As the lead male character, he is known for his complicated love life. Her quick reflexes contribute to her being picked by Derek Shepherd to receive lessons in the neurosurgical field. Percy is shot by Gary Clark in the Season 6 finale and, despite Miranda Bailey's efforts to save him, he dies. Following some initial back-and-forth, Megan reconciles with Riggs, whom she was engaged to before being kidnapped, and the two move to California with Megan's adopted son, Farouk, to start their lives anew. Nevertheless, the two begin seeing each other after hooking up during the wind storm, and Nico encourages Schmitt to finally stand up to his mother and move out. Pierce is a surgical intern of Alex Karev, who considers giving him to George O'Malley just because Alex hates how his name sounds.

She decides to learn more about her past and finds her birth mother, who reveals that Jo was born as a result of rape. On the contrary, she had a cruel childhood and has had to work very hard in order to get through life and become a doctor. A surgical intern of Cristina Yang, who considers giving him to George O'Malley, Ryan Spalding first appears in the episode "Life During Wartime" and is subsequently named "4.2". Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 release date and cast latest: When is it... Grey’s Anatomy suspends production over coronavirus. An intern on Season 9, Heather Brooks briefly sleeps with Alex Karev, who is having sex with intern after intern at the time. Arizona works with her as a fellow to specialise in Fetal Surgery. All images are used with permission or licensed. Atticus Lincoln, who goes by Link, is introduced in Season 15 as the new Chief of Orthopedic Surgery. Alex gives her.
Although he only appeared in the first five episodes of the fourteenth season, Martin Henderson was still billed as a member of the main cast in those five episodes. Like Meredith, he lost his spouse and is now raising children as a single father. In Season 16, Jo is promoted to Attending General Surgeon, and she and Alex divorce after he leaves Seattle for good. However, he remarried and when they ended up back at S… Some time after their divorce, he met Susan Grey, married her, and had two daughters (Lexie Grey and Molly Grey.) Though Owen and Teddy get engaged, Teddy soon after begins sleeping with Koracick behind Owen's back. He is left on his own in an OR, while the others go to get help. After performing a successful surgery on her, Koracick stays to take cover her cases until she recovers. Nicole Herman is introduced as the Head of Fetal Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Introduced in Season 15, Nico Kim is an orthopedic fellow working under Atticus Lincoln. In Season 16, he learns that Amelia is pregnant, and they decide to raise the baby together. Amelia operates and, despite some complications, successfully removes Herman's tumor.

10 years later, Megan is found and brought to Grey Sloan at the beginning of Season 14, where she is operated on by Meredith using a surgery that later wins Meredith a Catherine Fox Award. Jo has trust issues with Alex, as she believes he could physically hurt her, but she forgives him once she discovers that Alex had tracked down her ex-husband, Paul, but didn't beat him up. Megan is Owen Hunt's sister, who worked with him, Teddy Altman, and Nathan Riggs as a surgeon to the army. Sydney is in the running to become chief resident, but loses to Callie Torres, who is later replaced by Bailey.
Do you think Nicole and Azan will ever get married? Nurse Tyler is one of the members of the nursing staff at Seattle Grace. After pursuing Meredith Grey as a love interest, he eventually starts dating Amelia Shepherd towards the end of the season following her break up with Owen Hunt. She is set to move in with her boyfriend, but they get in a physical fight in which he becomes severely injured. They start dating but have relationship issues in Season 12 when she turns down Alex's marriage proposal. During this time, it is revealed he had a son who passed away, which he tells April Kepner. She becomes good friends with another intern, Levi Schmitt, and is often involved in his embarrassing actions. She seems to be attracted to Alex Karev and has a one-night stand with Mark Sloan. She puts her career as doctor on the line in a risky bid to get her fiancé, Denny Duquette, a new heart by cutting his. After she's found, Derek and Shane Ross operate and manage to evacuate her. The character goes on to be the protagonist of, Co-Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Attending Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Maggie Pierce enters at the end of the Season 10 as the new Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery. Who is your crush on 90 Day Fiance? In Season 14, Herman returns to the hospital in fear that her tumor has returned, but it turns out just to be a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid. She was once married to, Attending General Surgeon, Former Surgical Innovation Fellow, Former Chief Resident, Grey Sloan Shareholder. She shares with, Chief of Neurosurgery, Attending Neurosurgeon, Mark Sloan, Chief of Plastic Surgery, attended, Former Chief of Orthopedic Surgery, Attending, Callie Torres, an orthopedic surgeon, is introduced as an orthopedic surgical resident. Show gets new time slot, Who wins Big Brother All-Stars 2020? That same season, she also learns that Teddy and Owen are expecting a baby and condemns them for not being together. In Season 16, it is revealed that Levi was the one who accidentally turned Meredith in for insurance fraud, which ostracizes him from his peers.

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