Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture. Tiber Saxon is a character who appears in the Disney XD animated series Star Wars Rebels. He is a member of the Mandalorian Clan Saxon and the brother of Gar Saxon. Tiber himself, due to eschewing Mandalorian armor in favor of Imperial Jumptrooper armor, made of plastoid, wasn't bothered by the ramifications.[3]. /Mask [ 0 0 0 0 0 0 ] << Nightbrothers | Second Sister | Bazine Netal | Imperial Officers: General Hux | Gender Goals but I don't want to get people's hopes up, Jame Blackthorn | Bryne Covenant | Taliesin Croft (Original Character), Ezra Bridger & Kanan Jarrus & CT-7567 | Rex, C1-10P | Chopper & Kanan Jarrus & Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios & Hera Syndulla & Sabine Wren, Alexsandr Kallus & Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios, Seventh Sister (Star Wars) & Ezra Bridger, Seventh Sister (Star Wars) & Alexsandr Kallus, Seventh Sister (Star Wars) & Kanan Jarrus, Seventh Sister (Star Wars) & Fifth Brother (Star Wars). Biographical information Purge Troopers | Sith Eternal | AD-W4 | Light[3] Full Name “Your daughter is on the verge of becoming an enemy of the Empire. /Name /F1 Tiber Saxon �c�#'��G�(��Lf"��^�^�|eᢅW._Q9�jUՖ�[�i���"���A���cժ��U��ݞ���́k��~4z)*��t�Ns��UU���u ����d������E���}y��#��,�\��V�n�;VI��p�B�b�Hv���W��iwY�*��.�<>gP��L��ɎkD�����[�n�]YkН:���B�&������se(�#�<>�0�����3��a-U���TEi�! The attack failed to kill Ursa and Tristan Wren, who had narrowly avoided the weapon's area of effect thanks to a warning from Sabine, who had recognized the weapon's sound over the comms.[3]. Elite Praetorian Guards | Graxol Kelvyyn | 5o7[{,��D!e)����¬m�Lh���D�a.��B��%� MQg)�/vW�k'ǻ�=��DZ��x������x��bFPj��e�^l�W[�W��a���X�a/�A#V�L!�)���� �B�LT4�p��<>�K�����_��1%՘���j�lo���B��n�WN�=�S�U��_�Ύ�X�Ý%S���^L=�S [3], Tiber Saxon was voiced by Tobias Menzies in Star Wars Rebels: Heroes of Mandalore.[3]. As they try to find a world far from the reach of the Empire where they can part ways safely, complications arise, and old wounds are reopened. Tiber Saxon[2] Avenge his brother’s murder.Finish the development of Duchess weapon and use it against Clan Wren and their allies, Force Mandalore and its people to "evolve" with the Empire and retain his power (all failed). Consumables 1 BBY,[10] Mandalore[2] Taron Malicos, Hutt Clan Screenshots. History Talk (0) Share. Cornelius Evazan | Boba Fett | The Grand Admiral was impressed with its power, but knew that Tiber had been trying to hide its flaws, namely that the weapon only had a very short range. Instead of exiling her daughter, Ursa Wren reaches out to the Rebellion to rescue her daughter from the Academy. Sun Face | Tiber Saxon was a Mandalorian male who served as the governor of Mandalore following the death of his brother, Viceroy Gar Saxon. [Read notes at the beginning of each chapter for trigger warnings. Product line As a sign of this, he wore Jumptrooper armor, made of plastoid, instead of the Imperial Super Commando armor his brother wore, made of the traditional beskar alloy. Though he successfully subdued Wren, she tricked him by rewiring the weapon's core to target Stormtrooper armor instead of Mandalorian. endobj Bala-Tik | Mandalore /I1 9 0 R Cad Bane | Saxon became popular for his ruthlessness and his idea that the Mandalorian culture had to evolve (extinct) in order to fit with the current times. Governor of Mandalore (Formerly) Ren | >> ] Tiber Saxon pushes the edge on Sabine Wren and her weapon creation. An Imperial I-class Star Destroyer was owned by Tiber Saxon, Governor of Mandalore, and was based outside the capital city of Sundari during a mission to Mandalore undertaken by Clan Wren, Clan Kryze, and several members of the Rebel Alliance to destroy the Duchess, an arc generator that was contained within the AT-DP Arc Cannon Prototype. [/PDF /Text /ImageC ] Carise Sindian | Grand Admiral Thrawn orders Saxon to apprehend Sabine Wren to complete the Arc Pulse Generator.

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