level 1.

Play the Alchemist on the left side and use the ability on the Rivian Sapper.

This page contains walkthrough information for Story Quests and Side Quests for Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales.

Use Meve to trigger allies' Loyal abilities 100 times. You'll probably get this at the same time as Was That Supposed To Hurt? Welcome to Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales! Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales video walkthrough by luke1618. In Mahakam, you will witness the preparations for his execution and must intervene on his behalf. Lots of prior experience – worked with idiots my whole life. ): Mahakam units.

Win a non-puzzle battle without losing any of your own units. This is great!

And I don't wanna play the game again until i know how to get all the achievements. Also not killed the Dragon, and Rayla massacred a bunch of young dwarfs. I managed to get (Spoiler Alert): - NG Soldiers(Gheso Footman + Gheso Arbalest): When saving them from Monsters (Map 2, they will fight at your side at the beginning of the battle, thats when you know its the right one). Hopefully its not bugged. You spelled Aldersberg wrong (forgot a "r") in the stage 6 title and map legend. Complete the first chapter. This will help you get through the game in case you get stuck. The ones stated above require you doing the right choice in certain situations. Play the Alchemist on the left side and boost the Rivian Onager. Intervene on Barnabas Beckenbauer's behalf and save him from being thrown down a ravine in a barrel.

See the final scenes in the Epilogue. I will update the post every once in a while. All PowerPyx Trophy Guides & Achievement Guides. Complete the main story line for Mahakam. Collect 10 trinket cards. Create a "Reynard" unit and add it to your forces.

If you have played any of the previous Witcher games, this one takes place before The Witcher 2. ), In order: Long Sword (Starter); War Hammer (Lyria, defeat the grave hag); Rivian Broadsword (Lyria, After defeating Gascon); Flail (Aedirn, attack hawker in the western part of the map); Ornamental Sword (Aedirn: After defeating Falbeson.

I'll be more than happy to adjust things. Complete the second chapter.

lot's of videos showing all the golden chests, so I could easily add that on the ones that require such an action! Story related, cannot be missed.

Thanks to everyone that contributed!

Finished TB but was looking for a clear guide to get the last few trophies. will let you know if I found something.

Welcome to Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales! If former is the case, we could try to research that by getting him maximum satisfied. The rest of the achievements are somewhat doable if you just don't run through the map without doing any side activity, which means that you at least have to actively hunt for these. Recruit Barnabas Beckenbauer into your army. Find 15 treasure maps.

This will unlock upon leaving the town of Hawkesburn and traveling south past the first puzzle.

The second battle in the second chapter is a good opportunity to unlock this. but still have one missing: Arms collector. Maybe he also gives you soldiers which you can recruit to finish the one big happy family achievement. It expands the world of the Witcher by having you take on the role of Meve, deposed Queen of Lyria and Rivia, and tells the tale of her victory over the invading Nilfgaardians. So I really upset the dwarf elder and he said he will thus only give me the minimum amount he can spare, being: mahakam shield bearer, volunteer corps, mahakam mangler, each unit twice. Automatically awarded as part of the story. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Find every chest and this achievement should pop. This is an overview of every guide by PowerPyx. So that's in a while. A lot of the achievements seem to be bugged. Automatically awarded as part of the story. Automatically awarded as part of the story. Character units are the uniques like Reynard and Gascon.

Thronebreaker offers 39 trophies/achievements and as a fellow 100&-type-of-guy I'd like to assemble a list of all of them. If you don't want to play through the whole game again, just reload your save in Rivia and replay this part on easiest if you've gotten every chest before. Dang that i messed up. now I saved Beckenbauer and stood with Gabor. Pray at 10 shrines. Trigger allied units' loyal abilities 100 times. Alright, so as my fellow replyers mentioned, you probably have to have each non-"standard"-card, meaning any card that you won't get naturally through keeping gascon and reynard (or tent-upgrade for that matter). Win a non-Puzzle Battle with less than 10 damage taken in total. Note that this trophy can be bugged since the game randomly fails to credit you with opening chests. I saved every nilfgaardians except when it was a NPC-interaction-decision (so no ?, or storyteller mission -- I doubt one can miss out on cards here, so there probably won't be more.

Nilfgaard soldiers, dwarves, pirates etc.. Maybe i just missed one.

Automatically awarded as part of the story.

Turned out to be unnecessary), anyone got any idea what "one big happy family" achievement refers to? I'm not sure if it does keep one from each chapter or not, or just the chapter you are currently on. Gotta check that one out, for sure. Gascon units are the ones in the right hand side of the skill trees in the Workshop upgrades and the left hand side of the Training Grounds ones. But the numbers depend on his satisfaction level. I have no idea what is meant by a "spymaster letter" and neither does the Internet. MISSABLE There is a total of 10 in Lyria, 9 in Aedirn, 8 in Mahakam, 9 in Angren, and 9 in Rivia. I highly appreciate feedback, so feel free to do so!

I was trying to 100% in my second playthrough so this came out just in time, Let me know if you encounter any problems! This is a card game based off of the game GWENT, which is a famous card game in The Witcher series. Side Mission: Aedirn-Found in a bandit fort in the northwest of the map. Recruit Isbel of Tretogor into your army. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. At this stage, they ought to summon Nekkers--4-strength units that summon copies of themselves. Find the CDPR estate in Rivia. Thank you! Use Meve to trigger allies' Loyal abilities 100 times, Win a non-Puzzle Battle with less than 10 damage taken in total, Win a non-Puzzle Battle without any of your units being killed, Own at least one copy of each non-Reynard, non-Gascon unit, Craft every neutral unit. Goes away if you don't (!) Complete the fifth chapter.

but the game forces you shortly afterwards in mahakam.

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