For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Through the animated series, it is learned that Kronk comes from a family of athletic health and fitness advocates. David Spade, 56 Emperor Kuzco. She's served the royal family for many years... a lot of years... how old is this lady, anyway? Yzma also appears in the direct-to-DVD sequel Kronk's New Groove. During the first half of the film, she sells sewer sludge to the old people, telling them that it is a youth potion, but once Kronk finds out her potion is a fake, the old people chase her down, where she uses a potion to transform herself into a rabbit, to prevent them from attacking her. Two old men who always play checkers. Kuzco then comes up with a plan to get Yatta rehired. First appeared in Clash of the Families. She is also a straight-A student, which is apparently a requirement for the cheerleading squad (which is a twist to most stereotypical "airheaded" cheerleaders). She often also uses Kuzco's crush to get him to do the right thing. Kuzco is jealous of him and tricks him into drinking Yzma's laryngitis potion, so he can be the star of the show. Tipo's friend at Kuzco Academy. | As a result of the events of the original film, Kuzco and Pacha share an attachment as both friends and surrogate father and son. Made one appearance in Oops, All Doodles. Not really an emperor, but he is still admired by Curi, Cuxi, and Cuca for being a Full Varsity Decathlon Champion. He is capable of incredible superhuman athletics, such as running from a school to his house and back in mere seconds, and climbing a mountain (while having a seat tied to his body with Yzma riding atop). Throughout the film, Kuzco learns the meaning of friendship and generosity. The concept of her formulating a nonsensical plan before settling on an easier-to-pull-off idea (always a potion) would later be used as a running gag on the series.[2]. Krank has voice role and was replaced by Kuzco because of his broken ankle and could not compete in the Familympics. He spends most of his time just admiring himself at the expense of pretty much everyone. John Norton (additional story material by), Krank has voice role and was replaced by Kuzco because of his broken ankle and could not compete in the Familympics. In one scene he disguises himself as "Pachita", Kronk's mother-in-law. The film producers have stated that she is a complicated thinker; an example given with her original plan to kill Emperor Kuzco. The following are fictional characters from Disney's 2000 animated film The Emperor's New Groove, its direct-to-video sequel Kronk's New Groove, and the spin-off television series The Emperor's New School. Made one appearance in Evil and Eviler. Made one appearance in Gold Fool's. A running gag throughout the show is that Yzma is often referred to as, and mistaken for, a dinosaur (a reference to the first movie, in which Kuzco states that she is "living proof that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth"). Although Kuzco thought he was really Yzma and also thought she wanted to do something to his yearbook picture. Possibly the remaining Shuaka left.   |  He is shown as a sympathetic character through Yzma's mistreatment of him and his ability to 'speak Squirrel'. He is Yzma's henchman and also Kuzco's classmate and close friend. In addition, Kronk is implied to be Jewish; in the film Kronk's New Groove, he fantasizes about marrying Miss Birdwell in a Jewish ceremony, complete with him stepping on a glass. They failed to make him lose a chance to pass Kuzclub week and are taken by a condor at the end of the episode alongside Yzma. He was a character added during the production process that completely revamped the story. Malina is a cheerleader and the school council president who also is very smart. Though he frequently helps Yzma with her schemes, he just as often helps Kuzco out of them. The two head to the "secret lab"—which apparently everybody already knows about—to concoct a plan to harm Kuzco. The theme song describes Kuzco as an icon in "Mesoamerican history". However, Yzma eventually tricks him into helping her with a fake 'youth potion' to con money out of elderly villagers. Twice she has kicked "Principal Amzy" out of her own office. An emperor exterminator Yzma hired to get rid of Kuzco. Rodger Bumpass, 68 ... John Fiedler (1925-2005) Rudy. Cheerleaders of Kuzco Academy and also good friends with Malina. In "Oops, All Doodles", it is revealed that Malina's doodles are drawn in a super deformed anime-style. He develops a love interest, named Birdwell, and his father, Papi (voiced by John Mahoney) is introduced. In "Come Fly With Me," while Kuzco was spying on Malina, she does admit that she has feelings for him, but his personality annoys her at times and is why she helps him to change. 2. 78 min Kuzco is initially portrayed as a selfish, callous and spoiled brat, but has a sense of charm and style. Kronk turns on her: he drops a chandelier on her, but she's so skinny that her body passes perfectly through the middle. ENTER CITY, STATE OR ZIP CODE GO. The plan involved her turning him into a flea, putting him in a box, putting that box into another box and then mailing that box to herself only to smash it with a hammer. Unfortunately, thanks to Kronk's potion mix-up, Kuzco instead turns into a llama. Emperor Kuzco is turned into a llama by his ex-administrator Yzma, and must now regain his throne with the help of Pacha, the gentle llama herder. Birdwell is the troop captain of her "Chippers" and the Love Interest of Kronk in the sequel. Introduced in Kronk's New Groove, Papi is Kronk's father, and while he can be a very harsh, overly strict individual, he does have a more benevolent side too. With David Spade, John Goodman, Eartha Kitt, Patrick Warburton.

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