5. And finally, don’t mark the return envelopes with anything other than your address. TTM autographs are a great way to make use of duplicate cards that you have sitting around. A fair amount of Monster Boxes will guarantee some form of hit, but at the very least they will contain exclusive parallels to that format. Retail - the generic term given to non-hobby shops where cards can be purchased. Hundreds of Red Sox and Indians baseball cards … I started thinking to myself – WOW this is going to be a *ton* of work if I keep sending out customs like this! Hello, if I have a card that has been graded and in a protective plastic case would it be smart to send that to an athlete and them sign the plastic casing instead of the actual card? So if you look up a 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. I can’t wait to see what I come up with! However, some products have inserts that are short printed, such as the downtown inserts in Panini products like Diamond Kings. Sending requests to retired athletes has been the most enjoyable aspect of TTM autograph collecting for me as they usually take the time to sign everything you include (depending on the player) and sometimes even write notes back. We received a huge box in the mail today from viewer Mikey and what was inside was pure insanity! Pop #/Pop Report - When a card is graded by a grading company, it ends up in a Population Report. ISO - In Search Of - when collectors post cards, products, or memorabilia that they are looking for, they will often use this abbreviation. Hobby Box - the traditional/standard option for a box sold in a hobby shop. If it is a player I watched, I may describe a memory I have of their playing days. Card Saver - the plastic holder that was the de facto single card holder of choice through the junk wax era. 2. A little courtesy goes a long way. The player’s signature is “cut” out of the original material and inlaid into a card. COMC - Check Out My Cards - A card consignment company and marketplace. I was happy the card came back, but was bummed out that it was on the cellophane. That would be a bummer! I’ve realized that many collectors wishing to use this method to pursue autographs may not know exactly where to begin. This can be seen in products like Topps Triple Threads and Bowman Chrome. Nicknamed the Penny sleeve due to its inexpensive cost. FS/FT/NFS/NFT - For Sale/For Trade/Not For Sale/Not For Trade - Often found on social media and other websites where people are posting cards, typically ones just pulled/received, and whether are for sale and/or trade. The non-patterned version is generally the most desirable, and when it comes to the blue base refractors, they will be referred to as “true blue”. I’m really searching for a Jerry rice address and also one for Deion Sanders. I've been collecting autographs on and off since 1988. SSP and SSSP imply that those print runs are even smaller than an SP. IP autos are less valued/sought after when it comes to modern cards. TCG - Topps Chewing Gum - the trading card manufacturer Topps started out as a candy company and one of their most well known products was the chewing gum product Bazooka. TTM is short for Through The Mail. HOF - Hall of Fame - When a player is in the Hall of Fame, people will often refer to their cards as HOF and some of those players will include “HOF” in their autographs. While, this is usually the case, it does not always apply. The paypal fees will be paid for by the seller and the buyer receives the paypal payer protection by default (refunds available). Junk Wax - The wax term derives from when baseball card packs were wax-based and the junk term refers to the era of baseball cards, and really all sports cards, where overproduction was rampant. My contact information is on the Contact Page so drop me an email or send something if you want! One Touch - a nickname for a Magnetic Case. This is the least desired of the materials found in cards, but it often allows manufacturers to get a higher amount of desirable patches/materials. SGC - Sportscard Guaranty Corporation is a grading and authenticating company in the collectibles industry. Trading card information, checklists, collector ramblings and more! Seems like a jerk off thing but on the other hand, if they are constantly opening and then sealing envelopes and the same with cards/top loaders, then you’d understand why it would be a pain in the ass. Letter of Request (LOR) Trimming - An activity often practiced by card doctors where slight trimming of edges is done to a card to remove flaws. For baseball card grading, it is the third choice behind PSA and Beckett and seems to be more popular with vintage cards than modern cards. Flagship - refers to the core product for a manufacturer. I do have some that have been out longer, but this is my longest success. Master Box - A Master box is most often a box that contains two (or sometimes more) mini-boxes, whereas a traditional hobby box just contains loose packs within the box. The best advice I can give anyone sending TTM requests is to aim low when hoping for a high return percentage. To date I have not paid for a TTM autograph. The collector with the redemption card can then go to the manufacturer’s web site and enter in the code to claim the card. I have been meaning to try this myself … just throw a ton out there, and see what sticks. Thank you for your time. It really depends on what I am trying to accomplish to determine how many cards I want to send. I wouldn’t recommend that. Top Loader - the semi rigid plastic holder that collectors store more valuable (monetary and/or personal) single cards in. As a general rule, you want to send TTM requests to active players during the season and to the team address. Rays Walk Off Grand Slammer and Home Run Challenge Talk. Flat rate - Usually in reference to the Flat Rate USPS boxes that a large amount of cards will be shipped in when a plain white envelope (PWE) or a bubble mailer (BMWT) are not large enough to hold the amount of cards being sent. Sometimes those are split into two interior boxes, or inner cases. I will post an article later whenever show you what I have done with them. RAK - Random Acts of Kindness - this is when people send out cards to others - no payment, no reciprocating action asked for, just sharing and growing relationships and the hobby by giving cards to other collectors (often PC cards for the receiver). Okay, back on point. Thanks for the opinion. Prior to that, there were two main ways to get an autograph on your baseball card, either In Person (IP) or Through The Mail (TTM). The top piece and the bottom piece of plastic were secured by a screw, or multiple screws. More often than not, it is just more cards in the pack than a loose pack and doesn’t provide anything exclusive, just a bit better value for your money. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Or you could just never get anything back and never see your cards/photos again. Refractor - the term for a Chrome card parallel.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.