What do they study? https://www.pcgamesn.com/vampire-the-masquerade-bloodlines-2/clans Humans exist only to be messed with and tortured in order for the Tzimisce to continually evolve themselves, although I think we all know its mostly about the torture.

}. If you're playing Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines for PC, Malkavians should be right at the top. Deswegen und aufgrund ihrer magischen Natur begegnen ihnen die anderen Clans mit großem Misstrauen. — it’s supremely annoying in Vampire, where players all need to be on the same page regarding the Masquerade, lest the adventure quickly become crazy and/or dumb.

Das spiegelt sich auch in den Fähigkeiten wider, die ihr als Mitglied der Ventrue erlernen könnt. They may see things differently, but they also see more. You do not belong to an established family or bloodline, so other vampires don’t know or trust you. But if you don’t mind being outright evil, Lasombra are awesome. What do they study?

Bitte überprüfe hierfür auch deinen Spamordner. There is some ambiguity in the standards that determine clanhood.

Not all Kindred fear their penchant for power, so here are the abilities you can benefit from to remind them who’s boss: The Malkavian Bloodlines 2 Clan will also be a pretty good fit for a Thinblood: they must endure being ostracised from the other Kindred and prejudice, just like your starting character. On the plus side, apparently Dracula was a Tzimisce, even though it makes no sense whatsoever. Basically, the only reason the Nosferatu aren’t on the bottom of the list is that there a power in being a monster that looks truly monstrous — a dignity in saying “fuck it” to the rest of Vampire society/the game and choosing to wear your hideous curse on your sleeve.

Basically, it’s Clive Barker: The Magic Power. Possibly this is because the Brujah are the closest Vampire comes to having a basic “Fighter” class, whose powers include Potence and Celerity — super-strength and super-speed — which is good because Brujah are basically just thugs. Außerdem sind es die Toreador, die mit ihrem sehr menschlichen Aussehen und Auftreten am besten in die Gesellschaft eingegliedert sind und unbemerkt unter den Sterblichen leben. Versetzt eure Gegner in Raserei, sodass sie sich gegenseitig attackieren.

The only reason Toreador are this high on the list is because they have the super-speed power of Celerity. The Brujah are a beefy Bloodlines 2 Clan …

But if you don’t mind being outright evil, Lasombra are awesome. Apparently, many Brujah are still bitching about the destruction of Carthage, where hey had their golden age. Eure Feinde fliehen vor lauter Angst vor euch. The original thirteen clans still exist, and division of loyalties is very different, as the Camarilla and Sabbat are still over two centuries away. Ventrue. Not only that, but being part of a clan allows its members to gain familiarity with different Bloodlines 2 Disciplines, weaknesses, and common characteristics. Hüllt euch in Nebel ein, der eure Schritte dämpft.

Historically they have nestled themselves within the highest echelons and power structures of Camarilla-controlled society but, it’s hard to escape the feeling that their days are numbered. The Toreador are the Bloodlines 2 Clan to choose if you just love to show off. Members of the Camarilla, Toreadors require the cover of the masquerade to ultimately survive. A City Run on Blood : Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 casts you into the foggy streets of Seattle as a fledgling vampire hungry for blood and answers. It requires a successful Willpower roll to break the fascination quickly; otherwise, the Toreador will stand, awed and helpless, for minutes or even hours.” Which is stupid and dangerous.

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