It is sometimes referred to as the "age of mammals". H.E.4A.5  Develop and use models of various dating methods (including index fossils, ordering of rock layers, and radiometric dating) to estimate geologic time. Paleozoic is Greek for “old life”. Activity Synopsis Silurian (444 – 416 Million Years Ago) The fish during this stage have started to evolve once more. Furthermore, scientist have aged meteorites on Earth to 4.56 billion years. The earliest reptiles evolved with the advantage of laying eggs out of the water. 8.E.5B.1  Analyze and interpret data to describe patterns in the location of volcanoes and earthquakes related to tectonic plate boundaries, interactions, and hotspots. Mammal-like reptiles, Synapsis, lead to the first mammals appearing in the Triassic alongside the appearance of dinosaurs. Over hundreds of millions of years, lava flowed over the surface of earth eventually cooled. Earth was formed from a mass of dust and gas that gravity pulled together. Permian plants become much more adaptable to dry environments. The further subdivision of the eras into 12 "periods" is based on identifiable but less profound changes in life-forms. All the rest of geologic time is in the Phanererozoic eon – from 541 million years ago (MYA) to today. Now use green yarn and tape to mark each Period within the Cenozoic Era at the following spots on the rope: Paleogene Period begins at 66 MYA = 8 inches from today, Neogene Period begins at 23.03 MYA = 3 inches from today, Quaternary Period begins at 2.58 MYA = 0.3 in from today. 19. The development of the seed allowed plants to move farther into drier environments. The Phanerozoic eon is subdivided into 3 eras – Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic eras. Geologic Time- Time Scale, Geologic Time Scale. Huge glaciers that began at the poles extended across the Earth causing what is known as “snowball earth” for several billion years. Many different kinds of animals evolved at the beginning of the Paleozoic era. Paleocene is named after the Greek words palaois which means old and ceno which means new. Start studying ch 12.4 geologic time scale review sheet. Without grasses to hide in mammals remained small and many hide underground or in trees. During this eon the solar system was created, including Earth. Origin of mammals, dinosaurs and true flies. Humans subdivide time into useable units such as our calendar year, months, weeks, and days; geologists also subdivide time. For the purposes of geology, the “calendar” is the geologic time scale. Cambrian Period - Complex, multicellular organisms gradually became more common. At the beginning of the Cretaceous period new dinosaurs appeared – Triceratops & duck-billed dinosaurs. The Jurassic period (201 -145 MYA) is named after the Jura Mountains between France and Switzerland, where rocks of this age were first found. "Geologic Periods Puzzle" is a small knowledge level game to sort 12 major periods from the Earth's geologic history. It is judged that most of Precambrian life forms lacked shells, making the detection of fossils more difficult. H.E.1A.8  Obtain and evaluate scientific information to (1) answer questions, (2) explain or describe phenomena, (3) develop models, (4) evaluate hypotheses, explanations, claims, or designs or (5) identify and/or fill gaps in knowledge. A marine predator of this time is the giant Dunkleosteus, a placoderm that had sharpened boney plates instead of teeth. This was a game changer. Land vertebrate herbivores evolve in the Permian period. Mass extinction of most large animals and many plants. Divided up into smaller d…. The Cambrian Period marks the time of emergence of a vast number of fossils of multicellular animals, and this proliferation of the evidence for complex life is often called the "Cambrian Explosion". The Late Devonian also has our 2nd Mass Extinction which consisted of a series of small extinction events that occurred over 20 million years and led to 70% of all invertebrate species vanishing. There are also stromatolites dated to 3500 Myr. large mammals in northern hemisphere. Intro will highlight the following: Estimate when humans emerge in Earth’s history. We see our first insects and large plants. H.E.1A.7  Construct and analyze scientific arguments to support claims, explanations, or designs using evidence and valid reasoning from observations, data, or informational texts., Evolutionary Timeline: H.B.1A.6  Construct explanations of phenomena using (1) primary or secondary scientific evidence and models, (2) conclusions from scientific investigations, (3) predictions based on observations and measurements, or (4) data communicated in graphs, tables, or diagrams. The later part of the Ordovician saw the appearance of the first fishes. This Cenozoic era is the most recent era from 66 MYA to today and is also the era that follows the Mesozoic era. The names of this period shows how much our geologic timeline has changed over time. jawed fish and large reefs appear. Bacteria and blue-green algae fossils have been found in Gunflint Chert rocks at Lake Superior, dating to 1700 Myr. H.B.1A.7  Construct and analyze scientific arguments to support claims, explanations, or designs using evidence and valid reasoning from observations, data, or informational texts. As meteors rained on the Earth water began to be covered with water and oceans. This rock metamorphosed from the Earth’s earliest continental crust that formed before 4.03 BYA. This is known as the Cambrian Explosion. The Quaternary period is further divided into the Pleistocene epoch and the Holocene epoch. The oxygen attached to trace iron in the ocean creating rust that fell to the bottom of the ocean forming sedimentary deposits known as banded iron formations (BIFs). Spans 20.45 million years, from 23.03 million years, to 2.5 million years ago.

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