in the best way possible, despite many other kdramas attempting to have a similar storyline to this where the past and present meet and clash in the most unlikely ways, I feel like Goblin did it best, there aren’t really any annoying or unnecessary characters, everyone kinda just fits perfectly and is woven precisely into the plot, which a lot of people will appreciate lol no one likes feeling bad for the side character, I can’t recommend this drama enough; if you’ve been having doubts about delving into it, this is your sign to put everything down and drown in your own tears after every single episode and fall in love w/ all of the characters :’), probably the most beautiful drama to ever exist, you wanna fall in love w/ the colors and the costumes and scenery every episode, Lee Minho should be reason enough to watch this lol but Jun Jihyun’s portrayal of the adorable lost mermaid is unbeatable and I fell for her so hard, there’s quite a bit of revenge in this drama, and it’s soooooo satisfying- so don’t ever feel like the story w/ the bad guys is dragging out bc trust me it’s so worth it in the end, the character development is UNREAL yall, that’s one of the many things we crave from a kdrama………..1 dimensional characters are the most annoying, and you won’t find them in this one. CANCER:  the infamous umbrella scene. it showed the struggles of students and athletes alike and the ups and downs of everyday life, just watching it made me wanna be a part of an athlete squad where we can eat everything and study at the cutest college campus ever and yell out ‘swag’ at everyone, this is heartbreak territory yall…………beware and do not approach unless you’re willing to go through several emotional defeats yet be so in love at the same damn time, so you’ve heard of the typical ‘main character goes back in time to discover they play a big role in history that shaped the modern world as it is’ cliche // however you’ll just get so emotionally invested in all of the characters and their intentions that you can’t stop watching it, I’ll admit Baekhyun kinda was the only one who lifted my spirits every time he was on screen so kudos to whoever suggested this role to him, bc I’m telling yall this is a depressing drama, some of the perks of this show is that you really can relate to most of the characters and even tho sometimes I wanted to smash my screen at some of the scenes, I knew the intent behind their actions, also not to state the obvious but ?? W-Two worlds: Don’t kill me, but it’s the only drama I liked of Lee Jong Suk along with I can hear your voice. During the press conference for MBC's 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo' on November 15, Lee Sung Kyung talked about the hardships of playing her character, Kim Bok Joo… With Song-Kyoung Lee, Joo-Hyuk Nam, Jae-yoon Lee, Hye-Jung Cho.

SCORPIO:  seeing that happy montage of the main couple after all their ups and downs, and knowing something terrible is going to happen shortly after Age of youth: I’m so glad I decided to watch this drama. Number of episodes: 16 episodes. If you’re depressed, it makes me sad.If you smile, it makes me happy. He’s precious. Date ended: January 11, 2017. ... Song Si Ho, struggling with depression and eating disorders, and even the main character Kim Bok Joo sufferimg from the feeling of emptiness and hesitation may seem like a small thing to others but a very big thing to me. ;> ww, these are just things I noticed when watching all the ones I have so far, tbh there's probably more but oh well there's only 12 signs, it wouldn’t be a kdrama post on my blog if I don’t include the most heart wrenching drama that left the most impact on myself and many others, it isn’t referred to as the best and most enticing kdrama of this generation for no reason……….TVN really outdid themselves w/ all of the amazing special effects and all of the stellar cast, not to mention the storyline will eat your heart up and spit it out by the end………. Suspicious partner: I was specially into the female lead’s strong will and personality. Circle: That was complex, mind blowing and very tense ! Strong woman Do Bong Soon: Kinda reminded me of weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo. If I don’t see you, I get curious. MBC held its ceremony on Friday, with KBS and SBS holding theirs on Saturday. Be supportive, caring and get yourself a partner who isn’t afraid to challenge you and grow with you. It means I like you, right? PISCES:  that scene when they clutch their chest and cry waterfalls for seemingly no reason, only for us to find out that something horrible occurred later on to reveal this character’s sadness and why they’re emo. GEMINI:  the main character always treating the happy-go-lucky side character like crap for comedic effect, but it’s kinda sad bc they never apologize All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Also: 2014-2015 favorite kdramas list Here, (for being the least problematic couple ever. Kemudian bakar dan makan selagi panas. Synopsis: Kim Bok Joo is a weightlifting champion from Haneol Sports University.

Turned out it was very good. Baca juga: 25 Kuliner Korea yang Sering Muncul pada Drama, Pernah Coba yang Mana? Terakhir tutup rentetan makan all you can eat dengan semangkuk mi dingin khas Korea yang biasanya dimakan pada waktu musim panas. Boyband Korea NCT Coba Makanan Indonesia, Apa Reaksinya? Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo: I can’t express my love for this drama. 25 Kuliner Korea yang Sering Muncul pada Drama, Pernah Coba yang Mana? cara makan Korean bbq all you can eat ala drama Korea, tips makan ayce ala Drama Korea Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Ssam, Makan Daging BBQ Bungkus Daun ala Drama Korea, Mencoba Tteokbokki Korea Instan, Awet Dikirim sampai ke Luar Kota, 3 Tips Masak Kimchi Ramyun Jadi Enak, Mirip di Drama Korea. So I am very happy to see a departure from that with leads like Jung Joon-hyung (Weightlifting Fairy) and Yoo Ji Shin (Descendant of Sun). AQUARIUS:  having an idol/famous actor who’s worked alongside one of the actors on another series before appear in almost every kdrama, whether it’s a short cameo or one of the main characters LEO:  having 284 different shots/angles of the main characters’ first kiss/hug. Kata Bok Joo, ketika sudah merasa agak begah karena daging, bisa makan nasi goreng andalan dulu dari tempat makan tersebut.

Bok Joo pun menekankan agar tidak makan cepat karena bisa membuat perut kenyang terlalu cepat, sehingga aturan RMFC bisa meminimalkan kesalahan tersebut.

Fight for my way: I really think it will be the best drama of 2017. If you’re sick, I get worried. I can’t believe people complained about it having to much kissing scenes *Laughing emoji* WTH.. Teknik RMFC, singkatan dari urutan makan di restoran all you can eat yaitu raw, marinated, fried rice, dan cold noodles. Cute cringy if you want. like just watch it and thank me later.

IU ??? 2,878 Likes, 12 Comments - K.Drama.Series.

In a good way. SAGITTARIUS:  character A tries to convince themselves that they don’t need character B, and do everything they can to distract themselves by working/drinking/dating someone else, only to finally admit to themselves that they’re in love  Selesai makan daging tanpa bumbu, lanjutkan merendam daging dengan bumbu. This one is no different.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.