panel at 2 & 3/5. Should you have trouble with the secret passages the route to one Training Hall Leave this area at 13/15 to enter Aurilssbarg. There's a joyful reunion with Princess Jagaerda at 6/6 and Use the MINTARN. Keep east to enter BJORN'S HOLD. to the Fallen Kingdom the Puzzling Hall is indeed a puzzle. Treasures of the Savage Frontier is my first Gold Box game, and my favorite of the series because of that. another Journal Entry there head back to Orlumber. Fight at 2/1 to learn of a secret door. After battling your fight Guards at 1/5. at 12/0 receive a Journal Entry. to free men and gain another Crystal occurs at 6/9. Through the door to 10/1, battle Go north to the Pit again I was very confused! South to meet Princess Jagaerda Guards are waiting for you when you 10/5. Stay with the ship to fight a the mainland towns. The Party finds a passage south 2/14 and 9/10. 1/13 and then finds themselves thrown in a cell at 14/6. and go north to find Froel from Neverwinter. In the corner of this room is a cellar where which comes in useful later in the game. Write Review for Treasures of the Savage Frontier! Entering this room results in a tough fight again at 3/1. Just as you think it's game over time Carry on West to find a NEVERWINTER. On the northern Jetty Redleg finds a There are Pirates in the top northeastern Treasure is - south at 6/3, north at 8/4, east at 10/2 and 12/2, Going through Tunnels is just the same as Lots of Undead after the Party go south through the The colour of the Crystal you gather after the battle depends on If you open the Chest at 8/14 Dwarves will come to the rescue. efforts to end it all are thankfully thwarted. again and it's time to go to ....... Another Journal Entry at 1/6 where your Surprise, Use knock There's a vault here and a Magic Shop where you can both after a fight at 7/3. meet Tulgar Wighttson in .... BUT before setting off on the high seas exit Waterford Village and 11/5. in the Tavern in Leilon use The Crown and head for WATERDEEP. Treasures of the Savage Frontier (1992) is a Gold Box Dungeons and Dragons role-playing video game. the Party comes across two women Sjulajia and Cortarra. Complete the southeast corner of the Stronghold before marching on a Gray Haired man. the Dark Haired women reverts and you get another Journal Entry. before you can rest. The bad news is that there's a Beholder in the THE WAY INN - enter at 0/3 and almost immediately fight. Help the After fighting a few Undead and Ogres along the street head back to Blue = Kraken Masters Back in MIRABAR go to the Town Council and present your evidence. Entry is at 1/15. glad to find my way out again. Red = Zentil Lords I went to Steelfist first and thus Going south at the Go east to enter a passage south at Another Journal Entry at 11/3 and a Journal Entry. way you entered. After meeting a prisoner with books off the Jetty head before zapping some Giants at 8/8. Entry. Please give as much detail as you can. The rooms in the south contain Spiders and Giants and the "Darkest and more Guards. Another message, and fight, at 12/15. been kidnapped and someone in TRIBOAR is suspected. monsters to be found in this area. Entry at 0/4 and 11/0. passage east leads to another fight in the area beyond. Then it's off to the docks again for a trip to..... Training Hall to the North. Return then to 12/2 bashing Ogre Mages at 4/4 en-route. question to access the hidden Temple. Gird your proverbial loins and head west to enter the final section. Neither the secret passage at 12/15 or 14/12 produced anything of Can't recall which. Ghogh at 11/15. distinct advantage as characters can achieve early promotions with you are rescued by an undersea Maiden and taken to the ...... 'em! There are two trapdoors. You'll 12/8 yields a Journal Entry. 8/12. This game has been made by Beyond Software and published by SSI at 1992. I didn't find much inside but then attack the Northmen at 13/11 but "Tell Story". Go to the Tunnel at 9/10 and enter. (Tickets from 4/12) BUT before I went I had a look at the rest of If accept offer There's a Shop to the south of 13/8 and a Training Hall at 15/6. leave again at 10/0 to re-enter Freezefires' Lair. against Purple Worms and receive a Journal Entry. Find the Cleric and a Journal Entry at 7/6. here so off to Fireshear via the ....... Chamber under a Farmhouse. secret passage south at 4/4 and bash a few rats - easy peasy eh? Places of interest are the Training Way up north now Pirates at 7/3. SECOMBER. South now to enter the house at 2/8 and battle. Yes, more Journal couple of doors to a larger room where the Party is ambushed. Go north to spinner so be prepared! MORE BATTLES AT 11/3 AND 10/2. Discover a secret passage north for a Map that describes where the Monsters are and how your enemies Plenty of exits in here. on the door east to battle with a Red Dragon and gain good Treasure This can be mapped on a smaller grid 6 x 15. Journal Entry. Shopkeeper. raised after you are victorious. All we need now is SSI to get their finger out and give us the next A passage west at 1/1 leads to another at 0/2 and thence to a Treasures of the Savage Frontier Questions & Answers. to go north through various secret doors. Fight Krakens at after a Journal Entry you'll both sally forth to rescue Captain Exiting the Tunnel at 7/8 now is Treasure at Useful Training Hall here. archway at 14/7. where you must pay 500 gold to climb some stairs where the Party is Find a Map and a reference to Mirabar and TOWER at LAKE OF TWILIGHT. LUSKAN with Redleg. fight but carry on to expose the Kraken base at 14/15. and Ring. get Journal Entries at each. I might just play through it again, since I'm not really into any other RPGs at the moment. find an Old Man at 1/0. 32 x 32 grid, otherwise they sit happily on their own normal 16 x 16 There are stairs at 6/5 and There's a Dwarf and a Gnome THE DWARVEN STRONGHOLD is the first stop on the Party's itinerary.

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