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%%EOF commander ’s responsibilities will be assigned . and Hawaii along with current unified command plans for organizing and training JTFs. 0 endstream endobj 3511 0 obj <>stream script.setAttribute("async", true); JFLCC Handbook . var setNptTechAdblockerCookie = function(adblocker) { h�ܖ�OSW��{}-Ŗ��RjmѨ(���\l�(� h�4�M�@����ҸhY�Zy�D;6]E27t����Y��z��aX�)0ƨπ�,�(�nU���PP)a�"� h2�WMIc,�Bg�����s\��P��m���x��B�|@z�RuޝΜ�0����TNX=p&�S(d�)\E���M��{�&��_��#`�z`ڇ�4�ݕ�F��}W��&5�(��������#� �E� commander.

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