Harling is called to revive him with cocaine. He collects himself and comes clean, admitting to being intoxicated the day of the crash; he also admits to currently being drunk. Flight is a 2012 American drama film directed by Robert Zemeckis, written by John Gatins and produced by Walter F. Parkes, Laurie MacDonald, Steve Starkley, Zemeckis and Jack Rapke. Whip saves the day by turning the plane upside down, then rolling it right side up again in time for a semisuccessful crash landing in a field. In the cockpit, Whitaker is flip, arrogant, and condescending; Evans is meek and at times frightened and clueless. His answer was a firm and very believable no. Zemeckis added that the crash in "Flight" was based on an actual Alaska Airlines accident in 2000 that killed all 88 people on board. 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Wise as Air Traffic Controller (voice), Paul Volle as Air Traffic Controller (voice), This page was last edited on 14 October 2020, at 04:44. Minutes later we see the jet, its pitch controls jammed, nosediving unstoppably toward the ground. (AP Photo/Paramount Pictures, Robert Zuckerman), TORONTO -- With the upcoming release of the disaster film "Flight," acclaimed director Robert Zemeckis can rightly seek the title of Hollywood's "plane crash king.". Having retired to his late father's farm, Whip meets Charlie and attorney Hugh Lang, who explain that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) performed a drug test while he was unconscious. His latest drama begins with a terrifying catastrophe that sends crew and passengers see-sawing through the air as a routine trip goes horribly awry. I’m not Anthony Lane, and any attempts I make at dissecting Flight on its deeper cinematic merits are bound to fall short. I’m not sure who gets the bigger screw job here: viewers, who are being lied to, but who may or may not care; airline pilots, whose profession is unrealistically portrayed; or nervous flyers, whose fears this movie will only compound. (There’s a distinct double meaning to the title, which will make sense to you once you see it. Would it really have been that difficult? Why would we, with our careers on the line? Unable to regain control, Whip is forced to fly inverted, before righting the plane to make a controlled crash landing in an open field in Clayton County, Georgia. Would it really have diminished the picture’s storyline or its gravity? It received generally positive reviews from critics, with praise going to Zemeckis' direction and Washington's performance, Gatins' screenplay and themes. Things turn out much differently in his fictional version. He is jolted awake as the plane goes into a steep dive. I cannot begin to describe how wrong it is, from the absurd idea that you would actually increase to maximum flying speed to race between storm cells to Whitaker’s impetuous descent, which for some inexplicable reason he believes will help lead them safely through the weather—all without permission from air-traffic control. I can only imagine a perplexed controller staring haplessly into a radar screen, not really sure what to say or do, wondering if perhaps he ought to have called in sick that day. The men and women who fly commercial planes may have given up long ago on realistic portrayals of their profession in Hollywood, but ‘Flight’ takes the absurdity to a whole new level, writes Patrick Smith. Although his minibar is empty, he finds the door to an adjacent room unlocked and raids the minibar there. "Nobody was good or evil. We perform just as many takeoffs and landings as captains do, and we are fully certified to operate the aircraft in all phases of flight. [18] Although the film was not nominated for Best Picture, he later noted that he felt it deserved to be. ), [SPOILER ALERT: This article reviews certain plot lines and details.]. [3], Flight received mostly positive reviews from critics. Whip Whitaker's pilot shirt and pants costume from the 2012 Robert Zemeckis drama Flight. We should expect it, and some light fudging of the facts can be necessary, to a degree, for a film like this to work. Zemeckis admits that Whip is not always an easy protagonist to like. I’m happy to allow a little artistic license. The workplace dynamic between Whip Whitaker and his copilot, Ken Evans (Brian Geraghty), is another problem. The Federal Aviation Administration blood-alcohol limit for airline pilots is 0.04 percent, and we are banned from consuming alcohol within eight hours of reporting for duty. Wikipedia tells us that the late Lyle Shelton, a former stunt pilot, worked as a technical adviser. I long ago accepted that when it comes to planes and pilots, Hollywood never gets it right, and I was not expecting anything different this time. Broke, he relied on a friend to lend him stick time in a single-engine trainer. The next morning, his friend and drug dealer Harling Mays picks him up from the hospital. Tests showed their blood-alcohol levels far beyond the legal limit. In that incident the broken jackscrew caused a catastrophic failure from which recovery was impossible but Pilot Ted Thompson and First Officer Bill Tansky were actually able to fly their plane inverted in the last moments of that flight. Well, quite frankly, no. Perhaps Shelton could have told us more about that upside-down business, but he wasn’t an airline pilot, and it’s the cockpit details—the dramatization of airline SOP—where things fall short. [16], Denzel Washington's performance received praise from various critics. My complaints notwithstanding, it’s a compelling story that is pretty well told. "We have real pilots and experts vet all these ideas so we don't have anyone doing that," he said of picky eye-rollers. Principal photography began in October 2011 near Atlanta, Georgia and lasted over 45 days. "But I think we also can sympathize with the fact that he's imperfect, sort of like everybody," said Zemeckis, whose most recent efforts were the big-budget animated films "A Christmas Carol," "Beowulf" and "The Polar Express.". It was a complicated sequence that involved lots of computer-generated technology and meticulous planning, Zemeckis said during a recent stop in Toronto to promote the film. Incidents like these have nurtured a certain apocryphal stereotype: the pilot as hard-drinking renegade, with crow’s-feet flanking his eyes and a whisky-tempered drawl, a flask tucked into his luggage. But remember to bring that proverbial grain of salt. Anyway, this isn’t a movie about airplanes or even about pilots, really. He tells Whip that he managed to save 96 out of 102, losing two crew members and four passengers, but mentions his copilot is in a coma. [13][14], Flight opened in 1,884 theaters across North America on November 2, 2012. By mid-September 2011, Kelly Reilly was in negotiations to play the female lead,[6] with Don Cheadle,[7] Bruce Greenwood,[7] and John Goodman[8] joining later in the month, and Melissa Leo and James Badge Dale in final negotiations.

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