It is easy to handle and maintain.

Should 1 magnetic compass Submarine This boat

MEDIUM TOURIST SUBMARINE (Immediately available). 2/3 crew with 2 divers (DLO mode), or multi passenger in dry transfer mode. Some of the successful tourist submarines business are earning as high as 1 Million USD per month. The craft is a lightweight version, slightly shorter and with all basic features in order to comply with advanced requirements within a limited budget. a full range of safety features. guests during their dive.

No experience required. An adjustable camera on a pan and tilt unit is used for underwater video inspections. k) A brand new, small, luxury three man submarine, with a depth rating of 300m (1000ft).
Ideal for super yachts, tourist resorts, and luxury hotels. Operational depth: 150ft (50m).

Please contact us to discuss your submarine charter requirements. It is neither submarine nor glass bottom boat. Smooth driving performance is coupled with a clear view of undersea life. includes all safety equipment for passengers. Crew: Two pilots and forty-eight passengers. 2 ring shaped life belts Operational Depth 1000ft. Radio – CD player The controls operate like your typical motorbike. This is a remarkable tourist submarine to be used in a marine tourism business or for private pleasure. Speed: 2,5 knots. Tourist Submarines There are more than 30 tourist submarines in the world operating round-the-year, about a half of them having been built by us. constructed with a large passenger-viewing gallery, large viewports and Each rider’s head goes inside an air chamber within the helmet, which is constantly supplied with air from scuba tanks lasting seventy minutes, which are attached to the front body of the scooter.

Around 30 years ago, MERGO-10 was custom designed. MS Tourist Submarine requires a refit like-new at time of delivery. Cameras: The cameras are used for monitoring and observation of the submersible during dry transfer operations. The front pressure hull has a spherical segment window of 89cm. viewing windows for complete 360 degree viewing. Propulsion system Water jet or shaft drive. p) A multi purpose submersible, designed for one-atmosphere operations, diver lockout, dry transfer, and submarine rescue (DSRV). Built for 22 passengers inside + 26 passengers

DeepFlight ... ... pinnacle of personal submarine technology, allowing you to fly underwater. This submarine is the last Mark 3, build 14. This can be a successful business with 19 in operation around the world. It is sure that this gonna be a great deal for the buyer. Also controls for power supply and the monitoring, in both normal as emergency situations. This is too attractive for young couples and fun-loving people. It's safe, easy and comfortable. match your exact requirement, please contact us to discuss other Ideal for  Super Yacht owners. Power supply                 2 x battery packs of 20 cells, 120V, 248Ah. depth: 200m (600ft). Producing high profile marketing. TrackLink 1500 multiple target Integrated USBL  Acoustic Tracking and Communication Systems. Crew: Two pilots and forty-eight passengers.

STATUS: This submarine is currently operational and earning a lucrative amount every month. Additional revenue can be generated through selling camera pictures, videos, T-shirts and merchandise. CONTACT US TODAY TO BUY YOUR UNDERWATER SCOOTER. All  submarines are sold " as is where is " unless agreed otherwise. A one-atmosphere and diver lockout submersible designed for all commercial activities, scientific research, underwater filming, search and salvage. length 250 cm, width 170 cm, height 160 cm. Weight: 8 tons. This submarine is our recommended unit for anyone who wants to start (or add) a submarine business at a low investment. These submarines are usually used for personal (family) recreation purpose, but they can be used for commercial tourism when passengers want exclusive dive. Originally designed and manufactured for military special forces, the Leisure-SDV is a hybrid Surface and Underwater Swimmer Delivery Vehicle capable of  35kts on the surface , and 5kts underwater. STATUS: This submarine pre-owned (used) and recently refitted. The seats aligned to ensure a wide panoramic view for all passengers.

An excellent opportunity to acquire a purpose built submarine.

Operating Depth: 1200ft (400m).

It has an all-day operating capacity (7.5 hours operation at full speed) allowing for a full working day underwater, and a truly unique experience for users. NEW, SECONDHAND, and USED SUBMARINES, MANNED SUBMERSIBLES. Set against a winter wonderland, the highlight of their adventure, which took place during the last week of January 2010, was travelling to the bottom of the Baltic Sea in the GUINNESS DEEP SEA BAR that was modified exclusively for the trip by Silvercrest Submarines. Please contact us to find out more or to request an offer! The craft is equipped with strong points for launching and recovering by crane and may also be operated by an onboard sledge. If you like to create additional attractions in the diving area like a shipwreck or a crashed aeroplane, we’ll find you one, clean it and deliver it complete with an Environmental Safety Report to your site.

