ON EXTERNAL RELATIONS OF THE MEMBER STATES WITH REGARD TO THE CROSSING OF EXTERNAL BORDERS. The functioning of the Union shall be founded on representative democracy. The High Representative shall preside over the Foreign Affairs Council. The Union shall develop a special relationship with neighbouring countries, aiming to establish an area of prosperity and good neighbourliness, founded on the values of the Union and characterised by close and peaceful relations based on cooperation. The latter voting rights shall be assigned and shall rotate as follows:- as from the date on which the number of governors exceeds 15, until it reaches 22, the governors shall be allocated to two groups, according to a ranking of the size of the share of their national central bank's Member State in the aggregate gross domestic product at market prices and in the total aggregated balance sheet of the monetary financial institutions of the Member States whose currency is the euro. /Root 584 0 R Declaration concerning the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, 2. The institutions of the Union shall apply the principle of proportionality as laid down in the Protocol on the application of the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality. The Conference has also decided to attach as an Annex to this Final Act the Opinion of the Council Legal Service on the primacy of EC law as set out in 11197/07 (JUR 260): It results from the case-law of the Court of Justice that primacy of EC law is a cornerstone principle of Community law. This Article shall be without prejudice to Article 4. [*] Article inserted by Decision 2008/79/EC, Euratom (OJ L 24, 29.1.2008, p. At the time of the first judgment of this established case law (Costa/ENEL, 15 July 1964, Case 6/641 [1]) there was no mention of primacy in the treaty. The discussion within the Council should be conducted in the light of the indications given by the Commission concerning the relationship between the proposal and the Schengen acquis. shall be a citizen of the Union. of its jurisdiction to monitor compliance with Article 40 of this Treaty and to review the legality of Prior to the decision of the European Council, representatives of the European Parliament and of the European Council will thus conduct the necessary consultations in the framework deemed the most appropriate. by consensus. /Names 81 0 R HAVE AGREED UPON the following provisions, which shall be annexed to this Treaty: TAKE NOTE of the fact that the Italian Government is carrying out a ten-year programme of economic expansion designed to rectify the disequilibria in the structure of the Italian economy, in particular by providing an infrastructure for the less developed areas in Southern Italy and in the Italian islands and by creating new jobs in order to eliminate unemployment; RECALL that the principles and objectives of this programme of the Italian Government have been considered and approved by organisations for international cooperation of which the Member States are members; RECOGNISE that it is in their common interest that the objectives of the Italian programme should be attained; AGREE, in order to facilitate the accomplishment of this task by the Italian Government, to recommend to the institutions of the Community that they should employ all the methods and procedures provided in this Treaty and, in particular, make appropriate use of the resources of the European Investment Bank and the European Social Fund; ARE OF THE OPINION that the institutions of the Community should, in applying this Treaty, take account of the sustained effort to be made by the Italian economy in the coming years and of the desirability of avoiding dangerous stresses in particular within the balance of payments or the level of employment, which might jeopardise the application of this Treaty in Italy; RECOGNISE that in the event of Articles 109 H and 109 I being applied it will be necessary to take care that any measures required of the Italian Government do not prejudice the completion of its programme for economic expansion and for raising the standard of living of the population.". 1. The European Council shall identify the Union's strategic interests, determine the objectives of and define general guidelines for the common foreign and security policy, including for matters with defence implications. The Court of Justice of the European Union shall have jurisdiction to give judgment pursuant to any arbitration clause contained in a contract concluded by or on behalf of the ECB, whether that contract be governed by public or private law. In that case, the relevant provisions of the Protocol on the Schengen acquis integrated into the framework of the European Union or of the Protocol on the position of the United Kingdom and Ireland in respect of the area of freedom, security and justice, as the case may be, shall apply. The Civil Service Tribunal shall consist of seven judges. Declaration on the composition of the European