Henry Ford’s manufacturing method of mass production and invention of the assembly line resulted in the prosperity and growth of the automobile in the 1920s. Unlike in the aftermath of World War II, the United States did little to try to rebuild Europe. activities previously enjoyed only by men. It’s a need for our society today without it people wouldn’t be able to see family, get to work and much more, I think the transportation technology was the most important. 8. 3. Controversy proved to be very prominent with the Scopes Trial (Scopes). 1. Everyday medical scientists and researchers are conducting research and testing new procedures to help prevent, diagnose, and cure diseases as well as developing new drugs and medicines that can lessen symptoms and treat illnesses. Even wonder why the 1920`s in Canada were called the “roaring twenties”? This helped for the explanation of our cities and communities with new roads being put in place which brought more people to our towns as well as making living further away possible for people living in the city. The roaring twenties was a very impacting time period in Canada, the First World War had just ended, and everything was beginning to get back to normal. Politics, social conditions and economics separated the two decades, as there were huge transitions made in these categories from the 1920’s to the end of the 1930’s. the 1920s prosperity, women were furthering their education and participating in "The Christie Pits riot was an anti Semitic riot during the Great Depression ...", "In 1993 the Liberals were returned to power, the Conservatives were fragmented and ...", "yes i think Canada still needs to be a part of NORAD AND ...", "Yes, I think Canada should be a member of both NORAD and NATO ...", Powered by WordPress & Theme by Anders Norén. I believe the most significant technology to Canada was transportation technology. I also think that transportation technology was significant because it allowed you to get places faster, like instead of going from Toronto to Hamilton on horse, which took a long time, by car it went way faster. With this technology, in the 1920’s the life expectancy bumped up from 49 to 52. Insulin was invented to help people who have diabetes, it doesn’t cure diabetes, but it helps them live more comfortably. Americans were introduced to new fashion styles, the prohibition and the Jazz Age (Fashion, Jazz). 7. In my opinion the most imortant technology was the telephone/redio. This caused a period of innovators, with the consumers demanding new, automotive industry began in 1904 with Henry Ford’s establishment of the Ford Motor Company in Canada, Ltd. Canada later became the world’s second largest vehicle producer and a major exporter of automobiles and auto parts, between 1918 and 1923. During this time, we started targeting youth and maternal health to prevent infectious diseases. The 1920s was a time of celebration, but also risk. Canada couldn’t compete with the Americans, so they set up branch plants The products were still "Made in Canada" so the companies could avoid paying taxes/tariffs at the border (Legare, 2017). They no longer had to wait for letters to arrive to make decisions, letters that might even get lost in other mail, or be stolen and read by others. 5. b) Was Canada justified in it's internment of Japanese Canadians? The Roaring Twenties started in North America and spread to Europe as the effects of World War I diminished. King was a conciliator who, become involved until 1917. How have "New Canadians" helped to build Canada? This technology helped doctors and scientists to discover more about illnesses and human bodies. To this day things created in the 1920s are still used today from things as minimal as Q-tips and bandaids to something as significant as insulin, which is still used to make diabetes manageable. This was good for personal use and opened up a lot of opertunites for businesses. In 1921, doctors found out how to treat diabetes. In 1920 science and health was “conquering diseases that had killed people just a few years earlier” which had a huge impact on the Canadian population by allowing them to live longer, healthier lives, thanks to the revolution of health and science industry. There were events in the 1920’s that changed Canada forever. Were women’s rights and roles in the 1920s a product of continuity or change? Health technology was definetely not as advanced and accurate as we know it now. Women began to demand equal rights as the wealth of these nations doubled. Does the Battle of Vimy Ridge overshadow other examples of Canadian sacrifice and accomplishment from WW1. This was a time of dramatic social and economic change. People were just learning the importance of a healthy diet and health and science were “conquering diseases that had killed people just a few years earlier”. Nonetheless, the historical journey was not entirely negative, rather, there were some very memorable experiences during the 1900s in specific; one of them being the Roaring 20s, in which countries’ economies boomed, and people were now able to afford items they normally would not be able to. In fact, the life expectancy for a twenty year old woman was 49 years old, but by the 1930’s it increased to 52 years old. We have countless medications, procedures and treatments for patients with diseases or sicknesses. This lead to the development of our cities and helped shape them into what we are today, Your email address will not be published. In 1920 science and health was “conquering diseases that killed people years earlier,” people were also just becoming aware of what a healthy diet is. What was so difficult about the Great Depression? 2. 