It’s letting her know, ‘You are the last person I want to talk to today.’ It’s letting her know, ‘You are the last one I’m thinking of … Not only does it mean that they ' re constantly thinking about you, they very clearly have feelings of some variety for you. but I have always said goodnight instead of night. It’s a simple few words really, at a normal hour, when people in her past might not have done the same. in my opinion I do not think that one means anything different than the other. As a female,I can tell you she likes you. I have had my fair share of girlfriends who did this type of thing. It doesnt mean I love her any less it's just what I say. The “Have a good night!” text. No. People read this as flirty and think it opens the door up to a “sweet dreams baby”-type response. But it’s more than words. “Have a good night” does not mean … Wrong. mainly because I kind of think that saying night instead of goodnight makes it seem like I'm in a rush to get off the phone or to get out of there, and I don't want to make it feel like that's what's going on, when I'm simply trying to say have a good night. I always make a point of it to type proper messages. I have many friends who I love or adore as friends but I would not write them good night messages. My girlfriend is always complaining that saying goodnight is sweeter then just night and I get her point but to me it's the exact same thing and when I say night I mean goodnight. She doesn’t want to dream about you. Because it shows that I actually mean what I'm saying. Even knowing that when a guy says night he means the same as if he were to say goodnight. She’s politely trying to end the conversation. Sleep well. Good night beautiful. ' Good Night ' or ' Good Morning ' Consistent " good night " or " good morning " texts are always, always a good sign. She messages you every night to say good night? 1. So is saying night honestly that bad to you girls?

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.