Parliament5. In accordance with Article 24(3), Member States represented in international organisations or In particular, acts of the Union in the field of police cooperation and judicial cooperation in criminal matters adopted before the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon which are amended shall continue to be binding upon and applicable to Denmark unchanged.Article 2aArticle 2 of this Protocol shall also apply in respect of those rules laid down on the basis of Article 16 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union which relate to the processing of personal data by the Member States when carrying out activities which fall within the scope of Chapter 4 or Chapter 5 of Title V of Part Three of that Treaty.Article 3Denmark shall bear no financial consequences of measures referred to in Article 1, other than administrative costs entailed for the institutions.Article 41. such admission entails, shall be the subject of an agreement between the Member States and the Decisions relating to the common security and defence policy, including those initiating a mission as referred to in this Article, shall be adopted by the Council acting unanimously on a proposal from the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy or an initiative from a Member State. That conference shall in addition promote the exchange of information and best practice between national Parliaments and the European Parliament, including their special committees. Foreign reserve assets held by national central banks. The provisions of paragraph 1 can in any case be applied when imports into the Union of petroleum products refined in the Netherlands Antilles reach two million metric tons a year. The General Affairs Council shall ensure consistency in the work of the different Council configurations. The central banks of Member States with a derogation as specified in Article 139(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union shall retain their powers in the field of monetary policy according to national law. That decision shall be taken in accordance with the following criteria: the Council shall seek to retain the widest possible measure of participation of the Member State concerned without seriously affecting the practical operability of the various parts of the Schengen acquis, while respecting their coherence. The Commission shall also forward the annual legislative programme as well as any other instrument of legislative planning or policy to national Parliaments, at the same time as to the European Parliament and the Council. The powers of the institutions with regard to those acts shall be those set out in the Treaties. Articles 119, second paragraph, 126(1), (9) and (11), 127(1) to (5), 128, 130, 131, 132, 133, 138, 140(3), 219, 282(2), with the exception of the first and last sentences thereof, 282(5), and 283 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union shall not apply to the United Kingdom. Where an appeal is brought against a decision of the Civil Service Tribunal, the procedure before the General Court shall consist of a written part and an oral part. The United Kingdom may, at any time afterwards, notify the Council of its wish to participate in acts which have ceased to apply to it pursuant to paragraph 4, first subparagraph. If the ECB considers that a national central bank has failed to fulfil an obligation under the Treaties and this Statute, it shall deliver a reasoned opinion on the matter after giving the national central bank concerned the opportunity to submit its observations. The Council shall adopt decisions relating to the tasks referred to in paragraph 1, defining their objectives and scope and the general conditions for their implementation. RECALLING AND CONFIRMING the Decision of 8 April 1965, and without prejudice to the decisions concerning the seat of future institutions, bodies, offices, agencies and departments. Notwithstanding the provisions of the Treaties, Denmark may maintain the existing legislation on the acquisition of second homes. stream The capital of the ECB shall be euro 5000 million. Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and as they result from the constitutional traditions common to the This shall not prejudice the specific character of the security and defence policy of certain Member States. The Member State in whose territory the Union has its seat shall accord the customary diplomatic immunities and privileges to missions of third countries accredited to the Union. Citizens are directly represented at Union level in the European Parliament. By way of derogation from Article 280 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, decisions of the General Court declaring a regulation to be void shall take effect only as from the date of expiry of the period referred to in the first paragraph of Article 56 of this Statute or, if an appeal shall have been brought within that period, as from the date of dismissal of the appeal, without prejudice, however, to the right of a party to apply to the Court of Justice, pursuant to Articles 278 and 279 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union or Article 157 of the EAEC Treaty, for the suspension of the effects of the regulation which has been declared void or for the prescription of any other interim measure. 