Isbel also stayed in Rivia, I was merciful to Nilfgaardians almost every time. NG setters would be hated by native Lyrians and be a liability in future wars with NG. 2.Do not forgive-is killed opening the gate. In my ending Willem died in prison, Gascon was buried with military honors, smoothed tensions between humans and nonhumans, in nilfgaard Mavu called bloodthirsty, Reynard became more than a counselor (probably a lover). Dark brown Add new page. Appearance(s) But again it's a bit annoying that not mean all satellites say in the final. Im still angry about that. Arnjolf (the name maybe are incorrect): Dunno, he survived with my company. Eventually the Lyrians and dwarves were able to mortally wound Keltullis, forcing her to flee off, howling in pain. Drag Images here or Browse from your computer. Sorry there replay dreary, I would like to do the quests because of which Ryle and Eyck piled up okay in the quest Eyck can be a dragon to kill and do not care, it was no use, I thought it will arrive there schscham will distribute, but hell. Wasn't a big loss, though. :/. the moulderwood was what bummed me out, i felt like i was picking between two equally horrible choices everytime. That's what the replays I have reached. By the way, I spent 62 hours in TB. I killed the hell out of all the Scoia'tael, but built a tomb for their leader. Born around 1207 in the mountainous gnomish enclave of Tir Tochair, Barnabas was a son of a blacksmithand a washerwoman. As he lied wounded a bear came by to finish him, though with the final breath the dwarf swore Barnabas he regretted nothing. You get that same ideia when you rescue some "Nilfgaardian" soldiers (they call themselves as not-Nilfgaardians), they become some usefull cards to your deck, and don't betray you. It turned out Keltuillis was a female dragon, as revealed by Ferenc dwarves coming in and smashing her eggs. Turned out they'd joined the Scoiatael. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales ... Two will take its place. Apparently the two of them to bring to the finals is impossible. Apparently you can keep both (and even Isbel) if you just avoid some side quests. Appearance(s) Gabor becomes one of your advisors at the end if you don't tell the truth to Brouver and you act kindly to elder races. I remember feeling this was stupid and actually the better choice, but whatever. Black Rayla left after the swamp. I think they're probably a great match. Zero gameplay consequences, but I just realized I'd created a situation where in the short term, Rivian refugees returning home were likely to be murdered by Nilfgaardian settlers desperate to keep their new property, and in the long term I'd essentially just recreated the Irish Troubles. The story campaign takes at least 30 hours, and at the end of the game you expect a total of 20 interchanges. The end screen told me the Nilfgaardians respected and admired me as a commander. Angered by the dwarves smashing her eggs, and not being hit with enough poison to kill, Keltillus flew to the nearest town. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit dedicated to Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. Gabor - it can stay in Mahakama. 3.Arrest dies in prison. This is the outcome I am most regretful of. Unnamed fatherUnnamed mother After NGs atrocities, sending them away is a small evil in comparison, and more important serves a purpose unlike NGs mass killings. In the end I got "iron hand" ending for Meve and nonhumans came back but lived in fear (I guess cause I didn't bargain with Eldain?). I drove Riley, why did Isbell to the finals. For me, Villem died, Gascon and Reynard lived, and the nilfgaardians live in fear of meve, and non-humans arent safe. Don't really regret my choices, except for whatever choice prevented me from unlocking the premium Ozzrel card! Isbel also stayed in Rivia, I was merciful to Nilfgaardians almost every time. Personal Information He has the three birds on his cloak and it's coming from Zerrikania. Their fate in the finals to learn from the conversation with them in the tent. Barnabas: I let him administrate a city in Rivia, Eyck of Denesle: He left after I spared the dragon, Gabor: I told the truth to Brouver Hoog, and he had his head cut off. I thought he was pirmarily manipulated by Caldwell and deserved significantly less blame for the NG invasion, and it seemed like Meve was a bit of a dick to him because he didn't fit her idea of what a Prince should be. He left, however, after accidentally setting the castle on fire. I was merciless with Villem but didn't try to arrest him at the meeting - he ended up dying a hero betraying the Nilfgaardians to help me capture a castle. Hair color I'm currently in my second playthrough and this time I'm going to try to recruit and keep every single character to the end. Male A curious person with an itch to uncover all sorts of mysteries hidden in the world, Barnabas visited Nazair twice, went to Kovir, Metinna, as well as distant lands of Korath desert and Zerrikania. Hoog was very angry with meve and sent meve a strongly worded letter letting me know how angry he was. 1.Decided to send to open the gate, dies(if you do NOT forgive Son Prins Willem V, the Gascon survives). Isbell � if you stay until the final, Mewa offers is to become an Advisor in the Palace, she agrees, if allowed to go barefoot. Great minds think alike I suppose :), Though you forgot Xavier: Dirt dead (that bastard!). 1 Biography 2 Associated Quests 3 Gallery 4 References 5 External Links For nearly a century, Keltullis fought with the dwarves of the Ferenc Clan of Mahakam, resulting in the dragon becoming weary of fighting and the dwarves realising she wasn't leaving. If not will offer to continue the service and the video will not appear. Once he was visited by a wealthy widow who, missing her husband, was tormented by unfulfilled desires. I brought her to mahakam as well but she did no such thing in my playthrough. Don't really regret it, his card is not that great. Register Start a Wiki. I knew I was being hard on them during the playthrough, but prioritzed the morale of my army over the fate of my enemy. I lost Gabor because I was honest with Hoog about discovering the Zigrins were responsible for the massacre of the other clan - he gets decapitated. Born around 1207 in the mountainous gnomish enclave of Tir Tochair, Barnabas was a son of a blacksmith and a washerwoman. I trusted Rayla too much, I drove Eyck away, and poor Gabor :( but other than that I was very happy with my choices and ending. Keltullis Sacrificed Gascon to open the gate, he got a lord's funeral. 1.Decided to send to open the gate, dies(if you do NOT forgive Son Prins Willem V, Reynard survives). Sort by: I. INCREDIBLE100500 28.12.19. Barnabas was with me to the end. Gascon buried in family tomb. Basic Information Willem became the receiver of Mevy and she helps, the Gascon had given the estate, but then dumped with a bow in an unknown direction, Reynard disappeared, opening the gate, the humans were equal, like, right.

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