(2015), Explaining Extreme Events of 2015 from a Climate Perspective (2009), Fatalities in the United States from Atlantic tropical cyclones: New data and interpretation 93, No. July became the hottest month in records dating to the mid- to late-1800s. HOW REPRESENTATIVE ARE AMS MEMBERSHIP SURVEYS? (2012), The arbitrary definition of the current Atlantic major hurricane landfall drought In March, when Arctic sea ice reached its annual maximum extent, thin, first-year ice comprised ~77% of all ice, compared to about 55% in the 1980s. (2009), Effects of Recent Thermometer Changes in the Cooperative Station Network The annual mean surface air temperature for the Arctic land areas was the second highest in the 120-year record, trailing only 2016, at 3.1°F (1.7°C) above the 1981–2010 average. (2013), State of the climate in 2015 (1995), Investigating the influence of anthropogenic forcing and natural variability on the 2014 Hawaiian hurricane season [in “Explaining Extreme Events of 2014 from a Climate Perspective”] The Antarctic ice sheet continued to lose mass, with the highest rates of loss occurring in West Antarctica and Wilkes Land, East Antarctica. The minimum sea ice extent, reached on the 18 September, tied with 2007 and 2016 for the second smallest extent in the 41-year satellite record. (2007), In tide’s way: Southeast Florida’s September 2015 sunny-day flood [in “Explaining Extreme Events of 2015 from a Climate Perspective”] Upper atmospheric temperature were record or near-record setting. (1997), The U.S. Because thinner, younger ice is more vulnerable to melting out in summer, this shift in sea ice age has contributed to the decreasing trend in minimum ice extent. The globally averaged 2019 sea surface temperature was the second highest on record, surpassed only by the record El Niño year of 2016. (1991), Influence of Choice of Time Period on Global Surface Temperature Trend Estimates Net sea ice extent was below the 1981–2010 average for all days of the year, and January and June each set a new low monthly mean sea ice extent record. (2016), Was the cold eastern US Winter of 2014 due to increased variability? (2010), Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Climate in Medieval Times Revisited (2012), The Nature and Impacts of the July 1999 Heat Wave in the Midwestern United States: Learning from the Lessons of 1995 Powered by VIVO A response to Epstein and McCarthy, The 13RC - Bringing together the most advanced radiative transfer tools for cloudy atmospheres, The BALTEX Bridge Campaign - An integrated approach for a better understanding of clouds, An overview of the International H2O Project (IHOP_2002) and some preliminary highlights, Understanding User Decision Making and the Value of Improved Precipitation Forecasts: Lessons From a Case Study, Supply and demand for atmospheric sciences professionals: A rejoinder to Vali and Anthes, Dynamics and chemistry of marine stratocumulus - Dycoms-II, Supply of and demand for atmospheric sciences professionals, Bad weather? (2007), NOAA's Merged Land–Ocean Surface Temperature Analysis (2009), Waniyetu Wówapi: Native American Records of Weather and Climate (2006), Declining Mountain Snowpack in Western North America (2004), Decadal Prediction Global sea level is rising at an average rate of 1.3 inches (3.2 cm) per decade. Fundamental data on national and international awards provided by Academic Analytics. What Happens when a Weather Balloon Reaches 30,000 m asl? (2018), Will global warming make hurricane forecasting more difficult? (2016), Extreme North America winter storm season of 2013/14: Roles of radiative forcing and the global warming hiatus [in “Explaining Extreme Events of 2014 from a Climate Perspective”]

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