The state salary of a district judge whose county supplement exceeds $18,000, or appellate justice whose county supplement exceeds $9,000, will be reduced by the amount of the excess so that the maximum salary the judge or justice receives from state and county sources is $158,000 (district judge), $163,000 (appellate justice), or $165,500 (appellate chief justice). The Survey of Judicial Salaries, published for over 40 years by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) with the support of state court administrative offices across the United States, serves as the primary record of compensation for state judicial officers and state court administrators. Judges earn an average yearly salary of $136,910. Our purpose is to provide Florida state employee salary figures in the name of transparency for taxpayers. 93% above national average ● Updated in 2019. Around the country, a general jurisdiction trial judge's salary ranges from $125,499 to $208,000. Judges earn an average yearly salary of $136,910. The data sources are the State of Florida People First personnel information system and Florida State Universities, via Florida Has a Right to Know website. The National Center for State Courts provides a salary tracker. How do judge salaries compare to similar careers. The average salary for a judge in the United States is around $136,910 per year. The average salary for a judge is $95,103 per year in the United States. Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments. 93 % above national average Updated in 2019 Since 1988, the salary of magistrate judges is set by the Judicial Conference of the United States, but may not exceed 92 percent of the salary of district court judges. On average, they make more than special agents. How much does a judge make in the United States? Wages typically start from $ 39,110 and go up to $ 204,200 . The average State Courts System salary is $72,351.75. First, Public Law Number 99-500, § 406, provided a three percent cost-of-living adjustment … This estimate is based upon 4240 employees salary information. Florida Salaries provides an easily searchable database of names, classes, and salaries for individuals who have been employed by Florida State agencies and universities. Terms and Conditions of Service. State judicial system salaries State State supreme court; chief justice State supreme court; associate justice Intermediate appellate court; chief judge Intermediate appellate court; judge Alabama court salaries and budgets: $161,000-$201,000: $160,000-$200,000: $160,000-$199,000: $159,000-$199,000 Alaska court salaries and budgets: $205,776: $205,176: $193,836 Circuit Judge: 517: $160,688.05-Clerical Assistant: 1: $22,803.00-Clerk - District Court: 5: … Judges earn 32% more than similar careers in the United States. Contact Us Wages typically start from $39,110 and go up to $204,200. Privacy Policy Average Other Personal Services (OPS) Hourly Rate is -. New York - Judge Salary: $30.95: $64,374: Massachusetts - Judge Salary: $30.66: $63,766: Washington - Judge Salary: $30.44: $63,321: New Hampshire - Judge Salary: $29.84: $62,059: Hawaii - Judge Salary: $29.44: $61,242: Maryland - Judge Salary: $28.41: $59,095: Connecticut - Judge Salary: $28.40: $59,077: Rhode Island - Judge Salary: $28.17: $58,596: Alaska - Judge Salary: $28.14: $58,521

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