Rhona suffers a non-fatal heart attack in hospital due to blood loss. James is from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and Emmerdale is his first major TV role. They argue again in hospital about his kiss with Moira, unaware that Emma is secretly listening in and has just discovered the truth. alerts and find out about everything before anyone else. "[5] The actor said he had grown up with the show and was brought up twenty minutes from where it is filmed. They make plans to move into Wylie's Farm. After Chas finds out, she finishes with him for good, and he settles with Emma. The first person he tells is Chas Dingle. It is suggested over a period of weeks that James has feelings for Moira, and it is later revealed they had a dalliance many years ago. [33] Of the John and Eve storyline, Inside Soap's Kate Woodward and Sarah Ellis commented "For some reason, John's head is being turned by foxy farmhand Eve. When Adam confesses that there has been a chemical spill, John is furious as it incident could threaten the future of the farm and their business. 17th October 2016 "[35], "What becomes clear in this storyline is just how much John and Moira love each other, and that's what is really great about it. He wrote: "You did this. James and wife Emma Barton were estranged from the time that Pete was a boy, Ross was a toddler and Finn was a baby, with Emma leaving the family for reasons that James never told his sons. READ: Strictly's Gorka Marquez reveals the painful reason he isn't taking part on the tour. James Thornton was born on October 31, 1975 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. An uneasy pattern of breakups and reconciliations begin as Emma can't stop herself from scheming. 28th May 1967 You take up so much of her time with your pathetic little dramas! James secretly gets DNA proof that Adam is his son and tells Moira, but she begs him not to tell anyone. 2014-2016: Who is Adam's biological father, 2016: The Hotten Bypass car accident and death. - to Aaron Livesy right before he smashes a bottle of wine over his head. During a confrontation, Ross accidentally knocks James down the stairs at Wylie's, quite badly breaking his right leg. [4] Thornton was asked to audition for Emmerdale when the role came through to his agent. They're almost happy – and in soapland that's quite strange! Emmerdale star James Thornton has revealed that he quit the soap to spend more time with his wife Joanna Page. John Barton is a fictional character from the British soap opera Emmerdale, played by James Thornton. Talking to Disability Horizons, he said: "In order to ‘normalise’ disability on screen, we first have to find disabled actors and give them opportunities, rather than taking roles away from them. The actor said that Blackburn had been "absolutely brilliant and really understanding" about his departure. Bill Ward "[7], Upon announcement of his casting, John was described as being a principled, ambitious farmer, who is trying to run a business and keep an eye on his family at the same time. [8] He said "There are definitely going to be confrontations with the Dingles. [11] John and his family moved to the village to make a go of Butlers Farm, which John had big plans for. After being released, Aaron reports John to the police and he is arrested. He is best known for portraying John Barton on the long-running British soap opera Emmerdale from 2009 to 2012; he previously appeared in the show in 1995. James is later rushed to hospital where Pete, Finn, Moira, Adam, and Victoria all wait for news on his condition. [18], John struggles to forgive Moira for her infidelity and Thornton said he makes the decision that their marriage is over and she has to go. 2015 sees the return of Emma after an absence of over 20 years, due to Finn's desire to find his mother. The 26-year-old has Ataxic cerebral palsy, and has been interested in film and theatre from a young age. Thornton opined that John is not giving Moira any attention because he is overworked. [12], When asked what kind of man it would take for Moira to cheat on John, Robb opined the man would have similar values to John and she thought Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) would be a safe bet as he is loyal and trustworthy. Moira is eager to ignore James' questions, but he is adamant that Adam is his son. [12] The writers added that as a couple, John and Moira had been solid and showed an easy attitude to keeping their family on an even keel. [13][14] Following several dates, John and Moira married and had their three children. He said: "It's hard for anyone, but when I was growing up, there weren't many disabled people being represented on film or television. "[3] Natalie J. Robb was cast in the role of Moira Barton and Adam Thomas, Sophie Powles and Grace Cassidy were cast as teenagers Adam, Holly and Hannah respectively. [12] Robb stated that John and Moira had a lot of affection for each other, while a writer for ITV branded them a "striking yet down-to-earth couple". The actor was asked to audition for the part and he called it the "most frightening audition" he had ever done. This was you. Activate HELLO! He is an actor, known for Emmerdale Farm (1972), Playing the Field (1998) and Among Giants (1998). A year ago, I never thought I'd be here, you know what I mean? [30] Of his decision to exit the soap, Thornton said "I have had a fantastic time playing John for the past three years, but it's the longest I have ever played one part and the time now feels right to move on. During a quarrel with James, she kicks out at farm equipment as he's moving feed, leading him to suffer a serious injury. When John catches Aaron playing with a lighter in one of his barns, he hits him and locks him inside. The Barton family took over the running of Butler's Farm and they were described as being "sexy, modern and contemporary". "[5] The actor revealed he did have some personal experience of farming as he used to help out on a farm near to where he grew up. John becomes frustrated with the situation and when he threatens to try heroin unless she stops, Holly agrees to fight her addiction. "[8] John and his family also sparked a volatile relationship with the Wylde family. You, out there, reading this. And for Emmerdale to take on someone with a disability shows the progression that we need in this day and age." 