I think our visions for becoming a multi-planetary species are a little different. Bridenstine has raised the prospect of a barter system for future rides to the International Space Station in which American astronauts fly on the Soyuz capsule and Russian cosmonauts fly on the Boeing and SpaceX capsules, but no money is exchanged. It would be a great message if he committed personally.

Wednesday’s mission is also a potential milestone in making space more accessible — to scientists, tourists or even Tom Cruise, who recently said he wants to film a movie aboard the International Space Station. Intuitively, Tory seems right and Elon wrong.

United Launch Alliance won a 60% share of the future missions, planned for 2022 through 2027, while SpaceX scooped up the remaining 40%. Republicans, win or lose next week, face a big — and growing — math problem. But the rocket company, founded by Elon Musk in 2002, remained curiously silent for days after the announcement.

Tory Bruno fully expected his company to win inclusion in the U.S. Space Force’s selection of two rocket businesses to launch military space missions through 2027. “The power relationships are a bit different, but NASA is still in the loop with a veto.

Wednesday's historic launch from Cape Canaveral would make Musk's SpaceX the first private company to carry people into orbit — and open a new era for America's space program. The Commercial Crew program is also helping finance a competing vehicle — Boeing's Starliner — which failed to reach the space station in December during a flight test without a crew. NASA officials also have a lot of faith in Gwynne Shotwell, the chief operating officer who runs much of the day-to-day business at SpaceX. He retired from the Marine Corps after 24 years as a colonel. SpaceX has already disrupted the industry, with its cost-cutting strategy of employing reusable rockets to launch satellites and cargo to the International Space Station. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Behnken, 49, has also flown to space twice prior to this mission, spending more than 29 days in space.

Bickering with the head of a company he’s in competition with is nothing new for Musk – just before the Falcon Heavy launch, he engaged in a passive-aggressive exchange with Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos. And it will afford us the opportunity to learn how to live in a non-earth-like environment, doing, so at a safe, week's journey from home. Instead, he revised his own $400 million estimate for the Delta IV, suggesting that fixed costs that are in effect going forward will swell the cost of a mission using the rocket beyond $600 million. “Nobody would suggest buying aeroplanes that only fly once & then crash into the ocean. So that, as we press out to Mars and beyond, we will have learned the skills necessary to survive there. The Air Force led the procurement process and is preparing for protests to the agreement by Blue Origin and Northrop Grumman, according to SpaceNews.

Clarification: Delta IV Heavy goes for about $350M.

Musk has repeatedly said either rocket costs more than $400 million to launch. They've virtually got to set up the BFR production facility before dismantling the F9 one.

Both companies have fallen years behind schedule, according to a November inspector general report.

Elon Musk only said he would retire to Mars and hopes that when the grim reaper comes calling that he is on Mars when it happens. “Nobody would suggest buying airplanes that only fly once & then crash into the ocean. That would be absurd,” Musk said, later adding: “So why is this madness acceptable for Boeing/Lockheed rockets?”. Fernholz then linked to his newsletter’s August 13 edition, which led with this: “We’ve found something Elon won’t tweet about.”, The piece made note of SpaceX’s public absence when it should be “a crowning moment” for the company, given its years of effort to even compete for those government contracts. The first planned mission for SpaceX, which is slated to launch in late 2022, is priced at about $316 million. After putting Vulcan Centaur through its paces, ULA plans to eventually recover the rocket's engines, not the full booster, in order to make back some of the cost of the rocket. Tory Bruno, ULA’s CEO, responded to Musk by congratulating SpaceX on its award. (Jeff Foust of SpaceNews wrote that SpaceX “joins the establishment” with its new Pentagon award.). The basic state of human dignity will lift beyond anything previously seen in human history. ULA is a joint venture of Boeingand Lockheed Martin. (It also pushed ULA to evolve its strategy.).

Others, however, point out that private contractors have always built spacecraft for NASA. Musk’s company pushed forward, though, simultaneously developing a new Falcon 9 rocket to launch commercial and NASA payloads, and a Grasshopper test vehicle.

Musk’s stunt of sending a Tesla Roadster into space may have grabbed headlines, but the fact that its two side cores returned to Earth unscathed is the real advance here.

That was three years ago, before ULA cancelled all medium versions of Delta IV. (Jeff Foust of SpaceNews wrote that SpaceX “joins the establishment” with its new Pentagon award.).

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