Case is in ok condition for age, with shelf wear from being stored, has part of the back torn away. Soon after, the firm signed on another stop-motion series, Gary and Mike, for UPN. This time, Knight had leverage to be a controlling shareholder. Despite winning a combined three Emmy Awards, Vinton’s two hopes for the future had both been cut short. The film was a hit: with a total budget of $60 million, it grossed $124.6, and was nominated for an Academy Award. Vinton had to think bigger. Like the clay, he shrunk under fire, but came out more colorful than before. There were LA-type agents and executives brought it, contracts that were really deep -- money was spent on things that weren’t adding any real value. Farnath, Vinton Studios’ new CEO, approached Phil Knight “with his tail between his legs,” and asked the businessman to put in more money -- just a few years after Knight had put up $5 million. The clay raisins became an overnight sensation. At the same time, Vinton became infatuated with the organic, free-flowing work of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí, and began pursuing a degree in architecture. And finally, when Chilly failed to generate an inkling of interest from record companies, his father courted a deal with MCA, using his connections in the entertainment industry. I started looking for a way out; I wasn’t happy anymore.”. By 1974, Will Vinton's clay animation had became both widespread and enormously popular, and he was the hottest commodity on the market for big brands looking to distinguish themselves. To work around this, they made him inebriated. Zachary Crockett, writing for Priceonomics: On a rainy autumn afternoon in 2002, Will Vinton sat alone in a board room, reviewing his severance package. The team followed this success with ParaNorman in 2012, which grossed $107.2 million on the same budget. “If I’m gonna put my money into a hemorrhaging company, I’m gonna own it,” Knight told Farnath. Will Vinton, once the king of clay, had been dethroned. Then, as quickly as it was once rejected, the film went on to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short...and it won. Learn how to create content marketing that performs. Not only was it the first stop-motion film to ever win in that category, but it claimed Portland’s first ever Oscar. "I didn’t think the downside would be as big as it was." His desk, now barren, had once displayed the emblems of a storied career: an Oscar, six prime-time Emmys, a slew of Clios and innumerable other honors. Marrying Vinton’s editing skills and Gardiner’s sculpting prowess, the two created Culture Shock, which toyed with the use of clay as a viable animation medium.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.