Please help out one another to make the whole event a positive and memorable event for all. Photos will be published in WBFF Australia’s online magazine Inspire Mag online and on WBFF Australia’s social media pages. WBFF Pro Divas Samantha Jane, Anne Marie, Giorgia & Vlatka. There will be a total of 15 PRO cards to win at the New Zealand show. All competitors are expected to respect their fellow competitors. Just email us with any inquiries Please have everything prepared before you arrive. The WBFF or venues will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. We provide helpers for competitors backstage, therefore no trainers, friends, family members or assistants are allowed in the backstage area. wbff fitness & fashion spectacular weekend offers the best of the best. I WOULD LIKE TO COMPETE IN MORE THAN ONE CATEGORY. The WBFF will not tolerate inexcusable behaviour backstage. CAN I ATTEND THE PREP WORKSHOPS IF I DON’T PLAN TO DO THE UPCOMING SHOW? CAN I BRING MY PARTNER/FRIEND TO REGISTRATION NIGHT? Please help out one another to make the whole event a positive and memorable event for all. We also have the addition of the professional categories. Just stepping onstage as a Pro is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. As an amateur competitor you cannot be suspended from competing with multiple organizations. Our shows are prestigious red carpet events. All competitors are responsible for their personal belongings. For all questions please email us direct at and we look forward to assisting you. Please be selective in regards to what you bring to a show. Please have everything prepared before you arrive. CAN YOU COMPETE IN THE OCTOBER PRO/AM IF YOU’RE NOT A PRO? Yes – the WBFF workshops are open to everyone regardless if you are planning to compete or just want to find out more about what the WBFF is all about. No alcohol is allowed backstage at any WBFF event. The minimum age for competitors is 18 years. Any questions you have pertaining to your competition prep will be provided to you. Amateur Competitors – Yes, the WBFF allows any of its members to compete in any event they choose as an amateur competitor. To compete at the Pro/AM in the professional categories, you must hold pro status at the time of registering for the pro categories. Our events are second to none and they are the most professionally produced shows in the industry. Winning your division does not automatically guarantee a PRO Card. Please email us if you have any queries at WBFF is the worldwide leader in Beauty and Modelling, Fitness and Fashion which strives for international recognition as an industry leader. We provide helpers for competitors backstage, therefore no trainers, friends, family members or assistants are allowed in the backstage area. When they called out my name to accept the award for most improved athlete out of all the male and female competitors, I … No thongs, track pants, singlets etc are permitted to be worn (except for when you are in the backstage area only). WBFF PRO Athletes – WBFF PRO athletes are exclusive to the WBFF upon choice of the individual.

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