Saint Naum of Ohrid - The miracle worker died on December 23, 910, in the monastery "St. Naum", at the age of 80, and was buried personally by St. Clement in the monastery church. Такође, можете нас пратити и на званичној Фејсбук страни: Митрополије Аустралијско-новозеландске Српске Правослване Цркве под омофором Његовог Преосвештенства Епископа аустралијско-новозеландског Г.Г. We took a boat, though, from Ohrid to Sveti Naum and it was cheap and fun and can be accessed at the main boat dock in Ohrid and leaves for SN at 10 am (20 Euro, as I recall, though I think there is a less-expensive option, too). During the Ottoman Rule, the present church was built in two stages. As mentioned above there is boat which leaves Ohrid Marina at 10:00am return is at 18:00 from St Naum monastery dock.Boats will start Running from May 20th Till Sept 20th.Also there is option of local Bus which serves villages by the shore, last stop is village of Ljubanishte and than you have1/2 mile walk to the monastery. Saint Naum before the end of his life founded the monastery of St. Archangel in year 910 and within he is buried. Ohrid is a resort town, nestled neatly between the banks of the lake and the hills surrounding it. The boat left at 10am from Ohrid, and from St Naum at 3:30pm. Добродошли на званичну веб страну Православне Парохије Свети Наум Охридски из Њукасла. The church has a richly decorated wood-carved iconostasis made in 1711. I took the boat years ago as well and think we were back in Ohrid around 15.00 or 16.00. It was 20 euros for the two of us and that included a welcome shot of the local liquor. Serbian Orthodox Church Saint Naum of Ohrid Orthodoxy in Newcastle 38 Gosford Rd, Broadmeadow, NSW 2292, Australia The church is located in a closed circle of inns with a dining room and auxiliary buildings, erected after the great fire in 1875. O n December 25, 1970, by the Julian calendar, and January 5, 1971, by the Gregorian, it was exactly 1060 years since the death of St. Naum Ohridski (St. Naum of Ohrid). Силуана (Мракића), © 2019 by St Naum of Ohrid Serbian Orthodoh Church, Саопштење Митрополије АНЗ поводом пандемије вируса COVID-19, Архипастирска порука Владике Силуана поводом пандемије вируса COVID-19, Парохија и Црквена Општина Свети Наум Охридски у Њукаслу је део. That is the one I took, also. The trip took about 90 minutes each way. Good licenced Taxi is Bel MercedesAddress: Partizanska 156000 Ohrid+389 46 1580+389 46 263807, 0615; 0700; 0830; 0915; 1130; 1215; 1530; 1615; 18 30; 1915, 0715; 0800; 0930; 1015; 1230; 1315; 1630; 1715; 19 30; 2015Hope this gives you some more choices. Уколико сте нови на нашој веб страни или нови у Православљу препоручујемо вам да посетите следеће стране : Такође, молимо вас, контактирајте нас уколико имате било каквих питања о нашој парохији или о православној вери уопште. As mentioned above there is boat which leaves Ohrid Marina at 10:00am return is at 18:00 from St Naum monastery dock. Accommodation in the vicinity of St. Naum Monastery: The present church bears traces of alterations and it has the form of a cross inscribed in a square space with arch supported by four pillars, above the narthex was added similar dome (arch) high tambour. The older layer of fresco painting that occurred during the restoration of the church has preserved traces in the narthex – on the west side and behind the pillars near the corners. The boat left at 10am from Ohrid, and from St Naum at 3:30pm. There almost certainly is and I'm sure others will answer you with regard to where and when.

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