's newsletter, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted hellomagazine.com's privacy policy, the cookies policy, and the website terms of use, and that you consent to hellomagazine.com using your data according to the established laws. The night before a meeting about the farm's potential supermarket contract, James tells Moira that he still has feelings for her and believes she does for him too. Thornton stated that John was good at business and he had a modern approach to farming. Thornton won the role of John, who was introduced to Emmerdale along with his family as part of an overhaul of the show by the series producer Gavin Blyth. The following year, he signed a one-year extension to his contract. I have decided to leave on a high with a big exit storyline in 2012, which I'm really excited about. Thornton won the role of John, who was introduced to Emmerdale along with his family as part of an overhaul of the show by the series producer Gavin Blyth. He is later released due to a lack of evidence. [9] While Kate Woodward of Inside Soap branded him "ruggedly handsome" and said he wanted to create a happy home for his family. Occupation In the ensuing confrontation, Emma shoves James, unwittingly pushing him off of the bridge into the motorway, where he lands on Ashley Thomas's car, critically injuring him and causing Ashley to crash, a crash that subsequently causes a huge 19-car pile-up, in which Pierce Harris, Paddy Kirk and Robert Sugden sustain minor injuries and Kasim Sabet, Rhona Goskirk and Aaron Dingle are hospitalised. In 2014, James begins to believe that his nephew Adam, the son of his late brother John, may, in fact, be his son, as he had a one-night stand with Moira months before Adam's birth. As an actor, you always want to do something that's going to grab the audience's attention. "[27], Moon quipped that John crossed a line when he confided in Eve about Holly's drug problem. Moira is also unhappy that John is seeing Chas and the two women fight. WIN a smile transformation with Invisalign, Here's how you can holiday on an EXCLUSIVE private island, Why Cornwall's CLC Trenython Manor is top of our UK staycation wishlist. We think he needs that head read". Children Holly's drug problem becomes worse, but when she refuses to stop, John disowns her and she goes missing. He's changed the dynamic of their relationship. ", MORE: Neil Jones opens up about getting a Strictly partner this year. John and his family arrive in the village and move into Butler's Farm. [15] When asked if they were enough for each other, Thornton quipped "Yeah, definitely. [29] He added "In a way, the Barton family have been quite isolated up on the farm. Unfortunately, James succumbs to his deteriorated condition and dies in front of his heartbroken family, where he is pronounced dead at 9:34pm. [21] Of John's motive Inside Soap's Kate White said "John's family is in ruins thank to Cain's affair with his wife, Moira. Played by [10] Woodward added that John had a heart of gold and wanted to have fun, though he was not a push over. [29] Thornton revealed that he thought the storyline was "brilliant" and stated "As I learned more, I discovered that the scale of John's departure was going to be huge, and that the amount of money they were spending was massive. Ryan has settled in well into the village and is a much-loved character. James Thornton (born 31 October 1975) is an English actor and voice-over artist. He and his wife, Moira (Natalie J. Robb), were childhood sweethearts and their marriage was initially solid. https://emmerdale.fandom.com/wiki/James_Barton?oldid=222440. [5], In their fictional backstory, John and Moira were childhood sweethearts, with the spark between them "instantaneous". James has been a fan favourite in the show since his debut in 2018, playing Charity Dingle's long lost son Ryan Stocks. [1][2] Blyth quipped that John was "a very charismatic and modern farmer who's actually a success. When Rodney Blackstock (Patrick Mower) accidentally leaves his van's brakes off, it begins rolling through the village towards the shop. John then helps pull the van out of the debris using his tractor, so the villagers can be rescued. The actor, who plays John Barton in … Soap's Christmas mystery", "The kiss made me feel like a teen again", "Emmerdale's vamp: 'John's the perfect man to Eve, "Exclusive: 'Emmerdale' Adam Thomas talks John Barton death aftermath: Interview", "Emmerdale is devastated by Moira's death", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=John_Barton_(Emmerdale)&oldid=985065195, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 19:05. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [15] The actor thought John and Moira must have had their children when they were around eighteen as their family unit was quite young. However, Ross was adamant a reunion wasn't on the cards and James left. [27] Thornton stated "I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Moira! Born John initially believes Cain is winding him up, but paranoia set in and he confronts his wife in a bid to get the truth. She eventually returns home and John and Moira decide to lock Holly her in her room, to stop her taking anymore drugs. 341 [27] Eve was given a job at Butler's Farm and she used that as an opportunity to flirt with John. John begins flirting with Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter), which causes a fight between Aaron and Adam. [12] Jane Simon of the Daily Mirror stated life was unfair when "lovely, gorgeous John" died. [29], On-screen John started to rebuild his relationship with Moira, following her affair with Cain.

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