Intro Sub Pilot Course - Coming soon to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. The key words in the design have been performance, passenger comfort and affordable.

To enter the Deep Sea Bar, Evelyne and her guests had to face a snow blizzard and temperatures of minus 15°C, as they walked out across the frozen surface of the Baltic Sea. filming, scientific research, and for private buyers.

Guinness is owned by Diageo, the world's leading premium drinks business. This submersible has been designed to minimise the risks to the environment by the careful choice of its components and configuration, allowing its use in marine park areas where the underwater ecology is sensitive to disturbance.

1 waterproof , portable, battery operated electric lamp The five different submarines ... ... liners, high-end tourism operators, deep ocean researchers, documentary makers and discerning explorers a broad selection of submersibles for 5, 7 or 9 people that can dive as deep as from 300 meters to 1,700 meters. We have two Triton 1000/2 submersibles with experienced crews available for charter.

The submarine was built by Perry and is classified by ABS.

28 ft. Protector RIB. External lighting, communications and optional sonar system. Everyone can do it, young and old, as the complex is maintained at one Crew: three. l) A one-atmosphere submersible designed for all commercial activities, scientific research, underwater filming, search and salvage. Crew two. 1 complete Fire hose nozzle We can also fresh build it.

m) The Silvercrest ECO-SUB is a 24-passenger carrying submersible designed to carry occupants to a depth of 100m. As this will be a custom build so you can ask for modifications in performance, capabilities, and design. Undersea discovery is in your control. {{#each pushedProductsPlacement5}}, With NauticExpo you can: Find a nearby distributor or reseller| Contact the manufacturer to get a quote or a price | Examine product characteristics and technical specifications for major brands | View PDF catalogues and other online documentation. Ideal for  Super Yacht owners. Operating Depth: 240ft (75m). 2 X air conditioned climatizer It gives large passenger-viewing gallery, large viewports, and luxury seating.

The before-tax profit potential is over one million USD per year. n) A state of the art two-man submersible with a very high-tech image and specification. From this position the crew are able to control all world in complete comfort and safety.

Crew: three. 1 extra anchor There are more than 30 tourist submarines in the world operating round-the-year, about a half of them having been built by us.

The Super Yacht Sub series opens the world beneath the waves to yacht owners. The complex provides a unique In Nassau rides sell for $110 each. c) Other submarines subject to availability. The W-Sub3 tourist submarine is the world’s most sophisticated hi-tech tourist submarine. for any place in the world with underwater attractions. 1 water tank  100liters

Range- on surface or semi-submerged 150 Nm. We also have available a range of multi passenger tourist submarines (ten to forty passenger).
External Lights, Compass, Echo sounder, and communications. DSRV'S.

main viewing gallery. SUBMARINES FOR HIRE AND CHARTER.BMARINES FOR. YP45 compressor and boost pump for air and oxygen. Air is breathed from inside an acrylic dome that offers panoramic viewing. 100% electric with zero emissions, the semi-sub is equipped with a brushless DC electric motor that is quiet and powerful. Twenty four passenger, two crew tourist submarine, designed for the underwater leisure market. crest Submarines can arrange Submarine Maintenance, and Pilot Training courses for purchasers. It is pretty clear that tourist submarines business will grow at a very high rate in the coming years. This underwater scooter is a one person, 2 knot, submersible designed to enable certified and non-certified divers to cruse effortlessly underwater. Along with her husband, Arnaud Splendore and sister, Virginie Gridelet, Evelyne was flown to Sweden for an unforgettable four-day trip to explore the remote islands of the Stockholm Archipelago.

The Underwater Bar Refit and Certification programmes can also be provided. In the decade following the collapse of the Soviet Union, 170 nuclear submarines were taken out of service, but only 40 of those were ever officially dismantled. The submarine provides a panoramic view of the underwater world for all passengers, through large diameter acrylic viewports. No specialist dive training is required to use the Explorer, which offers a clear, unobstructed and comfortable view of the undersea world.

For yachts to explore the depths of the oceans and for tourist operators that want to offer their clientele ... ... combined with the hydrodynamic shape – make this submarine go three times faster than any other private submarine. Each scooter is powered by two electric motors, one for forward movement and another for vertical movement, providing precise control, manoeuvrability and safety. The innovative design combines these two technologies to give you an experience that surpasses both.

Air conditioning, external lights, communications, and video.

our Company News Page for underwater equipment that we now offer for Offers invited. STATUS: A pre-owned submarine and needs a refitting & redesign. Hence, a 50 pax submarines is always a good deal.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.