This game needs YOU to be perfect. - Re-added buyable System Keys to every Pawn Shop (it accidentally reverted somehow).- Fixed bug with Limited_Inventory not properly disabling in specific situations.- Fixed being able to use some Companion_Scripts in unhandled situations. T-bone's silo and all other Bad Blood's interiors. This mod improves and expands the gameplay of the base game with custom missions, random events and new features, which will provide many hours of fun. BEFORE INSTALLING THE MOD BACKUP YOUR "patch.dat" AND "patch.fat" FILES AND YOUR SAVEGAME JUST IN CASE. In the archive you can find a copy of the Installation Guide, the Frequently Asked Questions, a README and a Detailed Content List, along with various maps highlighting the location of many interesting things. Unpack the 3 files "patch.dat" and "patch.fat" and "Living_City_MOD_CONFIG.txt" from this archive to your "data_win64" game folder.If you have patch1 files be sure that they are vanilla, and that you don't have any other mod installed that replaced them.In case you don't have backups of the original files or you are unsure simply verify the game files through your client.You can find the data_win64 folder in (according to your game version): Uplay (Disc version, default install path)Program Files\Ubisoft\WATCH_DOGS\data_win64, Uplay (Digital version, default install path)Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\WATCH_DOGS\data_win64, Epic (default install path)Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\WATCH_DOGS\data_win64, Origin (default install path)Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\WATCH_DOGS\data_win64, Steam (default install path)Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\WATCH_DOGS\data_win64. You forgot a couple of interiors. Here's the official Discord server where you can find a comprehensive Mod Wiki with details about every single feature: Be sure to overwrite the files patch.dat and patch.fat when asked (don't touch the patch1 files). Infinite 92's cutscene room; What graphics mods would you recommend to go with the living city mod? 1. You can safely install this mod if you have the Bad Blood DLC and/or the latest patch v1.06.329 however due to compatibility issues the mod is disabled in the Bad Blood DLC to avoid bugs. This mod improves and expands the gameplay of the base game with custom missions, random events and new features, which will provide many hours of fun. View mod … Your comment will be anonymous unless you join the community. Hope you're still working on this. previous version of mod was great and fun. Your game development programming is incredible. Really awesome mod,can't wait for future updates. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. This shading makes WD become much brighter and warmer (E3 WD shaders style) but with better shading, details and lighting effects. - Removed unnecessary tagging of Race_Chase random event vehicles to avoid confusion.- Fixed door becoming unopenable after reloading STREET CLEANING in specific location.- Fixed crash in STREET CLEANING if character switches while you're intruded in a camera.- Fixed typo in HUNTER script message appearing in case of hunter destroyed.- Added tweak by Slick to remove aim assist in effect after you started aiming at an enemy. 2. nice! A simple Reshade preset and shaders pack for Watch-Dogs. I am unsure on how to upload this mod onto my Xbox, can someone guide me through? Watch Dogs mod | Released Dec 2018. So there are no graphics mods in this correct? I have the latest mod installed on my laptop but I dont know how to get it on my xbox. - Added STICKY CAMERA craftable gadget that you can throw to add your own cameras.- Added REST craftable item that you can use anywhere to move time forward and reset heat.- Added HUNTER Companion_Script that acts as upgradeable remote sniper turret.- Added DRIVER Companion_Script that drives you to any point of interest you choose.- Slightly edited Bodyguard script for better interaction with DRIVER script.- Implemented HACKING FOCUS CAMERA to focus on hacked civilians by holding the hack button.- Added new STREET CLEANING exclusive contract as highly repeatable randomized challenge.- Implemented 18 OFFLINE RACES similar to Online Races but with cpu opponents.- Restored some cut street races and even the BOAT RACES which are all playable offline.- Added underground racers to Civilian_Hacks to intrude in races without paying their fee.- Added new RACE random_event that lets you challenge a random driver for an impromptu race.- Added new Race_Chase random event that simulates an ongoing underground race.- Reworked LIMITED_INVENTORY so now you have to buy weapons only once at gunshops.- Reworked ARMORY so now it's used to freely equip/unequip your owned weapons.- Added ARMORY to Black Market Dealer to still allow to both buy weapons and change loadout.- Expanded Ambush to work along the Fisrt_Load script in form of a car bomb.- Edited gang patrol Random_Event to be neutral until specific campaign missions.- Added hackable keypad to unlock ctOS Plaza garage door also from inside.- Improved ctOS Chaos script by adding also Road Spikes hack thanks to Deebz__.- Improved Owl Motel Restoration to more reliably remove boards blocking the door.- Made all Companion_Items refund appropriate crafting components if item already full.- Increased L-Train headlight shadows distance from 45 to 75 units for better visibility.- Fixed some Unlocked_Interiors sometimes loading without solid floor on low-end computers.- Fixed some vanilla game icons erroneously appearing also in Bad Blood map.- Fixed some Custom_Missions becoming available earlier than appropriate.- Fixed potential minor bug if damaging Air_Traffic helicopter while already chased.- Fixed battery Civilian_Hack not really refilling your battery completely.- Fixed chance of Police_Chase event vehicles despawning even if player stole them.- Fixed VINCENT outfit torso invisible at low graphics settings thanks to Dennis and ShevNR.- Fixed custom SMG ammo regeneration being unfairly slow in multiplayer thanks to Deebz__.- Fixed duplicated door inside Defalt's apartment in "THE RAT'S LAIR" mission cutscene.- Included fix by ShevNR for swapped phonecall title and name in "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY".- Removed mipmaps from Beretta icons so they doesn't look blurry at lowest settings.- Renamed satellite re-hack mapicon from "SOMETIMES YOU STILL LOSE" to "ctOS Satellite Uplink".- Restored "Online Contracts App" tile name instead of modded name "Monitoring Network".- Restored police emergency lights to be all blue instead of custom red & blue.- Removed custom ctOS Control Center white icons so now no icon will show once unlocked.- Slightly improved some Restricted_Areas scripts and fixed a few minor bugs.- Added _Ambush_Anytime setting in config file to force random ambushes anywhere anytime.- Included Consistent Weapon Skins minimod that aims to make weapons look more consistent.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.