Playmaker admitted he could not give up, either, but Ai ordered him to stop smiling and become serious, like he always was. Later, when Varis approached Playmaker and his allies to team up, Playmaker showed little to no hesitation in teaming up with the Varis, despite them initially being sworn, enemies. The trio promised to meet up and went in different directions.[41]. Suddenly, Kolter's program activated, as the latter saw everyone's progress, and sent the link to Varis' allies. Varis used his "Shelrokket", "Metalrokket" and "Miniborrel Dragon" to Link Summon another Link-4 monster, "Borrelguard Dragonf". They accidentally dropped their cards, and quickly collected them. Taking on defense, Playmaker's "Link Cancel" returned "Decode Talker" to his Extra Deck and summoned its Link Materials, "Protocol Gardna" and "Link Spider". Specter counted on that, since he merely wished to fulfill Varis' goal. Ai still wondered if Bohman was the guy that could have done this thing, but Playmaker reminded he did say he evolved quickly. Yusaku and Ai brace themselves for their final Duel. After Blue Angel is defeated, Spectre shows Playmaker Blue Angel's remaining data. Varis smirked, for he was able to attack from then on. Varis began to hack into their systems, prompting Yusaku to rush outside and see Varis flying overhead. Kolter and Yusaku failed to find the project's goal, but most shockingly, they discovered Dr. Kogami died seven years ago. Yusaku was a kind and cheerful child who loved and enjoyed dueling. He Summoned "Decode Talker" and attacked "Holly Angel" with it, but the attack failed and "Decode Talker" was destroyed instead. The former welcomed them, and thanked them for coming. Cyberse Magician: The only one to not be a Dragon-themed Extra Deck monster, instead being a Spellcaster-themed Main Deck monster. Yusaku stated Duelists were also treated as tools, and walked away. Ai was intrigued, and showed that he just made a new program for Playmaker. In fact, by scanning the network, Varis believed they could find his hideout. Yusaku nodded, and went into LINK VRAINS with Theodore. Thus, Yusaku reluctantly had to accept that Gore was no longer his ally and is now a dangerous enemy. He doesn't want anyone's life in harm's way because of his actions. Ai praised Playmaker for avoiding defeat. After capturing Ai and unlocking the "Storm Access" Skill, he can obtain new Link Monsters when his LP are 1000 or below during a Speed Duel when a Data Storm is near. Ai claimed they were just getting started, so Specter let his opponent do whatever they wanted. Yusaku explained he didn't get to meet her in person, but Ai told him that Aqua and the rest passed their powers onto him to defeat Bohman. By removing the final counter from "Link Turret" to revive "Anesthrokket Dragon", Varis performed a fifth Link Summon. Ai noted that copies could not defeat them, but they surved their purpose of stalling them. Gore asked how to stop the tower, and was told Varis had to be defeated. Ai was glad the monster was summoned, though Varis simply smiled. Ai admitted he never thought the Ignis would have to fight each other. Varis promised to destroy Ai, who was feeling unpleasant. Bohman went into the Data Storm, his arm starting to crack, as he pulled out a monster. He wore blue pants, brown boots, and didn't have pink accents on his light blue bangs yet. However, upon being informed of his mistake by Varis, Akira reluctantly freed Playmaker and was surprised that Playmaker didn't hate him for what he did. Ai cheered for Yusaku for coming here. Varis' dragon's effect was triggered to destroy all Main Monster Zone monsters, but Playmaker played "Shield Handler" to stop Varis' dragon's destructive effect from occurring. Playmaker Special Summoned "Scan Doll", and paid 1000 LP to use "Protocol" on "Silquitos". Sending three cards, up to the number of Link Markers of Link Monsters used as material, Playmaker boosted the dragon's ATK by 3000, up to 5500. Due to that, Bohman was all alone, and he had no heart to guide others into the future. Ai was sad that Yusaku said that, but reminded he set the place so nobody could leave. The knight and Unnamed saw it is over, since Unknown used all of his monsters to Link Summon. [47], Playmaker continued watching the Duel, noting Varis's tactics of destroying "rokket" monsters to destroy Gore's monsters. When Yusaku attempted to leave, Naoki offered to teach him how to Duel. At that time, a flashback showed that Yusaku indeed cared about Roboppy as more than just a house cleaning robot. Ai became angry that Bohman used the powers of Ignis to his advantage as tools. Kolter was shocked that Unknown was so young, and explained he was investigating the Lost Incident, for his brother had been a victim of that project. [120], Ai remarked that his heart broke when he lost his Ignis friends, and even witnessed that Roboppy had been looking down on humans the moment he gained free will. The kid did so, stating he believed in Playmaker. Akira flipped "Tindangle Angel", reviving "Tindangle Hound" in face-down position, and forced Playmaker to end the Battle Phase. [103], To stop Bohman, Playmaker resolved himself to win this Duel. The two went to Kolter's truck, and the outside world amazed Roboppy, who never was out of Yusaku's house. Instead of conducting a Link Summon, Bohman sent his "Property Flash" to Link Summon a monster, equal to the number of counters that card had. Ai nevertheless questioned if it was worth to reduce the damage by tributing that general. Kolter wondered if Yusaku would really go and Duel her, since she could've set another trap. He was pleased whenever he saw the robot, who enjoyed doing the chores to please his "master". Ai cheered for Playmaker's ingenious move, and the Gore even praised Playmaker, for he drew two monsters, whose ATK summed up to 4400 ("Dinowrestler Pankratops" and "Capoeiraptor").[85]. Yusaku logged into the new LINK VRAINS as Playmaker, and rode a new D-Board Kolter made for him, surprising everyone in the cyberspace with his arrival. Flame exclaimed those two incidents were linked, since they both used the same Link Spell, "Judgment Arrows", to attack Cyberse World and fight off Playmaker and Soulburner. Bohman started off with a "Hydradrive Booster", and Link Summoned "Grand Hydradrive". Ai noted that they won. "Shootingcode Talker" shot out Bohman's "Hydradrive" monsters, dropping Bohman's LP to 0. Theodore could not imagine what future Bohman had seen, while Yusaku stated that despite AI and humans having lives, they were very much different. Ai admitted that they also knew Varis' identity, which surprised Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal. As a result, Yusaku holds hatred against the Knights of Hanoi and swears vengeance against them for ruining his life and others who were victimized by the incident. The Gore drew two cards for negating this Skill, and stated to Playmaker the Duel was over. Kolter thought Yusaku's new life would start soon, too, and went to get him something to eat. However, the Gore used "Dino Sense" to negate Playmaker's card and banish it, as well as taking 900 LP damage. Smiling, Bohman promised to defeat Playmaker if he would return, and walked away.

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