And no, a type IV ultimate ensemble theory of everything platonic multiverse with all possible and impossible mathematical configurations is still only aleph one infinity tops, and a higher infinite set renders all of this stuff irrelevant. of creating any entity in the Warp that wouldn't just be quickly gobbled up by some random daemon. He also embodies aspects of Malal with his status as a divine being who is a proponent of atheism and his habit of consuming Warp energy along with his status as the outsider of the group. Warhammer 40k Chaos Gods Respect Thread Thread starter Hykuu; Start date Sep 15, 2018; 1; 2; Next. Chaos can be meaningfully held back by a galactic scale polity. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. That tering system is one of the worst out there, and while I don't know how long you've been here I'd assume you were aware with the numerous objections the likes of myself, It was with the C'tan IIRC; he said that it was due to some 23-dimensional tech which was indestructable, So as to prevent the standard bout of people talking past each other for several pages, I would suggest that participating parties clarify. Four Gods of Law were said to exist, though only three were named. In the ever-changing Realm of Chaos, source of all magic, the Dark Gods rule supreme. Of these, Cthulhu Mythos doesn't need dimensional tiering to stay at the tier it is, and is strong regardless of dimensional wank, and Tenchi Muyo and I/O are only multiversal+ or so, Flatland doesn't use higher infinities for its dimensions and just simple geometric dimensions, and Golovachov is sci-fi word salad having profiles made from obscure users based off poor translations of the weebiest most incomprehensible Russian novels I have seen. DOOMHammer 40k . Witch Hunters primarily worship him and he empowers them against the Chaos Gods. The Chaos God can reclaim the independence it has given to its daemon children at any time, thus ensuring their loyalty. From the boundaries of reality, the major Chaos Gods, also known as the Dark Gods or the Ruinous Powers, look upon the Mortal Realms with covetous eyes. Author's Notes: Still pondering on the whole harem rewrite idea thingy. Yet true to their nature, the dark brothers saw the anarchy as an opportunity to fulfil their own agendas: to kill, to change, to pollute, to bathe in excess. When someone tells me that something is 3 dimensional, then next thing that I ask is “in which notion”? Next Last. The SCP Foundation’s classifications are based on containment, not danger or power - at least, not on power directly. Note, however, that Be'lakor is only a Daemon Prince, whereas Malal was a true Chaos God. ), pg. There is also the fact that if we are to take the statements given in your citations in the face value, like you do seem to do with this whole “warp exist beyond creation, and creation supposedly ( stated to be not certain even in the posted by you citation ) contains infinite dimensions ( whatever this is supposed to precisely mean ), which means that warp encompass a larger/more complex structure”, then we can as well take the statement, from your own citations nonetheless, that the Warp is a single if a little bit exotic universe, existing parallel to the WH main one, in the same fashion: It is a dimension parallel to our own, a universe devoid of consistency and unbound by the laws of time and space, a random, unstructured panorama of pure energy and unfocused consciousness. coming from a Daemon is never a good sign) because it makes his schemes boring, and this was in a Warhammer 40,000 novel regardless. He's basically The Punisher in god-form, relentlessly pursuing and destroying any creatures of disorder or those who commit heinous crimes. They were referenced later in the "Apocrypha Now" supplement, and … Anyways, here's the second chapter. Or maybe it is a Heisenberg group with 2n + 1 dimensionality, or maybe this is some strange vector space. Relentless and unstoppable, all of their incomprehensible energies are directed to collapsing reason and perverting order. Location Unknown, Time Unknown *Shlick! VSB and AFC assuming Higher Dimensions = Higher Infinities comes from Cthulhu Mythos, Tenchi Muyo, Flatland, and expect some obscure shit like Golovachov and I/O. However the canonicity of this is dubious as there was a very distinct disconnect between Black Library and army book canon illustrated particularly well in the End Times event. The latest mention of Alluminas comes from Total War: Warhammer, where Light Wizards sometimes call on him for power when casting spells. We've got light, discipline, and retribution. Multiversal Chaos means Chaos has access to a multiverse in which they play their great game, and that they can influence things across the multiverse in some way. Depending on the source they range from treating this concept as a god outright, to viewing it as naturally a part of nature, to being ardent atheists in general, but their collective belief in the concept is implied to have indeed created a godly entity. For example, the set of all possible topologies on a continuum would be already larger with 2^2^2^aleph_zero elements ( pairwise non-homeomorphic topologies ), which would correspond to that many possible shapes of “universes” with continuous space time. 9. In the Black Library novels for Archaon published in 2014, Be'lakor informs Archaon that they never existed giving them their first mention in the modern Warhammer era. He apparently has a raging rageboner for his sisterwife Arianka, similar to but less violent than Khorne's rageboner for his sistotherival Slaanesh. The Gods of Law, sometimes referred to as the Chaos Gods of Law (Chaos in the sense of being made out of the magical element of "physics and logic can go fuck themselves" like the Chaos (AKA destruction)-aligned Chaos Gods), are three (or more) Gods who were created in the first edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Putting aside the use of a heavily flowery language, such as something containing all that is thought to be lies and truths for the man of the imperium from 40k, as some sort of bizarre evidence for the warp to be a type IV multiverse. Or I can be nice and think of this as a Euclidean manifold – flat space. Her sword Laihtendrung was also made of Laihtero. Solkan is the warrior god of Law, and thus would be Khorne's polar opposite. 4,532 takers. Solkan, Arianka, and Alluminas seem to parallel Khorne, Tzeentch, and Nurgle but Slaanesh never had an opposite. Also, wouldn't this make the Downstreamers, who created a type IV multiverse, orders of infinity stronger than the Time Lords? Daemons have no physical presence within the Warp. Interestingly, multiple theories suggests that if the Emperor were to die, he would instead transform into a literal Chaos God of Order which would create a stalemate or defeat the Chaos Gods once and for all and save humanity at the same time, although this may come into conflict within certain other theories of his demise.

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