Answer Only the Question That Was Asked. Emails can be used as evidence. While that entertains friends at a get-together, we’ve all tried to talk to her about how it will come across in her testimony. He was selected for inclusion to Pennsylvania Super Lawyers® in 2010-2013 and 2015-2017. It’s natural to feel nervous about going to court, especially when you know you’ll have to speak before a judge. Presenting yourself in this way may also help calm some nerves. Remember, lawyers are trained to win such fights and will interpret any uncooperative "attitude" on your part as a sign of weakness. Indeed, telling the "Truth, Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth" is not always as easy as it sounds. Your attorney can help you with this step. If possible, you and your lawyer should review many of these questions under trial conditions. -Don’t confide, go in details or overshare with GALs and court professionals. If the only person to lose his cool is the lawyer on the other side, you will score major credibility points with the jury. When testifying, be consistent with your earlier statements in the case, deposition testimony or testimony in earlier proceedings. Let your own lawyer cross-examine you on all aspects of your testimony, grilling you on relevant evidence and documents, and attacking you with prior statements. If you listen carefully to the question, you must consider the scope of the question and not go beyond the issue at hand. Stick to the facts of the case. 5. Be mindful of what you say. Keep your face neutral. If you are testifying on your own behalf in a case, review these statements and anticipated questions very carefully with your lawyer to eliminate surprises at trial. How to put her out of business by doing marriage better! This firm has the character and experience and compassion to be the lawyer you need at the most difficult time of your life”. Resist the temptation to be combative and use a tone that is argumentative. If you need a family lawyer, these are the guys to go to.”, “The trauma of divorce and separation is hard enough. Those who give testimony at odds with their earlier statements leave themselves vulnerable to attack and may be perceived as lying even when they simply don't remember relatively minor details. Do not bring children or a new boyfriend or girlfriend. 4. Get organized. Not so for the reader of the appeal or deposition transcript. Before you testify, try to picture the scene, the objects there, the distances … Not so cute. He or she will explain exactly what will happen during your divorce hearing. -If you invite a friend or family member to attend the hearing for support, be sure these people can stay calm, quiet and will not obstruct the courtroom. -Don’t cry or show emotion. The slogans, High-Speed Access to Legal Action, Legal Advice, Legal Counsel, Legal Protection, State & Federal Courts, Dispute & Conflict Resolution, Probate Protection, Legal News, Legal Training & Seminars, and the substantial equivalent thereof are service marks of Kramer & Connolly. -Remember most courtrooms are equipped with audio recording equiptment that can detect conversations. A very common problem in testifying, many witnesses are so anxious to cooperate and to provide quick answers that they don't wait until the entire question is asked. To top it off, a family law case is often an emotional experience, as they involve sensitive situations like divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence, spousal support, or other issues. So I see the counterproductive way people can act in front of a judge ;). Even when you are represented by AV rated trial lawyers with years of courtroom experience, you must work closely with your attorneys to review the details of your testimony and to anticipate questions which will arise at trial. When she is nervous, upset, angry, or trying to impress, she emphasizes almost everything with “honestly” or “to tell the truth,” and when she’s irritated or trying to impress, she is the master of sarcasm. That cracked me up – good luck trying to sleep when that stomping People’s Court music is on let alone the inane testimony! If public speaking makes you nervous, you may want to create an outline or a note card to use while testifying. If You’re Testifying in Family Court, Here Are Some Tips, Free E-Book: Privacy, Surveillance Laws, and a Cheating Spouse. The attorney asks you if you beat your kids. Oh my gosh – you made me laugh out loud, Ash! What now? That way, he or she can decide how to best present the information to the court. In fact, some trial lawyers will try to exploit this weakness by asking questions in an adversarial tone designed to cause witnesses to lose their cool. The judge probably already knows that attorney and his or her regular behavior, but he doesn’t know you. You may want to ask a close friend or relative to attend the hearing with you to provide emotional support. Keep your child out of the conflict, and don’t force them to chose sides. Don't try to make sense out of the question yourself. Prepare your paperwork. 3.” I allow.”  As in: “I allow him to see the children each Tuesday.” or “I let her pick up the kids at 7:00.” Not much red-flags the Family Court Judge to control issues as much as this type of statement. Disclosing too much information can hurt your case. Maryland car and auto accident attorneys, personal injury lawyers, insurance claims, negligence and wrongful death lawsuits, and litigation law firms in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Reisterstown, Owings Mills and Glyndon. Get updated by email when there's a new post. Your attorney is there to represent your best interests, so be sure to share everything about your situation. Great advice whether in court or not. If you have a contentious divorce, you and your ex may need to go to court several times. The better response is to let the attorney continue to look like a bully and you keep your tone respectful while you disagree. But witnesses who appear relaxed and conversational do much better than those who get frazzled easily. There are no points for fast answers. Date of separation has legal consequences. You are expected to tell the truth, be honest, and be frank. “To tell you the truth.” Or ‘to be honest with you.’ Or ‘frankly.’ Or any other like statement. If you don't understand a question, ask that it kindly be repeated or rephrased. Choose your companions wisely. In all areas of our life, we can never go wrong with taking the high road. In addition, it’s helpful to make a timeline or outline for yourself to get your own thoughts together prior to the hearing. Witnesses who take their time to think about their answers are perceived as being conscientious and concerned about telling the truth. In her alternative humor writing world, Shel blogs about embracing age and being one’s fiercest self at Fat-Bottom-Fifties Get Fierce, where she has over 300,000 followers. It is usually best to avoid interacting with your ex unless the judge directs it. Maintain Your Health Insurance After Divorce. If you and your spouse are able to work out a mutually agreeable settlement, your court appearances will be short. Wait until the lawyer asks the entire question before starting your answer. This is particularly true for those witnesses testifying on their own behalf in criminal cases or in civil lawsuits. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Readers are advised to seek the representation of competent trial lawyers Maryland litigation attorneys and trial consultants to prepare for trial and to protect their legal rights. Don’t use a tone of voice that proclaims you’re a jerk. Make sure you are ready to testify before you go to court so you do not end up fumbling for words while you are there. Lying or omitting facts is a huge mistake. -Be careful what you post on social media; assume your ex or the court is reading before you post even if you use privacy filters. Your attorney will help you decide on the best way to present our case in a positive manner. This advice is easier said than done. It’s ok to take notes. Those who fight with opposing counsel rarely win in the long run. Some of these appearances can be handled by your attorney. This is usually perceived in a negative way. So keep outside conversations to a minimum. Get your facts straight. Make a similar list of debts. From your lips to the parents’ ears, Gina!! Great advice, Shel! Keep a professional demeanor. I have to testify at a hearing in family court. Many lawyers think [of] fees not people. This may mean something different for each person. My husband subjects me to People’s Court and Judge Judy late at night. Like our firm, most attorneys will prepare with clients before a court hearing to make sure they are clear about key points and what to expect. During the stress of a trial, when it is your turn to testify and the attorney is badgering you or twisting around your statements, it is very easy to get caught up in a hostile moment.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.