2. Privileges, immunities and facilities shall be accorded to officials and other servants of the Union solely in the interests of the Union. As for the abrogation of the exemption, the procedure referred to in Article 140 shall only be initiated at the request of Denmark. /Subtype /TrueType The Presidency of the Council, with the exception of the Foreign Affairs configuration, shall be held by pre-established groups of three Member States for a period of 18 months. "--------------------------------------------------Tables of equivalences [*]Treaty on European UnionOld numbering of the Treaty on European Union | New numbering of the Treaty on European Union |TITLE I – COMMON PROVISIONS | TITLE I – COMMON PROVISIONS |Article 1 | Article 1 || Article 2 |Article 2 | Article 3 |Article 3 (repealed) [2] | || Article 4 || Article 5 [3] |Article 4 (repealed) [4] | |Article 5 (repealed) [5] | |Article 6 | Article 6 |Article 7 | Article 7 || Article 8 |TITLE II – PROVISIONS AMENDING THE TREATY ESTABLISHING THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY WITH A VIEW TO ESTABLISHING THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY | TITLE II – PROVISIONS ON DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES |Article 8 (repealed) [6] | Article 9 || Article 10 [7] ||| Article 11 || Article 12 |TITLE III – PROVISIONS AMENDING THE TREATY ESTABLISHING THE EUROPEAN COAL AND STEEL COMMUNITY | TITLE III – PROVISIONS ON THE INSTITUTIONS |Article 9 (repealed) [8] | Article 13 || Article 14 [9] || Article 15 [10] || Article 16 [11] || Article 17 [12] || Article 18 || Article 19 [13] |TITLE IV – PROVISIONS AMENDING THE TREATY ESTABLISHING THE EUROPEAN ATOMIC ENERGY COMMUNITY | TITLE IV – PROVISIONS ON ENHANCED COOPERATION |Article 10 (repealed) [14] Articles 27a to 27e (replaced) Articles 40 to 40b (replaced) Articles 43 to 45 (replaced) | Article 20 [15] ||TITLE V – PROVISIONS ON A COMMON FOREIGN AND SECURITY POLICY | TITLE V – GENERAL PROVISIONS ON THE UNION'S EXTERNAL ACTION AND SPECIFIC PROVISIONS ON THE COMMON FOREIGN AND SECURITY POLICY || Chapter 1 – General provisions on the Union's external action || Article 21 || Article 22 || Chapter 2 – Specific provisions on the common foreign and security policy || Section 1 – Common provisions || Article 23 |Article 11 | Article 24 |Article 12 | Article 25 |Article 13 | Article 26 || Article 27 |Article 14 | Article 28 |Article 15 | Article 29 |Article 22 (moved) | Article 30 |Article 23 (moved) | Article 31 |Article 16 | Article 32 |Article 17 (moved) | Article 42 |Article 18 | Article 33 |Article 19 | Article 34 |Article 20 | Article 35 |Article 21 | Article 36 |Article 22 (moved) | Article 30 |Article 23 (moved) | Article 31 |Article 24 | Article 37 |Article 25 | Article 38 || Article 39 |Article 47 (moved) | Article 40 |Article 26 (repealed) | |Article 27 (repealed) | |Article 27a (replaced) [16] | Article 20 |Article 27b (replaced) [16] | Article 20 |Article 27c (replaced) [16] | Article 20 |Article 27d (replaced) [16] | Article 20 |Article 27e (replaced) [16] | Article 20 |Article 28 | Article 41 || Section 2 – Provisions on the common security and defence policy |Article 17 (moved) | Article 42 || Article 43 || Article 44 || Article 45 || Article 46 |TITLE VI – PROVISIONS ON POLICE AND JUDICIAL COOPERATION IN CRIMINAL MATTERS (repealed) [17] | |Article 29 (replaced) [18] | |Article 30 (replaced) [19] | |Article 31 (replaced) [20] | ||Article 32 (replaced) [21] | |Article 33 (replaced) [22] | |Article 34 (repealed) | |Article 35 (repealed) | |Article 36 (replaced) [23] | |Article 37 (repealed) | |Article 38 (repealed) | |Article 39 (repealed) | |Article 40 (replaced) [24] | Article 20 |Article 40 A (replaced) [24] | Article 20 |Article 40 B (replaced) [24] | Article 20 |Article 41 (repealed) | |Article 42 (repealed) | |TITLE VII – PROVISIONS ON ENHANCED COOPERATION (replaced) [25] | TITLE IV – PROVISIONS ON ENHANCED COOPERATION |Article 43 (replaced) [25] | Article 20 |Article 43 A (replaced) [25] | Article 20 |Article 43 B (replaced) [25] | Article 20 |Article 44 (replaced) [25] | Article 20 |Article 44 A (replaced) [25] | Article 20 |Article 45 (replaced) [25] | Article 20 |TITRE VIII – FINAL PROVISIONS | TITLE VI – FINAL PROVISIONS |Article 46 (repealed) | || Article 47 ||Article 47 (replaced) | Article 40 |Article 48 | Article 48 |Article 49 | Article 49 || Article 50 || Article 51 || Article 52 |Article 50 (repealed) | |Article 51 | Article 53 |Article 52 | Article 54 |Article 53 | Article 55 |[*] Tables of equivalences as referred to in Article 5 of the Treaty of Lisbon.

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