It sure did hit home. Jesus warns of the importance of apprehending the purposes of God in prayer/worship during these hours in Luke 12:35-40: Thus, much advance for His Kingdom can be made, even with a few people in agreement, during this strategic time. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy. It could be that we’re simply more receptive at night, Brother Owen says. By closing this banner or continuing to browse this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Could it be that Jesus was reas­suring his followers not to fear this time of revelation? There’s something very close and intimate about the dark. Jacob won the fight and found favor with God and man during this watch. After all, it was Jesus who said. This is the time for all of the enemy’s plans and strategies to fail. But we can’t so easily dismiss him at 3 o’clock in the morning,” Smith says. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, it’s thought that humans slept for four hours, woke up for two, and then slept for another four hours. Though many are called to different times of the day or night to pray, prayer/worship during these hours are highly effectual in harnessing God's transforming power. On the last night of my experiment, I woke up at 3 a.m. to talk aloud to God and, inspired by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, left the comfort of my bed­room to sit in my kitchen, staring out the window at the cityscape. The term shows up in one Biblical story referenced in both the Gospels of Matthew and Mark: “Now in the fourth watch of the night, Jesus went to them, walking on the sea.... Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘Be of good cheer! Copyright © 2020 Homeschool Social Enterprise. It is said that upon the 4th Watch, the children of Israel came out of the Egypt walked through the Red Sea upon to dry ground, therefore coming out of a place of captivity from the taskmasters who tried to keep them bound. Less bombarded by the worries and endless to-do lists of the day. 3am – 6am…that's ridiculous," or "I'm not called to it.". Shop Now, Follow the Guideposts special series, Overcoming Addiction Visit Now. An hour passed in no time. Luke 2:8-14, Jesus is resurrected from the dead, Matthew 28:1, The bridegroom woes His bride in the night hours, Song of Solomon, Matthew 25:1-13. This fourth watch is always important because this is the last watch of the night. This is a time for angelic activity or intervention and a time for blessings from heaven. Genesis 32:22-31, Moses led the Israelites across the Red Sea Exodus 14:25-26, Gideon defeated the Midianites (middle watch), Judges 7:19-24, Peter and Jesus walk on water, Matthew 14:25-26, The angels appear to the shepherds in the field to announce the birth of the savior. The fourth watch is defined by the Roman watch as a time spanning from 3am – 6am. Jesus was revealing himself to them in the middle of the night.”. You don’t have to pray all 3 hours in a watch and you don’t have to stand on all watches. Afterward, I felt strangely serene. This watch is for gaining territory, establishing the spirit of prosperity and stopping the devil from hijacking blessings and favor. “We all have psychological defenses we put in place to maintain our sense of being in charge,” Brother Owen says. Corporate and cooperative prayer during the fourth watch is therefore extremely potent in harnessing God's transforming power for our lives, cities, states, and nations. “By daylight, everything is clearly defined and the visual part of our brain is acti­vated,” he says. Could it be that the dead of night is not something to be feared but rather embraced? “It’s at night, when no on else is around and we’re out of the public sphere, that our fears and troubles surface.”, Of course, the prospect of getting up close and personal with the divine in the middle of the night can be for­bidding. (frequently associated with the exhortation. The term shows up in one Biblical story referenced in both the Gospels of Matthew and Mark: “Now in the fourth watch of the night, Jesus went to them, walking on the sea.... Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘Be of good cheer! This fourth watch is always important because this is the last watch of the night. Our sleep patterns changed too. What’s more, during that time of wakefulness, participants had higher levels of the hormone prolactin, which is associated with greater tranquility. Dreams can also be God’s way of speaking to us. It is I—do not be afraid.’”, BROWSE OUR SELECTION OF BOOKS ON MIRACLES. And in the {c} fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea. A state of mind that experiences ordinary reality in a very different way.”