The 1st was riddled with time travel sci fi shenanigans while the 2nd was overwrought with exposition but this? It’s not clear in the wide shot who is in this room, but we can use context clues to discern that someone (a member of the Enterprise crew, most likely) is visiting the head honcho of a Federation outpost (note the Starfleet and Federation logos in the foreground). Captain Picard and his crew pursue them to ensure that Zefram Cochrane makes his maiden flight reaching warp speed. What happened to Carol Marcus from Star Trek Into Darkness? Please click the link below to receive your verification email. CBS Entertainment | This site and its contents ® & © 2020 CBS Studios Inc. © 2020 CBS Television Distribution and CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. K/O Paper Products, Free Movies Online: 200 Fresh Movies to Watch Online For Free, 77 Fearless Female Movie Heroes Who Inspire Us, Your Epic Movie Franchise Binge Guide: The Best Way to Watch the Biggest Series, July 26, 2016 Only a rebellious alien warrior can help them reunite and leave the planet to stop this deadly menace from beginning a possible galactic war. What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. We know that Star Trek Beyond will pick up a few years into the ship’s famous five-year mission, so we’ll be dealing with crew who have been exploring the galaxy for some time. Use the HTML below. Sneaky Shark, Star Trek: Lower Decks - "Exocomp Arrival", Star Trek: Lower Decks — No Small Parts Easter Eggs, Star Trek: Lower Decks - Get Your Trek On, WATCH: Star Trek: Prodigy Beams Down to NYCC, PREVIEW: The Star Trek Universe Arrives at NYCC, Star Trek: Lower Decks - U.S.S. |, July 14, 2020 His friendship with Spock only makes sense because he’s also close with McCoy. The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. This moment actually. Your password must include at least 8 characters with a combination of upper/lower case, number and symbol. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. A repeat of this and the franchise may be branded as lazy, or not "Star Trek" enough. |, July 22, 2016 Here is the Enterprise, sliding into the space dock of some kind of station. Bad Robot, Coming Soon. The Enterprise is diverted to the Romulan homeworld Romulus, supposedly because they want to negotiate a peace treaty. I would even say they don't click together like the original cast. PG-13 (Violence|Sequences of Sci-Fi Action), adventure, Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy. | Rating: B+ We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. An admirably modest, more character-driven Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond foregrounds its characters and emotions over grandstanding action sequences - most of the time, anyway. I found this movie to be very entertaining. Cinemark We know that Star Trek Beyond will pick up a few years into the ship’s famous five-year mission, so we’ll be dealing with crew who have been exploring the galaxy for some time. too long, too confusing, too unbelievable... but a fun ride nonetheless, I think this was the 3rd movie that the Star Trek reboot really needed. Copyright © Fandango. Some of the others seem like they are at times still reading from the script. It does seem strange that a franchise whose original appeal was futuristic should now be treasured entirely as faithfully retrospective. All rights reserved. We’re overdue for a scene where these two have a heart-to-heart. Paramount Pictures has just released the first full trailer for Star Trek Beyond. This ship wasn’t built to leave space! You can make out some minor details the station itself in the background, but we’ll get a better look later in the trailer. When the crew of the Enterprise learn of a Federation conspiracy against the inhabitants of a unique planet, Captain Picard begins an open rebellion. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, Movies Leaving Netflix at the End of October 2020, 6 Horror Films That Will Give You All the Feels… After They Terrify You. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Maybe the rebooted franchise has more left in the tank than we thought. Affiliate links used when available. And it's 90 seconds of action, with glimpses of the main crew and several important newcomers, as well as flashes of humor (including a grousing Dr. McCoy), all playing out against The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage," a song that should ring a bell for fans of Star Trek (2009). action, If you want a well developed plot and good acting, it just doesn't deliver. |, May 6, 2020 This shot of the Enterprise traveling through at warp speed, the space around it literally bending along with the laws of physics, is magnificent. To be fair, this is the only prominently featured lens flare in the entire trailer (and they never bothered me like they bothered so many other people), but you just know this is Justin Lin cheekily paying homage to the former director of these movies. Paramount Pictures. Star Trek Beyond continues the franchise's post-reboot hot streak with an epic sci-fi adventure that honors the series' sci-fi roots without skimping on the blockbuster action. Just confirm how you got your ticket. Your Favorite Action Movie From 2010-2015? Cerritos Crashes. |, July 22, 2016 In any case, the real treat is seeing the Enterprise actually docking in orbit like a proper starship – seeing it constructed on ground in the first film and seeing it casually enter a planet’s atmosphere (and even park underwater!) Regal In 2009, Star Trek returned to the big screen in bombastic f... Four years ago today on July 22, 2016, Star Trek Beyond prem... A warp core isn't worth its weight in dilithium if you don't... On October 30, 2019, I went on the Paramount VIP Studio Tour... An email will not be created automatically. No modern science fiction movie is complete without a scene where characters gather around a holographic map of the galaxy. Star Trek Beyond: Trailer 4. The result is a uniform that looks more like a coat than a form-fitting shirt. Why would Edison become captain of a warp-4 vessel if he had fought in the Xindi War (when ships were capable of warp 5)? Star Trek Beyond The wait is over. Was this review helpful to you? It...has a very classic "Trek" feel...It has excitement and humor, introduces us to several new alien species and has a terrific mean and scary villain. There is no better way to open a Star Trek trailer than a shot of the USS Enterprise flying over the camera while en route to some kind of alien planet. | Rating: B | Rating: 4/5 A surprise attack in outer space forces the Enterprise to crash-land on a mysterious world. An email will not be created automatically. The best thing you can say about this trailer, and for the original 2009 reboot, is that the aesthetics couldn’t be more different than that of Star Wars. This movie's is to give us a smooth ride. Captain Kirk and his crew must deal with Mr. Spock's long-lost half-brother who hijacks the Enterprise for an obsessive search for God at the center of the galaxy. So, to me it was entertaining to a certain extent, but disappointing in that the plot was not as developed as it could have been. Lin and his cast's clear affection for the material helps temper the familiarity. “My dad joined Starfleet because he believed in it. Cinemark Star Trek Beyond Trailer Released. | Rating: 3.5/5 The first trailer for Star Trek Beyond released December 14, 2015. View production, box office, & company info. But there it is. They aren’t hugely different, but the subtle differences are many. The heavier stitching right before the sleeves replaces the stitching that used to go across the shoulders. This third installment in the millennial Star Trek reboot races along without an idea in its head, often recalling the silly, monster-driven final season of the 60s TV show. "Beyond" is undoubtedly messy, like a Starfleet ship that's taken its fair share of beatings, but it is frequently a reminder of how good the series can be when all its engines are in working order.

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