how will the balance 50B come from? Its is a good beginning. Most importantly the internet and phone services need satellites to work with full speed. Why not use half of these money to build good hospitals so that your people would get good treatment in your own country and don't have to request for visas from your enemy country. can be used to effectively monitor country and harness resources. Good luck, folks! Nice to see they have got their priorities right. Why not if you have the infrastructure, money and the will to succeed. No quality hospitals, no jobs plus cost of living and unemployment rate all time high, Energy crisis and load shedding seems like never ending problems and the government is planning to launch an aggressive space programme that costs Rs4.7bn neglecting all the serious problems the common Pakistani people are facing thesedays. It is the need of the hour and China and Russia are very advanced in this field, besides we have very highly qualified scientists locally and abroad. Otherwise the needs of the nation in other areas are far more critical than a 'Space Program'. We are already late and no more delay will severely damage the security of country. The rest of thecosts will be released in subsequent budgets. Half of money will go to pockets of management. Provide proper health facilities on ability to pay basis Space war is already going from last 15 years and no one will be secure without space power so it a do or die domain for PAK. Pakistanis are closer to Indian Hindus than Middle Eastern Muslims. Anyways keep it up!! excellent point I wish with all my heart that it comes true. And end 'dou number' system in a of the above Dear Pakistani friends, for 2017-18 fiscal year the budget allocated to ISRO is Rs. India has done it. This is what you need to do and NOT Nuclear Bombs. Nevertheless, Pakistan must have its own space program to ensure secure communication and imagery both for its civilian and military use. Secondly without any proper real education system best of luck producing talent for the same. Once you push ahead with this project you can reap benefits as well. Ltd. ( for Dawn. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Space programme is not a necessity of a country but a kind of advantage for the benefit of its people. More like give more money to China. Recently we were able to develop that engine and deliver a satellite. In a country spending money on research and development is like making an investment. Now, it is impossible to catch up. Seeing the bloodshed in IOK and peace and harmony in Azad Kashmir, it would be logical and humane for people like you to ask your government to fulfill its promise and let peace prevail in India, Pakistan and most of all Kashmir, IOK. Dear Pakistanis, you first need real scientists and engineers. There may be some failures at times but that does not matter if the project is serious and corruption-free and simply for votes. In 2005, then-President Pervez Musharraf outlined his vision for SUPARCO by laying down a clearly defined agenda for the national space agency to pursue and deliver in minimum time. ISRO is also earning valuable forex. People of Pakistan cannot find quality health care, educational system is failing future generations; lack of clean drinking water and adequate power to keep industry running are some of the immediate concerns of the people of the country right now, not what we can do on Mars in 2050. Thank you Dr Abdus Salam for SUPARCO and thousand of PhD that followed your mission of education Pakistanis sending them abroad on govt funded scholarships. SUPARCO is the abbreviation of the Space and Upper Atmospheric … Language, food and culture is the binding factor; Not the religion. The Space programme 2040 intends to replace the Badr satellite programme and geo-stationary communication satellite. Is this a joke!? Where will this money come from when pakistan is not getting any aid from the usa, and GDP ia not more than 4 percentage. US never helped India’s space program but Russia did. This small step could do wonders. It works towards developing indigenous capabilities in space technology and promoting space applications for socio-economic uplift of the country. Pakistanis are running towards Australia, Europe and Canada as refugees, when they cannot feed their families in Pakistan or educate their kids. Who is going to keep track after election. The decision by Nehru, though criticized in its initial stages is yielding benefits, India is today a reckoned space power...... good decision by Pak Govt. Madarasas don’t produce people with any real skills to contribute to anything. But they have to be allocated funds differently. Provide clean justice to all not based on who you should pay ISRO is India’s Space Research Organization, which has made significant achievements since its formation in 1969.ISRO has already conducted many satellite launch missions and Science and planetary missions. These projects are part of several ongoing and upcoming schemes to develop self-reliance capacity and reduce dependence on foreign satellites, mainly the US and French satellites for civil and military communications. Of the world’s 10 most polluted rivers, eight are in Asia. Each country progresses faster? Given the condition n state in which pakistan is, a good space programme that can counter India is a dream far far fetched...but a good step though...good luck. something is missing in this report, either it is planted or some figures are fudged or its a total lie. Excellent move. Space is the future place for human beings. 2. Common can not find clean water and some are funelling billions into their pockets with space programs. @Humza This allocation is for the cost that will incur next year for the projects mentioned in the report. THEN PUT SATELLITES IN SPACE, @Matta , Being a pakistani living in US for 22 years, i second your opinion. Please don’t spend the money on painting Chinese rockets and sending it into space. Overly ambitious and misplaced priorities. To develop required human resource,first,science and technology education needs to be fixed at secondary, higher secondary, undergraduate and graduate levels! Great move by Pakistan. The main and most important thing to start the space program is that you must have a big numbers of well qualified scientists. This is a complete waster of money. Then, why does USA spends a huge sums of money on space program. It will be waste of money. The main ones at Let's put aside all the shallow differences and work together for strong and stable nations in the region. @Paramesh We made the nukes, so what is this. Pakistan zindabad!! Makes sense if it means local talent will have more employment opportunities... The total cost of PakSat-MM1 is Rs27.57bn and that of the space centres is Rs26.91bn. Politicians at election time and pundits and imams sometimes incite people. @Rohit Dear Indian well wisher, ask yourself this question. The people opposing this kind of leap forward are mixing apples and oranges. All those who have active space programs are sitting in the trillion dollar GDP club. Moon landings. Definitely the craziest thing I have heard this year. Every departments from agriculture to communication need satellites to monitor and executes their projects. What gives the right wing the right to muscle its way to transgress the constitutional limits at will? This will promote scientific temperament. The budget of the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Organisation (Suparco) for the upcoming fiscal year 2018-19 is Rs4.70 billion which includes Rs2.55bn for three new projects. @Falcon1 All national priorities are important and have to be moving on simultaneously. This kind of projects will create lot of jobs for a country. No priority can be allowed to obliterate another priority. @Shahryar Shirazi Respectfully I can only agree partially. Still admire this move. Hopefully, this along with CPEC will eventually enable us to become a great power in the world, and put us in the top table of countries. @Rohit "My dear Pakistani friends, When two Korean states can come together why can't we do the same..let's harness the potential of us coming together. It's nothing but a facade for getting ICBM technology to pakistan from china, Making a new threat to USA after North Korea reconciliation. We all know how our defensive nuclear strength keeping the enemies on check. Knowledge and technology is always good for a country/ society as it leads to new ideas and betterment of the overall people’s quality of life. Do agree with you @Rohit, this is the need of the hour. Standard thinking will not bring about recovery. Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), the national space agency is mandated to conduct R&D in space science, space technology, and their peaceful applications in the country. Love my motherland. @Rohit a lot of what you say is correct,but seems clearly Pakistan has chosen its path and we have chosen our path,it is best for both that we go our own ways. USA has thousands, if not millions of homeless people. Excellent news! 4.7B, Rs 27.57B for MM1 and 26.9B Rs for space center, maths is not right, you have only 4B and you planning to spend Rs 54B+??

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