. This prayer watch sets our day before it begins. “The great visionary experiences in religion have occurred in the night,” Strand says. He’s occasionally been awakened from sleep after vivid dreams and has heard God speak in the middle of the night. They find their spiritual muscle being exercised and time well rewarded with Him. Matthew 13:24-25. “He’s okay with calling you out of a comfortable sleep. You will also declare a thing and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways” (Job 22:27-28). The words too bubbled up from places unknown. This is the time of the morning when the Israelites were delivered from slavery in Egypt (Exodus 12 and 14). Where should you stand? This watch is the time that satanic agents who went out to perform their activities are returning to their bases. I’d experienced the Hour of God myself. (The Morning Watch from 3:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M.). The nighttime, he says, is important to just about every major religion. They seemed to occupy a state of mind all its own. Ask God when is your watch? It is I—do not be afraid.’” … To encounter the divine in the deep of the night. No weapon that is used against me will succeed, and anyone who speaks against me will be proven wrong because my vindication comes from God (, You will defeat my enemies; they will come against me but scatter before me in seven directions! This is the time to establish the course of your day by speaking God’s Word and breaking everything that would attempt to hinder His will for your life to manifest on third day. “What am I doing between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.?” Syedullah says. Furthermore, Jesus' parable of the sower and the seed represents a reflection of the night hours and their impact on Kingdom dynamics. In fact, a key line in that story may shed light on the significance of the dark, Smith says. The dawn of artificial light changed mankind’s relationship with the night, Strand says. That in-between state is what Strand calls the “Hour of God,” a time thought to have been one of great creativity and mysticism in the pre-Industrial age. That’s one reason I love living in New York City—there’s always a light on somewhere. This is an opportunity to set things in place before the devil and his demons have a chance to ruin it. Until I came across something on­line. I never thought of the nighttime as sacred. Samuel heard his name called not once, but four times, in the middle of the night. Strand is a former Zen Buddhist monk who frequently writes about the world’s spiritual traditions. “You will make your prayer to Him, He will hear you, and you will pay your vows. Jesus repeatedly commands us to "Watch." However, the predawn hours show up just about everywhere else in Scripture. Find all of our books, bibles, greeting cards and special offers in our store. He comes to them not at the beginning of their struggle, but He comes to them at the end of their struggle. He is coming for an alert, ready and prepared bride. As a kid, I rarely slept without a night-light. When we pray, the Lord hears our prayers and sends His angels to work on our behalf. I challenged myself to wake up in the middle of the night for a whole week, even if just for a few minutes to pray. (c) By the fourth watch is meant the time nearer to day break: for in ancient times they divided the night into four watches in which they posted watches. Accidents, deaths, thefts, job loss, and any other acts of the devil can be stopped during this watch when intercessors obey the voice of the Lord and fill the morning with powerful prayers. Jesus comes to His disciples in the fourth watch of the night. by Diana AydinFrom - Posted on May 24, 2017. “His subjects were neither awake nor asleep. (Psalm 19:2). 5 Tips for Making the Most of the Nighttime. There was no doubt in my mind. As the Roman influence and supremacy was established, the number of watches increased to four and were described in numerical order 1st (6pm – 9pm); 2nd (9pm – 12am); 3rd (12am – 3am); 4th (3am – 6am). I called Clark Strand, author of Waking Up to the Dark: Ancient Wisdom for a Sleepless Age. You will also declare a thing and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways” (, You have gone before me to prepare my way, to make the crooked way straight, and to make the rough way smooth. Peter was fast asleep, in chains, when he was miraculously freed from prison. The Buddha saw the morn­ing star and became enlightened. In one sleep study, Wehr exposed volunteers to a world without artificial light, i.e., 14 hours of darkness every day. Fasting a portion of slumber once a week or on a regular basis, is a strategy to awaken the bride to prepare the way. The list goes on.”. For more inspiring stories, subscribe to Mysterious Ways magazine. See why some Christians believe the late night or pre-dawn hours are a special time to connect with God. He doesn’t oper­ate on our time.”, That’s not to say you actually have to be awake for the night to be fruitful. Consecrate all the work for the day and pray for protection for God’s people throughout the day.

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