Which is why it's such a raw, brilliant piece of filmmaking. Every brutal image, every nightmarish waking moment, every emotion, we're there with her. Nick is also a member of the Internet Film Critics Society and the Washington, D.C. Area Film Critics Association. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures, Press J to jump to the feed. I'm not exaggerating. In the process of making an incredibly worthwhile historical statement that definitely needs to be said, Jennifer Kent lost sight of the structural function of this character. Hawkins tries to abandon Eddie, but when Eddie begs for a second chance, Hawkins shoots and kills him. As far as Kent’s eye for visuals and feeling goes, I have no qualms. Lake County Film Festival Film Spotlight: Monuments, directed by Jack C. Newell. But over time, Kent lost interest in acting, and made her way into the directing world. This is maybe the darkest, most uncompromising, unforgiving, punishing film I've ever experienced. Alternate Ending was formed when three friends realized they all shared a passion for movies. The entire film is one long nightmare. I wanted to throw my thoughts online while they're still fresh. The Nightingale is a 2018 Australian Western film written, directed, and co-produced by Jennifer Kent. I won’t beat around the bush: The Nightingale is shockingly brutal and upsetting. She actually does the opposite by making it as repugnant as possible. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures, Press J to jump to the feed. Later, when Clare and Mangana stumble upon Jago, whom Mangana assumes is her husband, Clare corners Jago and repeatedly stabs and beats him to death. Kent’s follow-up, "The Nightingale," is a completely different sort of film, with its own kind of horrors, different horrors, that of the ravages of colonialism, its violence, rape and murder. The first act is unquestionably powerful and worthwhile, but the film then falls into a lull from which it never gets out of. Tim Brayton, our seasoned film critic, shares a more critical view of film, an appreciation for vintage cinema and perhaps limited-release movies that we might otherwise miss. Directed by Jennifer Kent. Support your favorite podcast through leaving a rating or review - it goes such a long way in helping them grow! I agree. But for now, this entire piece of The Nightingale rang false. Afterward, Hawkins makes unwanted advances on her and Clare manages to rebuff them. This is a place for people who can't get to the theater until the third week a film is out; a place for people who just want to find something great to stream online after the kids have gone to sleep, a place for people whose favorite pastime is to grab a bunch of classic films on DVD from the library and watch them all weekend. It almost feels as if the movie knows this, so it tosses in a few nightmare sequences which are essentially non sequiturs. How did you think the colonial themes were bungled? I like this interpretation a lot. Hawkins, enraged by her request, proceeds to assault and rape her. It'd be easy to slip into exploitative territory, but it never doesi, entire subject matter being the suffering of the convicts and the indigenous natives. Facing the men, Hawkins holds Lowanna hostage, then kills her in cold blood distracting the men. Awesome. It is, to be clear, unusually well-constructed misery porn, and my admiration for Kent's ability to reach through the camera and manipulate the viewer exactly the way she wants them to be manipulated is entirely undimmed. She enlists the help of an Aboriginal tracker named Billy (Ganambarr) along the way, but they’ll have to reconcile their own differences before Clare can settle everything with Hawkins once and for all. A current young professional in the Richmond, Virginia area, Nick founded MovieBabble in October of 2016 when he was a bored college student with nothing else to do. By the time the credits rolled, I had a splitting headache. It seemed to clearly be a choice not to do that. There’s always one or two films that come out of the festival circuit with many reports of viewers fainting, getting sick, or even walk out of the theater in pure disgust, and I think it’s safe to say that The Nightingale is 2019’s version of such a film. The Nightingale was the only film directed by a woman to be included in the festival’s main competition. After Clare and Mangana find Charlie's body, Mangana performs burial rites and informs Clare that now he too, seeks vengeance. If you can stomach it, I'd highly recommend it. The entire film is one long nightmare. Art house audiences will struggle to sit through it but if you’re in the right headspace it deserves your time. Mangana considers abandoning a now-desperate Clare, but after he learns the true story behind her desire to get revenge on the soldiers, he decides to stay. Anyway. The lives of two sisters living in France are torn apart at the onset of World War II. [20], The Nightingale received heavy criticism following its initial screenings at the Sydney Film Festival, where approximately 30 film-goers walked out of the theater[21] in disgust due to its extreme depictions of rape and murder. Follow MovieBabble on Twitter @MovieBabble_ and Nick @nkush42. I