Ben overhears Keith threatening to take full custody, and tells Keith he doesn't want to live with him. He also mentions the tree house being very unsafe to Beth. The story also back tracks to Logan witnessing Keith taking the pictures and Logan taking the camera, destroying the disk, and slashing the tires of Keith's cruiser. The crazy train derailed at Watership Down on drugs and I should’ve stopped there because I half read/half skimmed the rest of it because it wasn’t making sense to me anymore. Cordelia is the midst of a whirlwind romance with celebrity pilot Max Darby. It takes place alternately between 1993-2018, set in Colombia and sometimes the U.S. The first story lulled me into a sense of security and I really enjoyed it. Firstly, it’s completely unrealistic for May, who MENTIONS having a therapist and even briefly considers asking for an emergency session, never to see this therapist throughout the entire novel, given that it spans over several weeks. The cover of Julianne Pachico’s The Lucky Ones calls the book “a tense and haunting jigsaw puzzle of a novel.” A jigsaw analogy is appropriate, but I think describing The Lucky Ones as “a literary synecdoche” is even more accurate. I’ve learned a lot about Columbia in this time period that I didn’t previously know about which is good. (Green Day actually have made a song about this called ‘Bang Bang’ and it first drew my attention to this issue, since I didn’t even know it was one to begin with). Lucy is a bisexual queen. Instead of wanting to be with Ben, Keith wants to be out looking for Logan to make him pay for what he did. The writing is strong, specific, and often dreamlike without ever being confusing. It was this combination of things that I assume led to the image. In my mind’s eye, I saw a marine staring at a photograph as if drawing strength from the image. Aka: Addy. As we read we recognize a name from a past story, or a situation told. It felt… a little too forced and a little too tidy. How does one stay safe, sane and whole? An extraordinary, propulsive novel, We Were the Lucky Ones demonstrates how in the face of the twentieth century’s darkest moment, the human spirit can endure and even thrive. His best friend, Victor, seems to have an explanation for his good fortune: the photograph, his lucky charm. I finished this but only because I had invested so much time in it already. I would recommend any of her books in this series, or in the Luxe series. Two reasons. I freely admit to loving this trend of connecting stories to tell a whole. The tenseness and very different reactions to the shooting in both Zach’s and May’s family are all logical, understandable and never generalised; especially the general lack of communication rang true to me. All deal with the time of the Columbian drug wars, taking place either in that country or NYC. I was pretty much over the book at that point. This was something I originally couldn’t really put into words, but then I saw ‘a little too tidy’ in another review and I knew that that was what bothered me throughout. I don't feel like the characters got the endings they deserved. And lost. The story I found most intriguing is the final one, set in 2013, a woman and her boyfriend are finally ready to go back to Colombia and see what remains. The book is somewhere between a novel and short stories -- what you read are non-chronological episodes in a set of characters' lives, as the focus changes and other characters fall into the background. He and Beth begin a passionate love affair, but the secret of the photo soon threatens to tear them apart, and by continued interference in their lives by Beth's ex-husband, the town's Sheriff and son of town's most eminent person and businessman—destroying not only their deep and true passionate, romantic love but also their very lives. When a book is described as "drug fueled" I think of something fast paced with wild mood shifts. In Stock. Logan suggests to Beth that Keith has been the reason why none of her relationships have lasted and tells her about the break-in he had had in his home. I gave it 5 stories but I don't want to invest anymore. I usually read quite cerebral stuff, so this was meant to be a bit of late-night escapism, but even then it didn't reach the mark. Perhaps the innocent were the most afflicted of all? by Jillian Larkin, another adventure set in the Roaring Twenties! On the surface it deals with the horrific times in Colombia when FARC, paramilitary groups, splinter groups and the military itself are creating havoc and terror for the residents of the country.

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