Decision science techniques should be used and further developed to ensure that the stress tests make the best use of the available information. These are the capabilities that the National Security Agency provides to our nation, to our leaders and to our fellow Americans – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. strategies. View our suggested citation for this chapter. In business, education and government, we all count on having ready access to the Internet and its many capabilities as we go about our daily routines.   WHO'S DOING WHAT CONTENTS   In many instances, existing knowledge does not yet support reliance only on quantitative indicators. One of the objectives of this effort should be to build the scientific basis for indicators in this domain. Such a strategy seeks to prioritize the measurement and assessment of the most significant expected security risks that may arise from conjunctions of potentially disruptive climate events; exposures; susceptibilities; limitations of coping, response, and recovery; and the reactions to revealed limitations. 1 The IHR, adopted in 2007, establish a mandatory reporting system by all 194 members of the World Health Organization for events that may constitute a public health emergency of international concern. The development of sophisticated algorithms is making it possible to perform machine-based analysis of data from social media and other kinds of events data instead of relying on the traditional laborious coding by individuals; meanwhile, advances in translation software enable the monitoring of many more sources of information from all forms of media. Share a link to this book page on your preferred social network or via email. Decisions to protect a country against climate events can also create or accelerate crises; for example, a unilateral decision by Turkey regarding the management of headwaters for the Tigris–Euphrates system could immediately generate crisis conditions. It makes sense for these different interagency communities to collaborate on the scientific analysis required to design the needed monitoring and assessment systems and, as appropriate, on the development and use of these systems. In some situations, more data could actually make the situation worse in terms of producing useful forecasts. In 1998 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) established specific requirements for systematic climate observations and a sustained observing system. The tests would draw on knowledge about the potential events and each of the other types of phenomena and would provide a major way of making knowledge about climate events, exposures, and vulnerabilities operational in security analysis. The FBI's foreign counterintelligence mission As such indicators are developed and validated, it will become appropriate to assign more weight to the information and predictions they provide. Potential causes of national insecurity include actions by other states (e.g. Red indicates insufficiency in more than one of the factors. Coping and response factors (e.g., funding and organizational effectiveness of disaster-response agencies) tend to be much less hazard-specific. The intelligence community should consider the development of the needed indicators to be a long-range research activity. Over time, determining the needed data coverage and resolution tends to proceed from an initial assessment of the main data needs and to evolve as the monitoring system is used. This issue concerns foreign power-sponsored or foreign power-coordinated intelligence … The greatest likelihood of instability was associated with political regimes intermediate between democracy and autarchy that practiced discriminatory policies. This recommendation calls on the community to incorporate climate risks and the associated exposures and vulnerabilities into such exercises. FEWS NET, which relies on a combination of physical and socioeconomic indicators to estimate and predict the degree of, and changes in, the food security conditions of vulnerable countries, was one of the earliest users of satellite imagery to monitor rainfall and crop conditions in the developing world. Other kinds of science are needed in conjunction with climate science to define the monitoring needs for events that are more than just physical, such as climate-driven increases in food prices or outbreaks of infectious disease. All methods should be used to gain insight. A recent effort by the National Research Council (2010b) took an initial step in this direction. here, as the country list is classified. The research effort needs to integrate monitoring across variable types and methods and should focus on validating indicators, monitoring the appropriate spatial and temporal resolution, and improving analytical techniques, particularly to make effective use of rapidly increasing volumes of data. One of particular importance for this study, already discussed in Chapter 3, is dealing with rare events, which introduce a variety of subtle, although well studied, statistical problems. The Internet opens up new worlds to users. Given that security threats arise from combinations of all of these, indicators and monitoring systems should be developed to follow them at various levels from local to national. These sources of knowledge come from different communities of experts, which will need to communicate with each other. Do you enjoy reading reports from the Academies online for free? We reemphasize that, as discussed in Chapter 1, there are important factors this study did not address that will also affect climate–security connections. Also, different methods of validation are appropriate for different kinds of data and information (see, e.g., King et al., 1994; George and Bennett, 2005; Brady and Collier, 2010). climate events in ways that create security threats. A measure of response capacity may have to wait for validation until a disruptive event occurs, but if it holds up in two or three disruptive events, confidence in its validity should increase. More broadly, as the Political Instability Task Force forecasting tournament indicated, there is a need to identify the relative merits of the competing data analysis approaches currently prevalent: frequentist (relying on significance testing); Bayesian (using probability distributions); and machine learning (pattern recognition, broadly defined).

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