If you have registered for a camp session and need to cancel or make changes to the selected time, please contact spaceexplorers@uwo.ca ASAP prior to the program start date, as there will be a waiting list for full sessions and this will allow other campers to have the opportunity to attend.

While instruction is being given, there should be no unnecessary disruptions (verbal or visual). Camp times: You can chose either 10 am or 2pm sessions. The Space Explorers Program’s summer camp is a 1-week camp for children in Grade 4/5/6. The content for both weeks in July are the same and the content for both weeks in August are the same as well. The Space Explorers Program is offering Space Science and Technology themed week-long March Break camp on-campus for children in Grade 4/5/6. The Camp Coordinator, Dr. Parshati Patel, has a PhD in astronomy and planetary science. They colored coffee filters, sprayed them with water (so the colors ran together), and then cut out circles to create the planets! They learned the phases of the moon by shaping the playdough into the different phases and listening to a song as well. The Space Explorers Program’s summer camp is a 1-week camp for children in Grade 4/5/6. Camp details will be emailed to the registered email address Friday before the camp start date. University of Michigan Museum of Natural History Biological Sciences Building 1105 N. University Ave. Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1085. Space Explorers 2020 Summer Camp You are invited to join an adventuresome crew of mission specialist and astronauts as they journey into space for an Expedition Mars mission. Next, we played a planet matching game followed by a puffy planet craft using shaving cream, glue, and paint to create our own planets! This will result in a call to the parent or guardian and in the immediate removal of the child from the camp session. The Space Explorers Program will be using an online software, Zoom, to deliver the virtual programming. We had some time after Bingo to go up the Dynamic Planet Gallery and see the meteorites, especially the Martian one. During our simulated space station missions, campers are assigned special positions (such as Commander on the Space Shuttle Discovery, Flight Director inside Mission Control, or Flight Engineer in our Space Station). First come first serve! The winner got star stickers! On Wednesday, we learned about the stars in our galaxy. To know more about our team, click here. Space Explorers. Participants learn how to effectively communicate with one another, solve problems together, and work as a team to ensure overall success of the mission. For example, acting like rockets or astronauts walking on the moon! The Little Explorers ended the week with making their universes.
Abuse, whether visual or verbal, towards the instructors, counselors, fellow campers or others will not be tolerated. Institute for Earth and Space Exploration (Western Space). Both daily time slots will offer the same content in order to make our program accessible to different time zones. We started the day by making constellations using geoboards and rubber bands. We started with an activity focusing on the order of the planets and a few fun facts about each one using our inflatable planets! If you know in advance that your child will be absent from camp, we ask that you contact us at spaceexplorers@uwo.ca or call (519) 661-2111 ext 88508.

For more information on March Break camp, visit the March Break Camp Information Page!

A catastrophic explosion aboard Apollo 13 found a team of NASA astronauts, engineers and their contractor community frantically working against a life-or-death timeline. After the dice, we played Space Bingo! Campers must be at least 4 feet (120 cm) tall and weigh no more than 210 pounds (95 kg) to ride the simulators. After the Planetarium, we went to snack and watched the older kids launch their rockets. Then, it was Planetarium time! The counselors and staff were really nice and patient. Thank you!

On Monday, we learned about the planets that inhabit our solar system!

Camp themes are different between July and August sessions, so join us for both! July 21, 2017 January 30, 2018 Museum Staff 2017, Camp Explorations. Summer camp will run for 4 weeks in 2020, during the months of July and August. If you have registered for a camp session and need to cancel or make changes to the selected time, please contact. Our senior camp leader is a teacher Each camp counselor must complete a Maryland and Virginia background investigation and undergo CPR and First Aid training. Campers will explore the mysteries of space and learn about our solar system & space travel.

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