”, “Deploying IntelliBrand was an important step for our business and has given us an easy to use, reliable and very efficient order capture selling tool. It is an extremely efficient tool which enables our Sales team to sell our products, capture orders, organise their journey plans & track their weekly sales. IntelliBrand contains over 50 standard reports to help you measure your sales / performance / distribution etc. Does anyone know of a phone that’s equally as crazy? The team are always on hand to offer solutions and ideas to get the most out of the system on an individual basis. Implementation and training was seamless. It’s well bum. We have found the system excellent and easy to use for our sales team; integrates well with our own system and has a wealth of tools that make it a great CRM for our team. I have no hesitation in recommending IntelliBrand and WASP Technologies to any prospective company looking for a proven mobile sales and reporting solution". Supports user defined surveys, qualifying reasons for Off Sale and Out of Stock reasons.

Two red dwarf companions have been detected around WASP-12. Copyright © 2020 WASP Technologies. If you too would like to "hoot your trap off", the Wasp T12 comes with a compressed widescreen, MP3 decks with subjockey interface, an urban orienteer that will pinpoint your "x-zac" location (on the moon or earth) and, of course, an extra large 5. Your submission has been received! Easily controlled by central Administration Console and pushed to mobile users. Highly flexible survey creation at both general and store level. The reports are easy to follow and very informative. It’s well bum.

Would highly recommend this platform.”, “We have been using WASP's IntelliBrand system now for a number of years and find both the system and the support top class. [8] It is subject to intensive photo-evaporation, and may be completely destroyed within one billion years from now. Both have spectral types of M3V and are only 38% and 37% as massive as the Sun, respectively. IntelliBrand has delivered super efficiencies to our business while improving our service to our customers. Available to import right now from Trashbat.co.ck. All in all, the best solution we could have found with an excellent backup support team”, Subscribe to the WASP Technologies newsletter. This ensures a single source of master data, and provides your IntelliBrand mobile users with a near real-time view of your enterprise data. Alternatively they can send the information/sell sheet directly from their tablet if they are selling remotely. The display of pictures of products whilst ordering, has eliminated errors and reduced credits. Equip your Sales team with up to date Customer and Product information. It’s taken us till now to actually post it, however, because we’ve spent so much time at the hairdresser’s getting a Geek Pie cut. All rights reserved. Oops! The backup service also from the IntelliBrand team is very quick and responsive.  Given that a IntelliBrand is a high quality system it is matched with a fast and responsive support team that understand our needs that resolve any queries we may have.  I have no hesitation in recommending IntelliBrand to any Company.
Email: chris@shinymedia.com. Business Decisions made more easily with structured intelligence captured from the field. Being able to submit via the app has also cut down the number of calls back to the office to ring in orders, enabling our back office team to operate much more efficiently and process orders without having to re-input orders.”, “Since starting to use the IntelliBrand application, we have very clear visibility and tracking of all sales data. WASP-12 is a magnitude 11 yellow dwarf star located approximately 1410 light-years away in the constellation Auriga. It’s user friendly and flexible, allowing us to react quickly to both customer and company needs. We recommend it to any business looking to move to the next level in this area", “IntelliBrand has given us a one-stop solution to organise our customer accounts and leads. I know it’s not real, but i really want a wasp t12 (or something similar). Control your Journey Plans, Listings, Promotions with ease. The system provides our sales team with accurate, live information  in the field .”, “We’ve used IntelliBrand for the last five years, and it has significantly increased the productivity of our sales team. “The overall IntelliBrand system has been a great addition to our business.

Something went wrong while submitting the form. Previous Suite installers may be found here. Arm them with the knowledge to make correct decisions in the field - assist customer retention and acquisition. Both the Sales team and Back-office staff became very familiar with the system very quickly with any queries responded to promptly by WASP. The integration with our Sage accounts package has really helped our order processing and having product images on the orders screen is … All my Sales Reps are happy with the ease of use on the tablets. The ability to view real-time data be it for Products, Customers and how the Sales team is performing is second to none. Mar 15, 2005(Display Name not set) IntelliBrand allows the Sales reps to quickly and professionally present the information on each new product to the buyer instore during sales call, without the need for flicking through reams of paper. WASP Technologies flexibility to meet our business needs has proven to be a real advantage”, “Stafford Lynch have been using IntelliBrand as a tactical sales order and stock management system  since 2009.  During this time, through the use of the system we have equipped our sales staff with cutting edge technology that gives them the competitive edge to maximise their time with key influencers and ultimately secure a sale.  The platform is fully customisable to our business needs and integrates fully into our ERP system seamlessly.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.