6. Was Trench life merely a matter of surviving? Immigration & Diversity (including 1920s). How did Canadian society change after World War II? Canada's prosperity and technological advancements after World War I led to the production of many items that What did it even mean by “roaring”? 4. experienced a boom and many workers had more money for luxuries. Our doctors and scientists are researching and conducting clinical trials to discover ways to help diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases or medical conditions. Were we becoming a "Just Society" by the 1970s? 5. Overall the revolution of the health and science industry in the 1920’s thanks to the technological advances during the world war, has saved countless lives and will continue to do so in the years to come. The number of inventions made in this decade is a testimony to the effort of scientists and inventors of that era. Later on phones went international and immigrants that had moved to Canada years prior were able to finally hear the voices of their families and friends. Should we apologize for the past? After World War I, American society changed greatly. How?! Agriculture continued to expand for a few more years but would recede in scale and relative importance in subsequent decades. Johnson and Johnson, the company Dickson worked for, mass produced his Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. How do you end a war this big? Be sure to include as much historical detail as possible to support your answer. Instead, it took an increasingly isolationist stance (Answers, 2006). Understanding PTSD and Methods of Treatment, Jonestown Massacre: Mass Murder Suicide in Guyana, Pet Overpopulation: Cause and Effect of Homeless Pets, Tennyson's Ulysses as a Victorian Role Model. With the help of health science a wemon was now estimated to live up until 52 years of age. How did Residential Schools impact Native Canadians? Foreign investors gained confidence in Canada and as a result new industries were developed, The twenties really did 'roar' and with this boom of change Canada underwent the transformation that was the gateway to the future. As the war came to a close, the Roaring Twenties made its way into America. Did the Cold War change Canada for the better? By the end of the 20th century, the change was summed up in a statement of the Canada Year Book: “In 1941 some 3.3 million people, then 27% of Canada’s population, lived on a farm. The 1920s were a time of crime corruption and extreme poverty, yet by mid era difficult conditions began to improve. Besides creating new products, inventors also put in consistent efforts to better the existing technology, most notable being the advancement made in the field of automobile engine. more towards independence and fun. I think that health and science were the most significant to Canadians in the roaring time because it stopped people from dying because of disease and flu. Could Canada have done more to prevent the atrocities of the Holocaust? I believe that the medical and the technological advances were important because ,without these technologies a lot of people would be sick and more food would be wasted .Two of the biggest problems in our modern world is illness and star inaction .Without refridgerators food would expire faster his causing more waste , but because we them food is able to be kept longer . The roaring twenties, also known as the Jazz Age or the Golden Twenties, was a time of dramatic social changes, lifestyle changes, and changes in culture that took place in the United States, the United Kingdom, and in Canada. Inventions of the 1920s Citations A standard Band-Aid of the 21 Century Invented by Earle Dickson to help with accident prone wife, the invention consisted of a piece of tape with a small gauze in the middle. Does good leadership make a difference for Canada? Some of the many social changes included the women getting their hair cut short, in a bob-like style, by male barbers. The 1920's marked the beginning of U.S Branch plants in Canada. I also think that transportation technology was significant because it allowed you to get places faster,it also let people move farther away from there work because it was way easier to get to places and do it spread out where people live so the cities weren’t so crowded.That is why I think that transportation technology was the most significant in the “roaring” 20’s. Was Stephen Harper the worst Prime Minister in Canada's History? In Canada, an important, Roaring Twenties Essay The women also began to wear shorter skirts, as, Introductory Paragraph: The 1920s were years of political controversy and defying social. Was Pierre Trudeau the "Greatest" Canadian? With more advanced medicine we have been able to extend people’s lives past 52 Now people are living to their early eighties and nineties thanks to the new more advanced medical field .Had the previous advances not had been made a lot of the medicines ,treatments ,and vaccines would not be around now .If we had not taken these steps the past then out world today would be worlds different . In 1922, there was a treatment discovered for diabetes, injecting insulin was the treatment and it worked very well. 1. You might think 3 years isn’t that much but if u were on ur death bed and you had a year left to live and the doctor sasys we are able to extend your life line by 3 years how would you feel? This would bring about reckless investment, cultural explosion, social upheaval, technological advancement, and more - all to define a new era in Canadian history. (Cause & Consequence). 7. In my opinion, I think health science technology was the most significant to Canadians during this time. 8. In the 1920’s, the Spanish Flu was wide spreading, and dramatically changed Canada’s health care because of the strong impact it had. 2. Coming off of WWI, Canada was in an economic boom during the 1920’s.

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