After he leaves he scene of the crime, Jamie goes to Eli’s karate class to retrieve the 10-year-old and bring him back to Grandpa’s house. But Jamie has clearly underestimates his adversary – Ambrose shoots him in the abdomen, fatally, and seems stunned at his own actions.
Having fled Sonya’s house, Jamie spends some time hiding in the woods before heading home to say goodbye to his wife and heading back to Ambrose’s house, alerting the detective to Eli’s current location. After the authorities arrive, a guilt-ridden Ambrose contemplates turning himself in for killing Jamie. “If it’s not me, it’ll be someone else coming back at you over, and over, and ov—” That’s when Ambrose pulls the trigger, and fires a fatal gunshot into Jamie’s abdomen. Jamie's fateful games of chance in The Sinner Season 3 were inevitably going to lead to either his own death or …
“Do it!” yells Ambrose.

"The vulnerability that he hides so assiduously is now in full view, making way for the possibility of an authentic connection with Sonya." CBS' NCIS, Blue Bloods and Others Get Shorter Seasons Amid COVID Delays, CBS' NCIS, Blue Bloods and Others Get Shorter Seasons Amid COVID…, First Black Batwoman's New Batsuit Revealed — 'It's Her Style, Her…, Wendy Williams Says 'I'm Not Perfect' After Bizarre On-Air Behavior…. “There are only four answers there,” Jamie explains. But Simonds says he has ideas for where Ambrose's story could go from here. How do I fulfill its purpose? This time round, Ambrose has a new mystery to solve – as he investigates a car crash that turns out to be more sinister and complicated than the open and shut case it had originally seemed to be. He has him sit Eli facing the window with noise-cancelling headphones on, then hands him another fortune teller. News, photos, videos and full episode guide. Already have an account with us? Launch Gallery. He continues to taunt him. After Jamie kills Morris, he makes sure to leave one last paper fortune teller in the captain’s jacket pocket, in an envelope marked for Ambrose. Season 3’s mind games culminate in a truly sickening turn of events. Ambrose hits him over the head with a rock and runs back inside, where a final battle ultimately ensues — this one of the mind. reserved.PMC Entertainment, Cable TV Scorecard: Renewals, Cancellations and Premiere Dates. ... Ambrose looks into Jamie and Nick's relationship before the crash. The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial! He attempts to kill the detective there, but he’s unsuccessful. “You play the game right now, or he’s dead! So far, we know that Jamie's … He calls Jamie’s bluff. He gets up from the table and brandishes a large knife. “You keep on trying to prove yourself, going to the edge, over and over—”. What did you think of The Sinner Season 3? "It definitely feels like you're not doing a comic strip sequel. “He’s 10 years old.

Ambrose shows up – armed and ready for battle – and discovers Eli, but not before he is ambushed by Jamie, who proceeds to steal his gun and forces him inside where he proposes a game: he has a fortune teller with four answers, three of which say Eli lives and the other of which signals his death. He begins to whimper, then asks Ambrose to take his hand. Both of them are stunned. You’ll be alone and no one will ever understand you, ever! The gun goes off and the detective gets shot in the arm. Ever!”, Jamie starts shaking. And the season culminated in an epic showdown in the final episode, with the detective coming face to face with Jamie Burns, played to terrifying effect by Matt Bomer. The third season of the crime thriller ended with a chilling showdown between Ambrose and Jamie. You can unsubscribe at any time. Ambrose recognized Jamie's dark side — or "shadow side," as Pullman refers to it and Pullman sees Ambrose killing Jamie as "killing his own shadow self."

You can’t outrun this,” he says. Ambrose calls for an ambulance and talks to the dying Jamie, who admonishes him for shooting as opposed to calling for backup and in his final moments attempts to tell himself that he’s not a bad man. He then tells Eli to make a run for it, before anything else happens. We then watch as a terrified Jamie grapples with his imminent death and places blame on Ambrose. Even though Jamie had so fervently believed he could fearlessly face death due to his games of jumping off bridges and burying himself alive with his college pal Nick (Chris Messina), Ambrose saw firsthand that wasn't the case. Ryan Schwartz / Towards the end of the season, Ambrose finds the dead body of Morris – who has just been killed by Jamie – and discovers a note that had been left in the corpse’s pocket by the killer indicating that Morris was just the first of many intended victims. Other names that aren’t crossed out are Sonya, Melanie and Eli. At this point Jamie begins to taunt the detective and the pair exchange barbs, after which Jamie points his gun at Eli’s head. He points his weapon towards Ambrose, then towards himself.

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