Various instruments and parts are secured to the gas envelope 10. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken along line I—I in FIG. In order to keep the pressure difference within a predetermined limit, the air vent valve 113 is opened so as to discharge the air from the air compartment 105 and to reduce and adjust the volume of air therein. %PDF-1.4 %���� If the tension on the ship hull 11 becomes excessive, it may break the ship hull 11. 7B each illustrate the inside of a gas envelope of the airship while the airship is still on the ground; FIG. 4A is a vertical cross-sectional view illustrating the coupling between a diaphragm and a suspension chord; FIG. Referring to FIG. Attend our conference on 24 May at 9:30 am on "Stratobus : A near-space high-altitude platform " and meet our experts at the Thales Innovation Lab (L15). 0000005632 00000 n Therefore, it is possible to substantially and smoothly vary the ratio between the volume of the buoyant gas in the buoyant gas compartment 20 and the volume of air in the air compartment 30 so as to allow the airship 1 to stably ascend into the stratosphere and keep a station therein. The adjustment of the volume of air causes a difference between the pressure in the thin film buoyant gas tank 106 and that in the buoyant gas compartment 104. The airship 1 starts ascending by an excessive buoyancy which is equal to the buoyancy provided by the buoyant gas in the buoyant gas compartment 20 and the thin film buoyant gas tank 21 minus the total weight of the airship 1 including the equipment. Moreover, it is possible to increase the size of the gas envelope 10, and thus the size of the entire airship 1. The tension may break the film of the thin film buoyant gas tank 21. 12 are cross-sectional views illustrating the same taken along line V—V, line VI—VI and line VII—VII in FIG. The thin film fairing 49 is coupled along its periphery to the bottom surface of the ship hull 11, and the thin film fairing 49 also provides a function of layering the stream. The present invention relates to an airship, and more particularly to a stratospheric airship having a gas envelope which is divided by a diaphragm into a buoyant gas compartment containing a buoyant gas therein and an air compartment containing air therein. The suspension chords 13 are coupled to the diaphragm 12 generally at their longitudinal midpoints. In the first aspect of the present invention, even if the shape of the diaphragm changes along with the change in the volume ratio between the air contained in the air compartment and the buoyant gas contained in the buoyant gas compartment, a central portion of the diaphragm is coupled to a diaphragm supporting member in a central portion of the gas envelope generally at the midpoint along the vertical dimension of the gas envelope, whereby the central portion of the diaphragm is substantially fixed to a predetermined position, thereby suppressing the sloshing phenomenon. 2. xref INVALID RECORDING, SEE RECORDING AT REEL 011500 FRAME 0033. 7C. Among the breakthrough technologies that makes the Stratobus TM possible: a lightweight, watertight, highly resistant envelope developed by Airstar Aeropace. 0 6 is a cross-sectional view taken along line IV—IV in FIG. 7D each illustrate the inside of the gas envelope 10 of the airship 1 in operation. Moreover, the suspension of the load 109 requires a reinforcing member such as a reinforcing doubler for ensuring a sufficient strength in the lower side faces of the ship hull 102 upon which the load weight W acts, thereby causing an increase in the total weight of the airship. Thus, the power cable is provided via the shortest route, thereby shortening the power cables 14 and reducing the possible power loss therealong and the total weight of the airship as compared to the case of the conventional airship where the power cables 14 are provided along the outer surface of the gas envelope. hø�A�œA�΂%+�0�011N`�mo�H���Ʊ��a�L��h�*L��N�i`b�l�y"�A��:@l ĉB2 {��.

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