got the distinct impression that this was a choice on the filmmaker's part, but I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. I still have wet nightmares about that movie. The two then flee town for the night, but Mangana dons war paint, enters the hostel where Hawkins and Ruse are lodged, and kills them both, but not before Ruse horribly wounds Mangana. Rating: Magnificent. Seriously, it’s rough. Not sure if that meant she was killed by townspeople or what. It sets up the movie perfectly with one of the most painful-to-watch scenes of recent memory. Had she become disturbed by the violence he did, now that she had put it behind her, and didn't feel she could get close to him while he was still in that place? I don’t really see what difference it makes whether she followed him or not, probably just letting him die at peace. "Men tell stories. It's beginning to cause quite the stir here in Australia with heaps of people walking out during screenings, audience members yelling abuse at the screen. Clare tracks down her tormentor with the help of an Aboriginal tracker ending in a horrifying showdown. [22], At the 2018 Venice film festival, an Italian film critic shouted a sexist comment when Kent’s name appeared in the credits. The Nightingale is Suitably Brutal. It’s an easy get-out, to anoint a movie “a hard watch”, but Jennifer Kent’s period revenge thriller The Nightingale is just that.. I watched it and feel like I got a lot from it, but I wished I had a Xanax. With Aisling Franciosi, Michael Sheasby, Maya Christie, Addison Christie. I went in with no other information beyond this being a follow up to The Babadook, a horror film about a menaced, powerless child but really about loneliness and grief.. 212. It's about Claire, an Irish convict, who chases a British soldier through the rugged Tasmanian wilderness, bent on revenge for a terrible act of violence he committed against her family. It's never sensationalized, but it is relentless and it is unflinching. I'm not exaggerating. [5][6][7] Set in 1825 in the penal colony of Van Diemen's Land (present-day Tasmania), the film follows a young female convict seeking revenge for a terrible act of violence committed against her family. Hawkins takes a liking to one of the convicts, a child named Eddie, and Ruse kidnaps a woman named Lowanna to be used as a sex slave. [9], Due to the brutality of the film’s scenes, psychologists were brought on set to support the actors. Wedding. [11][12] The film was selected to be screened in the main competition section of the 75th Venice International Film Festival,[13][14][15] and had its Australian premiere at the 2018 Adelaide Film Festival. I’ve been thinking about this piece of the movie for a while now. (She even had a small part in Babe: Pig in the City.). Clare and Mangana flee the commotion and arrive at a beach where Mangana dances and declares himself a free man, while Clare sings a panegyric Gaelic folk song as the two watch the sun rise. Talk about making an indie that audiences just will not want to see. This isn't a site for people who just want to talk about the latest hot new movies in theaters right this minute. ‘Trollhunter’ 10 Years On, ‘The Binding’ Is the Perfect Example of Almost Everything that Can Go Wrong in a Horror Movie, ‘Yes, God, Yes’ is a Thoughtful and Often Hilarious Interrogation of Blind Faith. I thought it was a symbol of separation...he had his own experience as a native, and she was basically a foreigner. No nookie for me that night! Most people would agree that there was a serious attempt made by The Nightingale to comment on the violence of past generations, with a clear on eye on highlighting the horrors that Aboriginal people incurred years ago due to colonization. Or, was she so overcome by the grief of seeing him near death that she didn't want to be too close when he actually died, having seen death up close and not wanting to again? I doubt it'll get a wide enough release to be rated by Cinemascore. All I will add is that I do not believe this film sparks any conversation on its subject matter, and the audience who would benefit from learning more about the attrocities done to the indigenous and women will not see this film. It's a site about discovering good movies... one bad movie at a time. I thought she surely would have gone to him as he seemed to be dying, but she doesn't. There isn't a single frame, a single scene that isn't in some way harrowing, brutal or intense beyond measure. There isn't a single frame, a single scene that isn't in some way harrowing, brutal or intense beyond measure. The film premiered at the 75th Venice International Film Festival on 6 September 2018, and was theatrically released in Australia on 29 August 2019, by Transmission Films. Posted by 1 year ago. I was super excited for this film. For us it was a shadow war. And what's more it pales in the face of better movies that cover similar subjects. Maybe I’m missing something — or there are some deeper complexities to this discussion that I’m brushing over — but Billy essentially acts as a Deus Ex Machina for Clare over and over again, to the point where his omniscience overtakes Clare’s emotional arc.

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