits the one person who has the experience she needs. This is certainly the case in Willow Falls. Months after submitting her first novel to publishers, Emily Hayes receives one response—a rejection. The two have celebrated every previous birthday together (they were born on the same day), but a misunderstanding on their 10th has gone unresolved. FictionDB is committed to providing the best possible fiction reference

Exhilarated, the two finally head to the mall where security grabs them and turns them over to their families who are worried sick about them.

Update your device or payment method, cancel individual pre-orders or your subscription at, By clicking on above button, you agree to the. Leo claims that his is still sitting in his room but Amanda admits that she threw hers out the window a year ago on the night of their tenth birthday. Feel free to read our articles, add your knowledge by editing, and interact with This book will also leave you thinking about it long after it's done. US only. “Small towns can be the scene of big dreams, high drama, and unforgettable romance. With her 11th birthday fast approaching, a falling out between the two friends has caused a shift in this birthday tradition leading to consequences both of them never could have imagined. Both Amanda and Leo decide that they are just going to have one big party together this time where they spend the night laughing together just like old times. However, that all changed on their tenth birthday, when Amanda overheard Leo tell his friends horrible things about her. The next day, Amanda and Leo help everybody that they possibly can, such as reminding her mother about the presentation mix up, even though her mother still gets fired, suggesting that some things are meant to be. Rejection can be cruel but I felt that Emily handles that pretty well. A sweet, funny read for anyone who has ever dared to dream a crazy dream.

Series list: Willow Falls (4 Books) by Wendy Mass.

Thanks for sharing and also for the giveaway. Thanks for sharing your book and I enjoyed getting to know about it.

They both agree that they miss each other and become friends again and decide tomorrow they are going to skip school and go out since there will be no consequences the next day. He then leads her to an open mic poetry reading where he gets up in front of the crowd and reads some of his own poetry. She has made this story believable and realistic. (1) winner will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Book sounds really cute!

I am going to need to read this one too. You've subscribed to Willow Falls Series! It's believable. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Kaiti Holman Goodreads Review period 3 Graceful by Wendy Mass 1, The book Graceful by Wendy Mass is about a young girl named Grace who has powers given to her by Angelina D’Angelo and has to discover how to use them in order to protect the people of Willow Falls.

Welcome to my author page. So much so, she... Nichols is a new to me author and I am now a forever fan. This book will also want to make you snicker in some places.

Thanks for the chance to win! A sortable list in reading order and chronological order with publication date, genre, and rating. Amanda and Leo make a pact that they will always stay in touch with each other so that it won't happen again. Rachel Streetman, raised in Atlanta, relegates her acting dream to secret performances for imaginary audiences to live the life her father chose. Mass’s expertise with pacing keeps the story moving at a lively clip, and her understanding of this age group is as finely honed as ever.”[3] 11 Birthdays has been nominated for and received numerous awards, including the William Allen White Award for grades 3–5 in 2012,[4] and has been chosen a 2009 Library Guild Selection.[1].

They decide to help everyone that they possibly can tomorrow in hopes that it will fix things. Amanda is relieved the next morning when nobody remembers that they are angry with her and she is no longer grounded.

Hi! Or it can break you. When a scathing blogger review and a negative Atlanta television newscast threaten Willow Falls’ premiere as a North Georgia tourist destination, the quirky, opinionated, lovable residents dig deep to invest their time and limited resources to boost the town’s appeal. An unexpected incident sends her fleeing back to Willow Falls, Georgia and Charlie Bricker’s arms. Amanda and Leo are confused because they made up a week ago but they are still stuck. She even remembers to remind her mom about taking the right presentation. She stops speaking to him for a year. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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