Now it’s Benedict’s turn. I can certainly understand their fails better now. The accepted reason is that he was unable to cope with the tsunami of church problems owing to the frailties of his advanced age. That edifice is at once intellectually rigid and formally rickety. And it is being seen by millions who have not set foot in a church in decades. When they argue semantics and swat at each other’s metaphors — Bergoglio says he wants to break down walls; Benedict replies that “a house needs walls” — what is at stake is the future of the church itself. I did not expect to like The Two Popes. If a lemming looked up and broke stride, would this questioning of regimented “continuity” be an act of hatred toward its neighbors??? All rights reserved. To the screenwriter’s credit, Hopkins’ Benedict XVI does mention Bergoglio’s aid to victims of the junta. Despite its factual flaws, for many viewers who are among the 6.3 billion non-Catholics in the world, The Two Popes will be a touching film about the positive impact of faith, the power of friendship, and the need for unity, be it in the Church or in our increasingly atomized societies. An intimate story of one of the most dramatic transitions of … I’m someone who can barely stand to hear the attacks on Pope Francis. Did anyone else catch the river and the riverbed conversation which Bl. However, that was not what followed. What is clear is that the two men, who may be brothers in Christ, are not friends. In spite of terrible scandals always remember that the Church founded by Christ is always pure and holy.The Church is not just full of evil abusers; look at all the saints! The military government extended its campaign against Marxist-Che terrorists to wider, liberal segments of the population. To maintain second-hand opinions without forming one’s own from the easily accessible source material is lazy. Agree with Carl and Barbara and implore Ruth to remember that Jesus is Truly Present body, blood, soul and divinity in the Eucharist. The real Benedict plays Mozart sonatas, but the film has him vamping a bit of improvised jazz (a skill Anthony Hopkins enjoys in real life). Jonathan Pryce (as the future Pope Francis) and Anthony Hopkins (as the outgoing Pope Benedict) star in a study of faith, friendship and power. Benedict by all accounts is watchful and alert, the former professor to his fingertips, and a touch effeminate. It gave me the insight into the lives of Catholic priests. Is it possible to speak unofficially and in a morally ambiguous way toward society in general (“who am I to judge?”), while at the same time to later act officially and more narrowly to simply restrict entrance of the most deeply afflicted into seminaries? Sad, that Lewis or Benedict didn’t have a greater influence on him in real life (But who am I too…oh never mind). (1928-2019), Here is a good example of what happens when people try to make too much of such a remark: This scene shows how countercultural – and brave – becoming a priest is. The Two Popes serves in places as a refreshing antidote to this widespread hostility. “It is better for eight innocent men to suffer than for millions to lose their faith.” was referenced in the movie, a statement from a lawyer in Maciel’s defense. They then receive reinforcement of that truth by attending a ‘serious’ Hollywood movie that ‘spins’ recent poorly reported events targeting the Church. We are asked to believe that Cardinal Bergoglio, when approaching 75 years of age, met Pope Benedict at Castel Gandolfo at the papal summer palace in the fall of 2012. Your article was valuable because today one notices, even in comments after articles, what seems to be an unchristian attitude, almost rising to the level of rage and hatred. As pope, Benedict ordered a visitation of the Legion of Christ and disciplined Maciel, ordering him to a life of penance in solitude. A gripping two-hander showcasing the prowess of two great British actors, the movie takes the buddy movie to unfamiliar, spiritual heights. The Argentinean cardinal is as shocked as the whole world was on February 11, 2013 and insists that he not do this. After Bergoglio confesses, Benedict XVI asks his future successor for the sacrament of penance. Highly appreciated. Edit Report This. From the awards race to the box office, with everything in between: get the entertainment industry's must-read newsletter. I could tell from the trailer that this movie seriously stereotypes BXVI. Think of the vast majority of priests who try be good priests. Benedict is a voice of authority and tradition. Enough of this stereotyping and name-calling. Click here to sign up for our newsletter. We are clearly meant to infer that Benedict covered up the crimes of a major clerical abuser, and an outraged Bergoglio berates Benedict for his shocking failure. Once again, Anthony Hopkins proves that he is one of the great thespians of our time. This biographical excursion is hardly irrelevant — it clarifies Bergoglio’s political views, and also his fallibility — but the information could have been conveyed in a less literal manner. He chats amiably with gardeners and chauffeurs, dances the tango and is a passionate soccer fan. And never lose Hope. But not quite. Of course, lukewarm ” Catholics ” will see the film and swallow all if its goal; namely, as many have expressed it, to portray Benedict as the bad Pope and Francis as the good Pope. Marcial Maciel Degollado, founder of the order of priests known as Legionaries of Christ, was a serial pedophile, favored by Pope John Paul II when Benedict, as Cardinal Ratzinger, was head of the theological orthodoxy department in the Vatican. But is this entirely plausible? Experiencing an existential crisis, Bergoglio asks God for a sign. Netflix’s The Two Popes movie imagines a series of meetings between the previous and current Pope, but in doing so, The Two Popes true story can be skewed. It’s free and you can watch it at home. Archbishop Bergoglio turned 75 in December 2011. When he tells one of the patrons that the pope sends his blessings, Bergoglio’s interlocutor calls the bishop of Rome a “Nazi.” “No,” says the archbishop sadly. This sequence hews much more closely to reality than the rest of the film, but its mix of actual hand-held news footage and dramatized reconstruction serves to lull the audience into a sense of unwarranted credibility in the wider narrative. The Two Popes serves in places as a refreshing antidote to this widespread hostility. However, the impression the uninformed reader could get from watching this lengthy scene is that Pope Francis has bloody skeletons in his closet. Filip Mazurczak For example, Francis’ famous “Who am I to judge?” comment stunned the world, but it did not mean a changing of Catholic doctrine or practice; Francis signed a document reaffirming the Church’s ban on admitting men with deep-seated homosexual tendencies to seminaries. The pope does not have to accept the resignation. At an artistic level, The Two Popes is a fine film; it will probably receive many well-deserved Oscar nominations. It is an outstanding movie. Yet, given that 1.2 billion people on the planet believe that popes are God’s representatives on earth, the story, in these stormy times for Catholics, has an interest beyond its entertainment value. Read good and holy books. Toronto film festival 2019 First look review Toronto film festival Pope Benedict XVI Pope Francis Festivals Catholicism Yes, he opened an investigation in 2004 but he had been in a position to review allegations since the early 80s. Rated PG-13. I am wary of seeing the Church through the lens of secular political categories like liberalism and conservatism, which have existed for a mere two hundred years, whereas the Church has been around for ten times that number. Amalia’s parents forbade her to see him again. It’s sad that people will be scandalized about so little and judge without watching the movie. If you value the news and views Catholic World Report provides, please consider donating to support our efforts. He founded the Legion of Christ order and Regnum Christi lay movement, both of which attracted many young people to the life of the Church. Both popes inspire me, albeit in different ways.

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