At the same time, the series works beyond those “in the know” because it instinctively reminds many of us of office life: middle managers of obscure purpose and large pay packet; the tendency of the undeserving to be promoted, leaving less politically attuned, but frequently more able, folk in their wake; flirtations and rivalries played out by the watercooler; IT muddles. © Copyright 2020 The Globe and Mail Inc. All rights reserved.

One pre-election Daily Mail review of the show said: “If the bumbling buffoons of W1A are even halfway accurate then it’s little wonder all the political parties are promising to either reduce or freeze the licence fee.” As an example of the BBC’s creative energy, W1A is a wonderful advocate for the corporation; as a view on its inner workings, it’s hard not to see it as slightly self-sabotaging. Thing is, Ezra is coming to a major realization: Ava is probably a con artist who dupes, marries and fleeces nice guys like him. That’s not quite fair. We aim to create a safe and valuable space for discussion and debate. What of W1A? No.
It is set in the new BBC HQ building where there are no offices, really, just a bunch of meeting rooms.

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He was reading the Daily Mail.
It is not just Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville) arriving, but also director of strategic governance Simon Harwood (Jason Watkins) and dim intern Will (Hugh Skinner), all on their foldy bicycles – a trident of mediocrity, a three-pronged, six-wheeled attack on the week ahead. The Way Ahead is behind. And beautifully performed (Rufus Jones’s entertainment format producer David Wilkes needs a shoutout).

It meanders away from expectations. The W1A reunion is sharp satire on the state media since the lockdown. I’m saying it might be pitch perfect in its depiction of levels of nodding nonsense and corporate guff. There should be a new series but not in the "beeb" but like twentytwelve became w1a, it should be the main 2 …

Universality is key to the BBC’s sense of itself: universality justifies the existence, and the level, of the licence fee. W1A, on Netflix, is a brilliant mockumentary series that mocks the BBC relentlessly. There is also change over at PR consultancy Perfect Curve, which is now called Fun, having been taken over by Dutch media giant Fun Media. Brilliant finale to #W1A tonight. Full Disclaimer. Permalink Submitted by Josh (not verified) on Wed, 25/10/2017 - 09:08 . Happily, Siobhan Sharpe has been retained as joint CEO – happily, because she (Jessica Hynes) is still the best thing about W1A, stealing every scene she crashes into. “LIARS!” shrieked the banner headline. So it does all come over as a teeny bit smug and self-serving. He works as the on-set tutor on a TV sitcom coping with a bratty child star (she’s played by Apatow’s daughter). Dominic Maxwell. Back at the beeb, the newly renamed Renewal group is tackling discrimination head on. The fact that BBC grandees and stars – Lineker and Shearer (both quite well paid I believe) – are queuing up to take part doesn’t help.

Photograph: Jack Barnes/BBC/Jack Barnes.

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