Kulturhaufhaus Dussmann 23 branches of Kaisers Supermarket now open from 8am until midnight each day except Sunday. Usually not possible in Berlin, since shopping hours are regulated by law. Are there any supermarkets open on Sundays? usually somewhat higher than in normal stores. Video rental shops and internet cafés also stock a small range of items, 8pm; those on major stations are usually open until 10pm. And everything you can buy there is vegan. In some areas you may find small shops that have their very own business hours: the so called Spätverkauf or Späti – which would translate into Late Shop. food? You will find all the traditional groceries you might expect in a supermarket, but on top of that Edeka also tries out the newest trends such as coconut water or kombucha. And even today owners of ‘regular shops’ like department stores and shoe shops still risk losing their license if they open their shop on a regular Sunday. Your email address will not be published. There are two Netto supermarket chains in Berlin that are completely unrelated to each other. 030-863 9192-0). 2. But with the rise of the popularity of healthy foods in bio quality, a lot has happened and only being the cheapest supermarket does not cut it anymore. Lichtenberg is S-Bahn, Train (Regionalbahn), AND U-Bahn (U5), Pingback: Things To Do In Berlin On A Sunday - MON MODE, Pingback: Queerly Nomadic - Grocery Shopping in Berlin. milk, though this will be more expensive than usual. Special night openings may take place occasionally. So if you are buying a lot there it makes sense to calculate if this will save you money in the long run. Fear not: Berlin may not be a 24 hour shopping paradise, but » Berlin Songs times, often into the early hours of the morning. Well it's a strange place, but you can get bottled water here without the tourist prices. Small to Medium-sized Supermarkets in Berlin. But chances are you will at least find everything you might need for a breakfast – or to keep a party going. So basically shops all across Germany are closed on Sundays. But on the other hand they do sell most of the big brands such as Coca Cola, Haribo or Milka. If your budget is a bit tight Aldi is the best place to get cheap groceries in Berlin. It's 9pm on a weekday evening and you need baby sorry, but in Germany / Berlin all shops are closed on 25th and 26th of December – but must restaurants and bare should be open. According to their website they already opened in 1994 their first supermarket in Berlin at a time when nobody even knew what Bio was. It's Sunday and all you have in the kitchen is half a portion of spaghetti If you want to find all supermarkets in Berlin that are open on a Sunday we recommend you jump to the end of this article. Sunday Shopping for Food / Groceries / Supermarkets. After the German “Ladenschlussgesetz” (‘business hours law’) it is normally not allowed to open regular shops on Sundays. You will find practically everything you’ll need in an Edeka, including some international, British and American products. Another exemption applies to Filling Stations / Gas Stations / Service Stations. And in some ‘high profile’ areas, where lots of travelers are expected that might be in need of this and that, shop keepers are even allowed to have their shops open every Sunday. In these areas there are generally a lot of commuters, travelers and tourists expected – so there is a special license for groceries and supermarkets and eventually also other neighboring shops in these areas: Most, if not all Berlin Flea Markets are open on Sundays. see also: The German Health Care System. have small shops with a range of essential goods at premium prices. From Monday to Saturday, you can expect to find shops open until 8 p.m. at least, and many of them close at 9 p.m or even at 10 p.m. One alternative would be to go to your closest Späti (Spätkauf – which are usually open 24/7) and get the basics for double or triple the price. Chinese families have sprung up; these too are open at more useful This is something special even for Berlin standards. To summarize the supermarkets open on Sundays in Berlin are: Once you have taken care off all your grocery shopping we recommed you read about the best restaurants in Berlin. Bakeries (Bäckereien) can open as early as 6am and are generally Open until late Rewe is the perfect place to do your late night shopping when all the other supermarkets are already closed. See also: Berlin’s Late Shops and Kiosks: sunday shopping re-thought. The Rewe chain owns the Pennymarket, Minimal and Rewe stores scattered across Berlin. www.rewe.de. Ben W. Lan December 16, 2014. located in the Friedrichstraße is open until Some are open open on all 365 days of the year – some are even open 24/7. usual opening hours (generally 8am or 9am to between 8pm and 10pm Monday to Saturday). REWE. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bio Company is know for their excellent quality of their meats and cheeses. And best of all you can order at Rewe online and they will deliver all your groceries to your home. Also we want to mention the fact that at Edeka you will also find their own brand called “Gut&Günstig” which is around 20-30% cheaper than comparable products. You will see these supermarkets all over Berlin, varying from small to large. Tegel Airport has a small supermarket which is open every day of the year. Usually you’ll find milk, butter, bread – sometimes even  “freshly baked” bread and buns, cakes and pastries at relatively low prices. open on Sunday mornings, or all day if there's a cafe attached. This way you will be able to differentiate between each other. At least on some Sundays and/or in certain areas. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. and a decrepit tomato. This is due to our long tradition to try to save as much money as possible – which ironically made the owners of Aldi, the most famous German discount supermarket, some of the richest persons in Germany. The German law used to be very strict about the opening hours. Overview of all supermarket chains in Berlin, This website uses cookies. Pricewise there is not much difference between Aldi and Lidl. Cheap approaching cheerful: Edeka. But of course you’ll also find crisps, sausages, frozen pizza, beer, wine – and even sparkling wine, Champagne and spirits like Vodka, Gin, Whiskey and Schnapps. Is your fridge empty again and money is too tight to order delivery food? The smarter alternative would be to check out the supermarkets in Berlin that are open on Sundays. In case you badly need to buy food, groceries or other basic products on a Sunday: there are some supermarkets in certain ‘high profile’ areas, that are allowed to be open on Sundays. » Berlin 101 [Info Pages] Why does it always happen that you run out of toilet paper or groceries on a Sunday night? Edeka is the largest supermarket chain in Germany. Veganz has opened already 3 supermarkets in Berlin. The site is a colour supplement of the week's special offers. Gasoline stations / petrol stations (Tankstellen) often Berlin’s Late Shops and Kiosks: sunday shopping re-thought, www.einkaufsbahnhof.de/berlin-hauptbahnhof/apotheke-s5725, www.einkaufsbahnhof.de/berlin-gesundbrunnen/shoppen/apotheken/…, Things To Do In Berlin On A Sunday - MON MODE, Queerly Nomadic - Grocery Shopping in Berlin, Brunnenstrasse / Invalidenstrasse / TV-Tower, Edeka at  Friedrichstraße U- and S-Bahn station, Kaiser’s at Central Station / Hauptbahnhof, Ullrich at U- und S-Bahn station Zoo / Zoologischer Garten, Edeka at Train and S-Bahn and U-Bahn station Lichtenberg, Edeka at Train and S-Bahn station Südkreuz, Rewe and Penny at Train and S-Bahn station Ostbahnhof, Denn’s Biomarkt at Train and S-Bahn and U-Bahn station Gesundbrunnen. There are a few supermarkets that are open on Sundays in Berlin. On this page I’ll try to give you a broad overview of the different options you have if you want to go shopping on a Sunday.

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