{ collection["SR1"]="LED/VLTLED/Suspended/SR1 Series"; return collection['ELL-3RL-']; { if("9Z104" == searchTerm) collection["Elegance Puck"]="LED/VLTLED/Speciality/Elegance Puck"; vlt products vIEW aLL pRODUCTS Our company specializes in custom made products include of LED Street Lighting, LED Decorative Compound Light, LED Bollard Light, LED Recessed Light, LED Inground Uplight, LED Wall Light, LED Underwater Light and Others. collection["2323"]="FOLighting/Illuminator/LGL10-*-*-*-D-*"; if("Oko" == searchTerm) collection["ELL-ML1-"]="LED/VLTLED/Linear/ML1 Series"; collection["9W485"]="LED/VLTLED/Linear/Choice 7SL Series"; if("9W625" == searchTerm) return collection['9ZO54']; collection["Ferrules"]="FOLighting/FO-Fiber/FiberSysAccessories"; { return collection['Roblon']; } return collection['Pool Fixtures - Fiber']; collection["ELL-LRDC-"]="LED/VLTLED/Speciality/LightRun Dual Color Series"; } if("Ribbon Fiber" == searchTerm) return collection['9W565']; { return collection['4 watt illuminator']; { { return collection['OT96W Drivers']; } "ELL-SS2-", if("9Y193" == searchTerm) if("Chandeliers" == searchTerm) return collection['9W224']; "9YO34", if("9ZO54" == searchTerm) } collection["Compact 150w"]="FOLighting/Illuminator/LGS150C-*"; } "9W143", "9W153", { { { All available on Amazon. { collection["9Y173"]="LED/VLTLED/VLT-LEDDriversControls"; collection["9X054"]="LED/VLTLED/Linear"; return collection['Jewelry Tubes']; Landscape Lighting World ® - Specialty outdoor lighting retail services offered by VOLT ® with all the great products and customer service you’ve come to expect, as well as specialized information and expert assistance for all your outdoor lighting projects. } "9X144", } "6063", } { return collection['ELL-SR1-']; { "HLG Drivers", The VLT scale ranges from 0 – 100%, with 0% allowing absolutely no light through while a VLT of 100% enables all light to pass through its lens. "4BO51", return collection['9W355']; { if("9W274" == searchTerm) } } } collection["SR2"]="LED/VLTLED/Suspended/SR2 Series"; if("9W043" == searchTerm) return collection['VX-BK2-7206-']; "9Y144", collection["Fiber Fittings - Interior"]="FOLighting/InteriorFixtures"; collection["9W115"]="LED/VLTLED/Linear/2RL Series"; if("150w CMY" == searchTerm) return collection['9Y103']; if("Sunny" == searchTerm) The VLT of a tint describes how much light a window film allows to pass through, although it is a bit confusing. collection["9W205"]="LED/VLTLED/LightPanel/ELP Series"; "9X043", "ELL-9SL-", } "Eclipse Fiber Fixtures", "9W134", { if("9W295" == searchTerm) collection["Silver 150w Standard"]="FOLighting/Illuminator/LGS150-*-*-*-D-*"; { { collection["9Y104"]="LED/VLTLED/VLT-LEDDriversControls"; } return collection['9X073']; collection["9X065"]="LED/VLTLED/Linear"; collection["1EL"]="LED/EssentialLEDS/1EL Series"; if("9X045" == searchTerm) "9Y264", { return collection['5013']; return collection['Bronze 75w Wet']; { } "4C011", "4B031", collection["9W005"]="LED/VLTLED/Linear "; return collection['Landscape Pavers - Fiber']; return collection['9W135']; { if("Bronze 75w Standard" == searchTerm) { return collection['Glass End Light Fiber']; return collection['2053']; return collection['Power Panel']; } { { } { "9W173", return collection['9W535']; if("9W203" == searchTerm) { Required fields are marked *, Check out our list of the best ski goggles for 2018-19!

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.